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      Maybelline New York has been one of the most popular make-up brands worldwide for a long time (since 1915). Maybelline is a high end brand and has affordable common products for everyone. With New York City as its source of inspiration, the brand brings make-up trends from the catwalk within reach. We at Haarspullen are very enthusiastic about the brand and are happy to tell you more about it. :)

      About Maybelline

      You've probably seen Maybelline's make-up before, you probably know the brand for a long time. Still, we'll give you a little background information about the brand: Maybelline was founded in 1915 by Thomas Lyle Williams, who used his sister's burned eyelashes as inspiration for the first mascara. He came up with the name Maybelline as a tribute to his sister.

      The brand has been one of the most popular make-up brands worldwide for many years with a clear mission. New York is the source of inspiration for Maybelline. The trends of the New York catwalks and the challenges that the city of New York has to offer inspire the brand to produce high quality products 'at your fingertips'. This makes Maybelline makeup affordable and easy to use. But also professionally, to create all trending (catwalk) make-up looks.


      "(Maybe she's born with it.) Maybe it's Maybelline." 


      What does Maybelline stand for?

      Maybelline has 4 main promises!:

      VARIOUS: Make-up for every look, style and skin tone

      ON THE PULSE: Trendsetting looks from New York

      NO HASSLE: Quick and easy on the go

      WORKS HARD: Makeup that can handle the city


      What are Maybelline's current faces?

      • Adrian Lima
      • Christy Turlington
      • Charlotte Kemp Muhl
      • Emily DiDonato
      • Beatriz Shantal
      • Jordan Dunn 
      • Gigi Hadid
      • Lisa Soberano
      • Urassaya Sperbund


      Maybelline brave together

      Maybelline is strongly committed to women's mental health. Maybelline, as the number 1 international make-up brand, wants to use its range to make mental health a subject of discussion. That's why Maybelline founded the 'Brave Together' program. With Brave Together, Maybelline gives people from all over the world access to an online community where they can find inspiration and tips from experts, but also from people who share their own mental health journey.


      Is Maybelline animal friendly?

      Maybelline does not test on animals and stands for a cruelty-free world. Maybelline is part of the L'Oreal group. The L'Oreal group has not tested on animals since 1989. Maybelline uses a groundbreaking way of testing through the episkin. The Episkin is a reconstructed skin, with which Maybelline can test ingredients and products.


      What are Maybelline's bestsellers?

      There are a number of absolute toppers in the Maybelline range! These products have gone viral, are a social media favorite and definitely worth trying!:


      What are the important features of Maybelline's products?

      • Animal testing free
      • User friendly
      • Easy on the go
      • +1000 color shades
      • Common make-up for everyone
      • Has been renewing its products since 1915
      • Tested by experts
      • Made in Europe

      First things First: Primer from Maybelline

      We recommend applying a primer before applying your make-up. A primer is a kind of cream that serves as the base of the make-up. This way the products come into their own with the longest lasting result. Maybelline has a number of different primers, each with a unique function:


      What foundation does Maybelline have?


      Maybelline concealer to get rid of your bags under the eyes:

      • The absolute bestseller:The Eraser Concealeris perfect to get rid of your dark circles. The concealer disappears naturally into the skin and has a long-lasting effect. Perfect for a night out, but also for your everyday look!
      • The Maybelline Fit Me Concealeris perfect for your daily makeup routine. The concealer is oil-free, so it applies evenly and is not visible.


      What products does Maybelline have for my eye look

      Maybellinehas mega fine eyeliners, mascaras and eyeshadow palettes. Maybelline is also the right place for eyebrow styling! We have listed a number of favorites for you:


      What kind of ingredients does Maybelline use?

      We understand that you are interested in what ingredients Maybelline uses in its make-up products! Product safety and the environment are paramount at Maybelline. Below we have made a list of the 5 commonly used ingredients that Maybelline adds to the ingredient formulas:

      • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is added to the products because of its moisturizing and soothing effect on skin and hair. Aloe Vera therefore has a nurturing effect.
      • Glycerin: Maybelline mainly adds glycerin in make-up products for the skin, such as foundations and liquid lipstick. Glycerin is perfect for sensitive skin.
      • Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid helps against aging of the skin.
      • Vitamin C
      • Vitamin E


      Ingredients that Maybelline does not add to the make-up products:

      • 1,4 – Dioxane
      • Acetaldehyde
      • Acetonitrile
      • Acrylamide
      • benzene
      • Bisphenol A
      • Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)
      • Butoxyethanol
      • Dichloromethane
      • Diethanolamine (DEA) and diethanolamine (DEA) complexes
      • Formaldehyde
      • Hydroquinone
      • Heavy metals
      • Plastic microspheres
      • Alkyl Phenols: Nonyl Phenols (NP) and Ethoxylated Nonyl Phenols (NPEs)
      • phthalates
      • Toluene
      • Triclocarban
      • Triclosan

      Where can I ask my question about Maybelline New York?

      Do you have any questions about Maybelline New York or are you unsure about something? Or would you like some advice on which product from Maybelline suits you best? Feel free to contact us! You can send us an email to[email protected]and you can reach us by phone during working days from 09:00 to 17:00. For more makeup inspiration, you can also check out ourblog posts !