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      Hair products

      Hair products , a world in which there is something for all hair types. The only question is which hair products are best for your hair! Hair care that meets the requirements you set, the wishes you have and that meets what your hair really needs. But products to style your hair can also differ per type of hair. To help you further in your search f Show more


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      Hair products, a world in which there is something for all hair types. The only question is which hair products are best for your hair! Hair care that meets the requirements you set, the wishes you have and that meets what your hair really needs. But products to style your hair can also differ per type of hair. To help you further in your search for the best hair products, we will help you on your way below. Among other things, we share the best products per hair type, the most popular styling products and many more must-knows. It is easier to click through to the products we list for you, so you can always find the most specific description and you are sure that it is perfect for your hair! ♡


      Which hair products can be found there?

      There is a lot to be found in the field of hair products. We can also imagine that it is sometimes a bit confusing, because the choice is so huge. To help you find your way in the world of all these hair products, we have made an overview of hair products per category. There you will also find a short explanation, so that you know for sure whether this is what you are looking for.


      Hair care

      Shampoo: Ashampooforms the basis of all hair care. It contains ingredients to cleanse the hair and scalp of contaminants such as dust, dead skin cells and dirt from styling products. As you have probably noticed, there are many different types of shampoos. To make it a little easier for you, we have created different categories, so that you can choose the perfect product for your hair type a lot easier.

      Conditioner: Aconditioneris almost always used after a shampoo. Using a shampoo causes your hair cuticles to open. A conditioner ensures that the hair scales close again and that is important, because otherwise there is a chance that the hair will break off. In addition, it makes your hair shiny, soft and combable. There are also many types of conditioners, each with a different effect. Just like with the shampoos, we've tried to make it a little easier for you to find the perfect conditioner.

      Silver shampoo: Yes, it's true that asilver shampoois also 'just' a shampoo, so why is it mentioned separately? This is because it is a large category within all shampoos and is mainly suitable for a selective hair type. Silver shampoo consists of purple or blue pigments and is mainly used to give blond, gray or white hair a cool tint or to neutralize unwanted yellow and orange tones in the hair. So are you in possession of beautiful blonde or gray locks and do you not want an unwanted glow in your hair? Then silver shampoo is your best friend.

      Hair mask: Ahair mask, also called treatment, can be compared to a conditioner. The purpose of this care product is to intensively care for your hair! Compared to a conditioner, it has a thicker texture and feels more like a cream. In general, a hair mask is not used as often as a conditioner, but for example once a week.

      Hair oil: Ahair oilis not intended to make your hair greasy, but to keep it healthy. The vitamins contained in the oil properly nourish the hair. The difference between a hair oil and a hair serum is that the hair oil nourishes IN the hair and the hair serum lays a layer AROUND the hair. A hair oil is therefore usually applied to towel-dried hair.

      Leave-in: A leave-in conditioner actually has the same effect as a conditioner, but has a different way of using it. Use a conditioner while showering and rinse. With a leave-in you only use it after showering on wet hair and you don't rinse it out. As a result, it nourishes and protects your hair throughout the day. A leave-in conditioner is often available as a spray. Super easy!

      Hair vitamins: Do you want to give your locks some extra love? Thenhair vitamins are perfect to use! Hair vitamins are delicious gummies or tablets packed with vitamins and minerals that contribute to the condition of your scalp and hair.

      Scalp problems: Healthy hair starts with a healthyscalp, but that is not without problems for everyone. That is why there are also products that are suitable to improve and reduce scalp problems. This way you can be sure that you are not using the wrong products and aggravating it.

      Sets: Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right hair care products. That is why we have put together a number ofsets, so that you can be sure that you are ordering the right combination of products. No more searching and easy overview!


      Hair styling

      Hair wax: Versatile and suitable for every hair type. Then ahair wax is perfect! For example, you can easily create an out-of-bed look with it, but also a sleek look with a little shine. It is often used in dry or slightly damp hair, making it easier to control the hair. Another advantage is that you can often restyle a hair wax during the day, so you can change your look (for example between work and a party).

      Hair gel: Are you looking for the perfecthair gelfor your hairstyle? Then hair stuff is the right place for you! There are so many different types of gel that it is not always easy to find the one that suits you best. Everyone has a different hair type and that is why there are many different types of hair gel. From light to strong, suitable for restyling or a strong hold. Do you want to restyle your hair every now and then? Then it is best to choose money with a lower hold factor. Preserving shape? Then use a strong gel in damp hair.

      Hair spray: Ahair sprayis the most used styling product and probably the first product you think of when styling! Yet hair spray is so much more than just a hair spray. There is a suitable spray for all hair types, there are different strength levels, but it can also give a beautiful shine to your locks! You can find all the information on our hair spray page.

      Hair mousse: Ahair mousseis indispensable in the world of hair stuff. A good mousse provides reinforcement of the hair, more volume and more shine. Due to the chemical compounds, the mouse surrounds the hair strand and makes the hair appear fuller. It is not only used to create fuller hair, but it is also widely used to increase elasticity so that the haircut stays in shape longer!

      Creme: A product that actually has the 'wettest' structure of all styling products.Creamscan have both a high and low hold, but usually this is on the lower side. They are mainly intended for a fine hair structure. For an out-of-bed look, messy creation or want to make your wavy hair a bit more stylish, then a hair cream is your best friend!

      Hair serum: Ahair serumis mainly used for protection and care of the hair. Unlike a hair oil, it puts a layeraroundyour hair, protecting it from external influences. For example, think of products that protect your hair against the heat of heat tools.


      Hair coloring

      Hair coloring: For a beautiful, new hair color, most people go to a salon. However, it can sometimes be the case that it is just as easy and nice to color your hair at home. There are different typesof hair coloring, from permanent hair coloring to temporary hair coloring, so that there is always something suitable for you. Take a quick look at our range.

      Blondering: Are you going for beautiful blonde locks or do you just want something different?Bleachingis actually nothing more than bleaching your hair. In other words, you remove the pigments from your hair, giving you lighter hair. So you don't get beautiful blonde hair right away, but with blonde you only bleach it, after which you can dye it in the right color.

      Oxidation:Oxidationensures that the natural hair is slightly discolored, so that the paint can penetrate well into the hair and your hair color gets the most beautiful shade. It is available in different strengths, so you will always find a variant that suits your needs. For the best advice, we recommend that you contact one of our specialists.

      Color refreshers:With acolor refresheryou can refresh your color between salon visits. As the name says ;). You give your hair color a little boost and you can also extend the time between salon visits. It is not only good for your wallet, it is also good for your hair because you extend the health of your hair in this way.

      Eyebrow paint: Have you just given your beautiful locks a different color and would you like to take your eyebrows in a suitable color? Then you can easily dye youreyebrowsat home these days. In our range you will find different colors, so that you can easily have your eyebrows on fleek again!

      Accessories: For coloring your hair, certain accessories are really indispensable! You will therefore find all the necessitiesfor coloring your hairwith us , so that you always have a beautiful result.


      Hair tools and accessories

      Heat Tools: Want a look that's perfect for a night out? Or would you like to be able to dry your hair immediately after showering? Then you will find a perfect solution for every situation with us! You very often need a heat tool to complete your masterful look. At Haarspullen.nl you will always find atoolthat suits you and your hair.

      Hairbrushes:Hairbrushesare used daily by many people. You can hardly imagine not using a brush. This product is mainly used for detangling your locks, leaving them healthy, clean and more manageable. In our range you will find various brushes such as: anti-tangle comb, attachment combs and brushes for styling your hair. But of course also the 'ordinary' hairbrush to comb through your beautiful locks. The hair brushes are all designed in such a way that the hair will not be damaged during normal use.

      What is the ideal haircare for blonde hair?

      For blonde colored hair, it is of course a must that you maintain your optimal blonde hair color and prevent yellow tones. It is best to use asilver shampoo for this . Can't choose? We recommend theMore Haircare Extreme No Yellow Shampoo, in combination with theMore Haircare No Yellow Conditioner! And regarding the care of your blonde locks: Check out theBlondMeproducts from Schwarzkopf!


      What is the best care for gray hair? 

      If you have gray hair, you can very welluse a silver shampoo ! The Fanola No Yellow Silver Shampoo is recommendedfor both blond and gray hair . This shampoo contains purple pigments, which make the yellow tint disappear from the hair. Fanola is the most popular shampoo used in blond (blonde), Highlights, Coupe soleil, Balayage or gray hair and is intended to keep those beautiful cool colors (ice, ash and gray tones) longer.


      Which hair care is good for curls?

      Taking good care of your curls is very important. Of course you don't want it to get fluffy or look like it has knots in it. We therefore recommend starting with the Curly Girl method. This method is especially for anyone with curly hair.IndolaandSchwarzkopfhave the perfect products for your curly hair, which are also perfect to use with the Curly Girl Method! Read more about this in our blog:

      Curly hair, but how should I care for it 


      What are the most sold Curly Girl Method curl products?

      Perhaps you are looking for curl products that are approved according to the Curly Girl Method. Below you will find the most popular CG Method curling equipment!

      Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling Shampoois a good basic shampoo that is suitable for 2 to 4 curls. It is completely CG Method and is definitely a good start in your new curl routine!

      Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangler Conditioner is the conditioner. This curl conditioner hydrates and cares for your curls in a very intensive way. Absolute must have in your new basic curling routine!

      Are your curls dry, damaged in any way and can they use a serious treatment so that your curl can return to its original state? Then it is advisable topurchase the Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 treatment. This restores your hair from the inside out, it is like a patch that ensures that your hair strand is strong and smooth again.


      Then you can see what your curls really think they need. Try not to order too much at once, because then you cannot properly determine whether a curling product really adds value to your new curling routine.

      If you want more in-depth information about the Curly Girl method, we recommend that yougo to the article → The Curly Girl Method: From A to Z.Here you will find everything, really everything about this method!


      What is the best silver shampoo?

      Asilver shampoois a must for anyone with bleached hair! Especially for anyone who has a cool shade in their hair, no one wants yellow hair of course! The very best silver shampoo is a newcomer, and that is theMORE EXTREME SILVER.This silver shampoo is the ultimate combination of the Fanola No Yellow and the Fudge Silver Shampoo. MORE EXTREME has just as much pigment as the Fanola AND just as many nourishing ingredients as the Fudge! You actually have the best of both worlds! You can also find Vegan Silver Shampooon our site, take a quick look!

      Do you want more information about silver shampoos, and basically everything that comes with it? Then we recommend that you read our articles about silver shampoos. These are very extensive and in-depth articles that you can really use!

      What is the best silver shampoo?

      No Yellow vs. No Orange


      What is the best shampoo for brown hair?

      It is also important for all brunettes to use a good shampoo to keep the color of your hair as beautiful as possible! TheFanola No Red Shampooneutralizes all red tones in your hair. This is due to the green pigments in the shampoo. The shampoo is suitable for both natural and colored brown hair. This shampoo is also available in a set with a mask, namely theFanola No Red Set. TheRedken Color Extend Brownlights Sulfate Free Shampoois also highly recommended for anyone with brown locks!


      What is the best shampoo for red hair?

      It doesn't matter whether you have dyed or natural red hair, but you want to get warm tones out of it. Then you end up with theFanola No Orangeor theFudge Brunette. These have been specially developed for red and copper tones


      What is the most sold hair care for colored hair?

      Dyed hair needs special care, because chemical treatment can seriously affect your hair. In addition, you naturally want your color to stay beautiful for as long as possible. That is why we recommend always using specialShampoo for colored hairthat has been specially developed for dyed hair.

      We have listed the most sold hair care sets for colored hair in: 


      What is the most sold men's shampoo?

      Men want a shampoo that is easy and effective. No fuss, just a good shampoo. Below you will find two of the most popular men's shampoos. Men are more prone to dandruff. That is why men often prefer a shampoo that counteracts this. Below are three wildly popular men's shampoos:


      However, if you would like more information about hair care for men, we would like to refer you to the pageHair care for menor to the article below:

      Hair care is also important for men!


      What is the most popular hair product that is suitable for every hair type?

      Sometimes there are those hair products that are just so amazingly good, but they are not suitable for every hair type. However, there is a hair product on the market that makes every type of hair happy and that isOlaplex Hair Perfector No. 3. This treatment ensures that your hair returns to its original state. What it does is that it sticks all kinds of little plasters on your hair, so to speak. This makes them whole again and they are sealed.


      What is the best-selling shampoo of all?

      The absolute most sold shampoo is theFanola No Yellow shampoo. This shampoo is very popular for a reason. This was the first silver shampoo that was really highly pigmented and ensured that blonde hair got a cool look. As if it were a toner, but without the disadvantages of a toner. To this day, this is still a very popular silver shampoo!

      It is important that you choose a shampoo that suits your hair type and is suitable for your hair needs. That's why we've put together the best-selling ones of each type for you:


      What is the best hair care for damaged hair?

      Hair that is just like snot, knots that don't make you happy and you actually have a bunch of flaxen hair. Your hair is badly damaged and you absolutely don't know what to do with it anymore. The best thing is to cut your hair, but that is not really an option. Of course we understand that completely! What are really good care products for your hair that ensure that the hair is actually fixed again. That your hair scales are repaired again, that hair bridges are created again and that your hair is actually sealed again so that you have beautiful, healthy-looking hair again.

      First of all, it is important that you actually glue your hair back together, very simply put. You do this byincluding the Olaplex No.3 in your hair routine. This hair product is one of the most popular miracle cures worldwide for a reason. You can buyOlaplex No. Adding 0to it as well will make the No.3 work up to 68% better. If you only want to buy one, because it is quite pricey, we recommend the No.3 in any case.

      Then there is the 'standard' hair routine and that is of course a shampoo and conditioner and possibly a leave-in conditioner. It is important that your hair cuticles close properly, and a conditioner does this. There are two brands that stand out, and they are L'Oreal and Redken. 


      If you would like more information, tips and other things worth knowing about damaged hair, we would like to refer you to the blogs below that delve deeper into the subject of damaged hair:

      Damaged hair, why can that be?

      The roadmap to restore damaged hair ♡


      What is the best hair care for oily hair?

      Having greasy hair is of course not pleasant, especially if your hair is already greasy after half a day or a whole day. What is the best hair care for oily hair? And what is a shampoo that is not so intense that you stimulate and negatively influence sebum on your scalp even more, but a shampoo that actually reduces the problem. Then you're in the right place with a natural shampoo that is not aggressive, but actually works and makes your hair less greasy.Attitude Super Leaves Shampoo Clarifyingis a natural shampoo that effectively deals with oily hair in a natural way.

      If you want more information and tips and tricks to reduce your oily hair, we would like to refer you to the blogs below. This also helps you to less oily hair!

      With this step-by-step plan you can get oily hair under control!

      Say goodbye to oily hair with these 10 tips!


      What is the best-selling hair regimen for lifeless hair?

      It sometimes makes you lifeless, your lifeless hair that actually doesn't want anything anymore. Volume is what you want, you want your hair to dance on your head as if it has all the space. What are good lightweight hair items that give your hair volume and make it shine again? There are of course many hair items on the market, and every brand has a volume line. One has this effective ingredient, the other has another effective ingredient. Which one works really well? Below we have listed the most popular volume care for you. They are popular because they work and actually do what they say. So recommended! 

      This is a natural shampoo that is free of all kinds of harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. It is also dermatologically tested, which means that even a sensitive scalp can use this combination. Absolute must-have!

      Do you want to give your hair a boost every now and then or do you want even more volume? Then you can use a dry shampoo as a volume spray, the very popularTIGI Bed Head Oh Bee Hive Matte Dry Shampoois a recommended spray for this.


      What is the best hair product against frizzy and frizzy hair?

      It doesn't matter what you've tried, but you've never found the ideal hair product that really counteracts frizz. The products you use do something, but they have never been treated with a completely lint-free result. You don't care how much it costs anymore, IF it works! Look no further! There is an absolute answer to frizzy hair! And that is a combination of two super products!

      That is the combination ofOlaplex No. 6andOlaplex No. 7.This is a golden combination that makes frizzy hair a thing of the past!

      Do you want more tips and tricks against frizzy hair? Then go to the article →10 tips against frizzy hair!.


      Is there also a natural anti-dandruff shampoo that is effective?

      Having dandruff / flakes in hair is not nice and you want to get rid of that. Fortunately, there are good products on the market for this. Of course you also want to reduce the dandruff up to making dandruff disappear in the long term. That is why the use of a natural, effective anti-dandruff shampoo is recommended. 

      The anti-dandruff shampoo contains black willow bark and is known for its disinfecting effect. It ensures that local bacteria, fungi and viruses are locally killed. In other words, it creates a healthy and optimal environment on your scalp, exactly what you want. Black Willow also has an antioxidant effect. In addition, it also contains Esp. Both ingredients soothe the scalp and promote healthy hair. Black Willow Bark and Aspen both contain salicylic acid.

      Do you want more tips and tricks to combat dandruff? Read our article →5 tips to combat dandruff!


      What is the most wildly popular product that prevents split ends?

      Although olaplex 3 handles this very well, you may also want to use a very good product that protects your hair even more after showering and protects your hair ends against damage.Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends, is the hair serum against split ends. An absolute must have if you have long hair, want to grow it long or if your hair is fragile.

      Do you want more information about split ends? That is possible, then we would like to refer you to our very extensive blog →First aid for split ends!


      What is the most popular hair product for a sensitive scalp?

      Sensitive skin is not pleasant and just trying shampoos is not something that makes you happy. You want a nice shampoo that doesn't make your scalp even more sensitive. You want a shampoo that leaves your sensitive scalp alone and doesn't irritate your scalp even more. That is why it is important that you use a natural shampoo that is suitable for sensitive scalps. Although there is never much choice in this, nowadays there is thanks to the brand,Attitude. This brand stands for safe products for the whole family. It once started with safe cleaning products so that babies and children would not ingest it when they suck or lick their hands. Now they have grown into a brand that wants to make the entire household safe, both parent and child. All of their products undergo independent scientific studies and they also work with dermatologists. The natural ingredients are also tested to see if they can be irritating to the most sensitive skin. So if you have a sensitive scalp, you'll be fine with the shampoos from Attitude anyway :) 


      Which shampoo really works against hair loss?

      Excessive hair loss is terrible and something you don't want. Hair loss in itself is a natural phenomenon, but excessive hair loss often has an underlying cause, you can find out exactly what this cause is in the article →Discover the real cause of your thinning hair. If you want to grow your hair again, it is wise to do this properly so that you achieve the best result. So get started from the inside out and with the right hair stuff that not only lets your hair grow, but also makes it thicker.


      Neofollics Stimulating Hair Growth Set, is a set consisting of a shampoo and a conditioner. This is a good basic set to stop your hair loss and start the process of hair growth again. You can expand this basic set withNeofollics Hair Growth Lotion. Use this hair growth lotion on places on your scalp where there is obvious hair loss or where there are already bald spots. The lotion contains the hair growth molecules Adenosine, Vividine and Aminexil.

      If you want to do even more, you can always include the supportiveNeoFollics Hair Growth Supporting Tabletsin your routine. These tablets are clinically tested and proven. If you find it difficult to choose, we recommend starting with the basic set. You can always add hair growth products later :)


      What is the finest and most sold hairbrush?

      A hairbrush, everyone has at least one at home. But what is a really fine hairbrush, and which hairbrush doesn't hurt when you comb tangles out of your hair. Painless brushing thanks to the Scalpro! Even families with kids order this hairbrush, because it is so effective yet gentle on the scalp and painlessly removes the knots from the hair! 


      What is the best and most natural shampoo?

      There are several natural shampoos on the market, but which one is really good and effective. Those are the shampoos from Attitude. Attitude is a fantastic brand that has everything tested independently and also employs its own dermatologists to test whether it is also suitable for the most sensitive skin. Natural ingredients are also tested, because sometimes certain natural ingredients are not suitable for sensitive skin. The Attitude team believes it is important that every household has hair stuff that is suitable for everyone and is also completely harmful free! Below you will find the shampoos of the brandAttitude: 


      When should I choose a hair oil, serum or treatment?

      Ahair oilactually gives the finishing touch to your hair. It gives shine and it often gives extra nutrition and especially protection. Most use a hair oil to combat frizz. You use aserumwhen you want to give your hair a protective layer, so it works on the outside of your hair. A hair serum always contains silicone, which can be water-based or oil-based. A hair treatment ensures that your hair is restored. This simply means that your hair is repaired from the inside out.


      What is the most sold hair oil?

      Hair oil is widely used, but why do we use a hair oil and what is the difference with a hair serum? There is a clear difference in a hair oil and a hair serum and that is that a hair oil goes IN the hair and a hair serum goes AROUND the hair. A hair oil is therefore a nourishing product.

      A good hair oil actually gives the finishing touch to your hair. It gives a beautiful shine, it often provides extra nutrition and, above all, protection. The main reason why a hair oil is used is to prevent frizzy hair. Now there is a real absolute winner in this field, and that is theOlaplex Bonding Oil No.7. There is no hair oil as good as Olaplex hair oil. It prevents fluff, because it is a bonding oil. It therefore ensures that your hair is 'made' again by the patented ingredient that also makes Olaplex so incredibly popular. It is well worth the investment!

      If you would like more information about hair oil, we recommend that you go to the extensive article about hair oil:

      Everything you need to know about hair oil


      What is the most sold hair serum?

      A hair serum is very similar to a hair oil, but there is indeed a difference. You might not think this because many properties match, which is also true. The market continues to develop and because of this they all try to add extra features. Yet there is a clear difference in a hair oil and a hair serum and that is that a hair oil goes IN the hair and a hair serum goes AROUND the hair. A hair serum therefore gives the hair a protective layer. A hair serum always contains silicone, which can be water-based or oil-based. A widely sold hair serum is theBiosilk Silk Therapy Original.


      What is the best treatment for my hair?

      A treatment can be exactly what your hair needs. But I use a hair mask, isn't that the same thing? No, there is a clear difference between the two.

      A hair mask ensures that your hair is deeply nourished, this can be done in different ways.

      A treatment ensures that your hair is restored in its structure. This simply means that your hair is repaired from the inside out. Treatments and masks are used interchangeably, but there is indeed a difference.

      If you want to give your hair a boost because it is dry, damaged or to give your natural hair a big boost, it is highly recommended to useOlaplex No. 3to bring home.


      What is the best and most sold hair mask?

      Hair can always use a hair mask, even if you don't straighten, blow-dry or dye it. Due to external influences, washing your hair, moving your hair over clothing and while sleeping are all things that affect the condition of your hair. A hair mask that gives every hair an intense boost isGarnier Fructis Banana Hair Food Mask. This hair mask can be used for any hair type. It nourishes and hydrates your hair in an intense way and the good thing about this is that you can also use it as a conditioner and leave-in. So multi-purpose!


      If you want to give your hair an extra boost during such a moment, you can add one of the following pure oils:


      All Nanoil Oils are cold pressed, 100% organic and unrefined. Nanoil also has an official ECOCERT certification.


      What is the best-selling heat protectant of all time?

      A heat protectant is an absolute must if you blow-dry, straighten or curl your hair. Heat damages your hair. In the end you have broken hair cuticles and you have a bunch of dry hair left. You obviously want to prevent this and prevention is better than cure in this case. Although there are many different variants of heat protectants with different extra functions and different hair types, there is still a very popular heat protectant without fuss and suitable for every hair type. TheCHI 44 Iron Guardis a powerful heat protectant that protects your hair against drying out and heat damage.