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      Hair products

      Hair products , it's a world with something for every hair type. The question is which hair products are best for your hair! Hair care that meets the requirements you set and the wishes you have. To help you further in the process towards the ideal hair care for you, we have written down the best hair care for you in a simple way below. Below you w Show more


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      No Yellow Shampoo Liter
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      Blond Me Toning
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      Vitamino Color Shampoo
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      Clean Blonde Violet Shampoo
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      No Yellow Shampoo
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      Fusion Repair Shampoo
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      Hair Perfector No.3
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      Absolute Repair Shampoo
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      Volume Injection Shampoo
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      Violet Shampoo
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      Shinefinity Color
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      Clean Blonde Violet Duo Pack
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      Maintenance Shampoo No.4
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      No Yellow Set
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      Acidic Bonding Duo
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      High Rise Set
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      Absolute Repair Set
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      Hair Repair Set
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      Leave-In Repair Hair Mask
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      No Yellow Mask
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      Pro Longer Shampoo
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      Royal SoftShades Color
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      Hair products , it's a world with something for every hair type. The question is which hair products are best for your hair! Hair care that meets the requirements you set and the wishes you have. To help you further in the process towards the ideal hair care for you, we have written down the best hair care for you in a simple way below. Below you will find the best and most sold regimens by hair type. We always put down a basic regimen and also options that you can expand your haircare routine with. At the bottom of the page we share all the bestsellers per product, so for example the most popular hair mask of the moment or the very best hair spray ever. We also share the most wildly popular hair care product that is suitable for every hair type. If you want more substantive information about a hair type, product or category such as hair oil, there are links so that you can make a more specific choice that meets the needs of your hair! ♡

      Before we go any further, certain terms may be used in hair care, skin care or makeup. That's exactly why we wrote a beauty dictionary for you, so you know exactly how everything works! This way you are completely up to date without taking all kinds of courses ;)


      The beauty dictionary: all beauty terms explained


      What is the most common hair care routine for gray hair?

      If you have gray hair, you notice that your hair feels different and that they lead a different life than when they were full of color. This therefore asks for a different care product than your hair before they were gray. Now we can put something short and sweet here, but we think you should really read the article below so that you can make your gray hair shine like never before!

      All about gray hair + 10 tips for radiant gray hair!


      What is the ideal hair care for bleached hair?

      For ladies with bleached hair, there are a number of wildly popular hair care products that make the blond hair shine again and bring it back to life. We distinguish two types of blonde, namely blondes who like to neutralize yellow tones and ladies who have a warm blonde color. A small difference, but a big difference in hair care. 


      Hair Routine for Cool Blondes

      The very best silver shampoo of the moment is definitely the MORE EXTREME SILVER SHAMPOO . Just as much pigment as the wildly popular Fanola and even more care than Fanola. In its own right, it is a combination of the once two best silver shampoos, but they have now had to give up their place to MORE. 

      As a conditioner, there is the Fanola No Yellow Mask , this conditioner takes care of your hair, neutralizes unwanted yellow tones and protects your hair. 

      The Blond Me Enhancing Spray Conditioner is a leave-in that neutralizes unwanted yellow tones, gives your hair a beautiful shine and makes your hair strong again. 

      If you use heat products a lot, it is important that you use a heat protectant. The best-selling variant for cool blonde is the Fudge Violet Tri-Blo Spray . This protects your hair up to 235 degrees, polishes your hair, neutralizes yellow tones, protects + improves the condition of your hair cuticles.


      Hair Care For Blondes Routine

      For fine to normal blond hair, the Schwarzkopf Blond Me Light Set

      For normal to unruly blond hair, the Schwarzkopf Blond Me Rich Set


      Would you like to add extra hair care products, or do you normally already use extra hair care, but this is not the right one and that is why you are looking. Below are wildly popular hair care products that match your hair type.

      For the extra care your bleached hair needs, look for something that repairs your hair and makes it look and feel like new again. Understandably, you just want your hair to fall healthy and natural again. The Schwarzkopf Blond Me Blonde Wonders Set is the set to go, also for cool blondes.


      What is the best-selling hair care for colored hair?

      When your hair has been dyed you want your hair color to last as long as possible and for your hair to be healthy again, because we all know that dyeing has a negative effect on our hair. Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of options to color your hair and keep them in beautiful condition! Below you will find one of the most popular care products for colored hair. 

      For the basics there is the following:

      Loreal SE Vitamino Color Shampoo , this shampoo ensures that your hair color lasts up to 8 weeks, gives it an enormous shine to your hair, strengthens your hair and protects it against UV radiation.

      L'Oréal Serie Expert Vitamino Color Resveratrol Conditioner is the conditioner and it logically fits seamlessly with the shampoo. 

      As an extra addition you can think of the following:

      Are you looking for a good heat protectant and do you want a beautiful shine in your dyed hair? Then you arrive at the bestseller L'Oreal SE Vitamino Color Resveratrol Color 10 in 1 . It is true that this comes from the same line as the shampoo and conditioner, and for good reason. This is an immensely popular line and for good reason, because it does what it says! 

      It also prevents fluff, protects your hair against fading of the hair color, smoothes your hair fibers, prevents split ends and your hair is wonderfully soft again. 

      Do you want more information about colored hair? Then we would like to refer you to the following extensive articles:

      5 frequently asked questions about dyed hair answered

      Everything about hair coloring in a row

      Hair dyeing for beginners ❀



      What is the best hair care for curls?

      Curls are naturally drier than normal hair, in addition, it requires extra attention and care in connection with the ideal curl. There are a lot of curling products on the market, but there are some very popular products that are actually fantastic for almost every curl! 

      And that is the Mad About Curls line at number one. This line is suitable for curls 3A to 3C. 

      The basis is not just a shampoo and conditioner, curls need more, so below is an all-in system that will make your curls happy. 

      Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls High Foam Cleanser

      Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls Two-Way Conditioner is both a regular conditioner and a leave-in conditioner.

      For curls with type 3A and 3B, there is a lighter curl mousse so that your curls jump nicely and do not sag and that is the Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls Light Whipped Foam

      For curl types 3B and 3C there is the Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls Twister Definition Cream . This gives your curls long-lasting definition, moisturizes your curls intensely, and they become soft and manageable again. It also strengthens your curls and protects it up to 80 degrees (hair dryer).

      For extra intense care for curls with type 3B and 3C, there is a heavier care and that is the Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls Butter Treatment .

      Do you want to give your curls a boost the next day so that your curls are back in their beautiful model, without having to wash your curls again? Then you end up with the Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls Quencher Oil Milk . This is absolutely ideal against morning frizz. 


      Curl pack 3A and 3B 

      Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls 3A/3B curl package 


      Curl pack 3B & 3C

      Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls 3B/3C curl package


      Do you have spiral curls? Then you end up at Curl package 4 A to 4 C package

      Do you want to dive deeper into the world of curls, and although you do want to get started right away, you want to look further at what you can do about your curls? You want your curls to get everything they need, and you want your own beautiful curls back. You want them to bounce back and shine like only your curls can. Then we absolutely recommend that you go to the CURLS category page. Here you will find great tips and tricks that will ensure that you take steps further in your curling adventure!

      We also have a lot of in-depth articles that bring you closer to your own curls. The better you know your curl, the easier it will be to choose the right curl care.

      TO CURL

      The tip so you know what to pay attention to when caring for your curls!

      What is the difference between CHI & Wella's curl lines?

      This is how you deal with highly porous curls - Eyeopener! ♡

      This is how you deal with low-porous curls - Eyeopener! ♡

      Which curl cream suits your curl type best?

      Essential Curly Ball Routine Tips




      What is the best hair care for damaged hair?

      Hair that looks like snot, knots that don't make you happy and you actually have a bunch of flaxen hair. Your hair is badly damaged and you absolutely do not know what to do with it. It's best to cut your hair, but that's not really an option. We completely understand that of course! What are really good care products for your hair that ensure that the hair is actually fixed again. That your hair scales are repaired again, that hair bridges are created again and that your hair is actually sealed again so that you have a beautiful whole hair again. 

      First of all, it is important that you actually glue your hair back together, very simply put. You do this by including the Olaplex No.3 in your new hair routine. It is not for nothing that this hair product is one of the most popular miracle cures worldwide. 

      You can buy Olaplex No. 0 as well, this makes the No.3 work up to 68% better. If you only want to buy one, also because it is quite pricey, you will end up with No.3. 

      Then the 'standard' hair routine and that is of course a shampoo and conditioner and possibly a leave-in conditioner. It is important that your hair cuticles close properly, and a conditioner does this. There are two brands that stand out, and they are L'Oreal and Redken. 

      L'Oreal Serie Expert Nutrifier Nourishing System Set

      Redken Extreme Set

      If you would like more information, tips and other things worth knowing about damaged hair, we would like to refer you to the articles below that go deeper into the matter:

      Damaged hair, what could cause that?

      The step-by-step plan to restore damaged hair ♡



      What is the best hair care for oily hair?

      Oily hair is not pleasant, especially if your hair is already oily after half a day or a whole day. What is the best hair care for oily hair? And what is a shampoo that is not so intense that your sebum on your scalp stimulates and negatively influences it even more, but a shampoo that actually reduces the problem. You'll be fine with a natural shampoo that is not aggressive, but works with it and makes your hair less greasy. Attitude Super Leaves Shampoo Clarifying is a natural shampoo that effectively deals with oily hair in a natural way.

      If you want more information and tips and tricks to reduce your oily hair, we would like to refer you to the article below. This also helps you to less oily hair!

      With this step-by-step plan you get greasy hair under control! 

      Say goodbye to greasy hair with these 10 tips!

      What is the best selling hair regimen for lifeless hair?

      Sometimes it makes you lifeless, your lifeless hair that really doesn't want anything anymore. Volume is what you want, you want your hair to dance on your head as if they have all the space. What are good lightweight hair items that give your hair volume and make it shine again? There are of course many hair items on the market, and every brand has a volume line. One has this effective ingredient, and the other has another effective ingredient. Which one really works well? Below we have listed the most popular volume care for you. They are popular because they work and actually do what they say. So recommended!

      Attitude Super Leaves Shampoo Volume & Shine

      Attitude Super Leaves Conditioner Volume & Shine 

      This is a natural shampoo that is free from all kinds of harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. It is also dermatologically tested, which means that even a sensitive scalp can use this combination. Absolute must have! 

      Do you want to give your hair a boost every now and then?

      Want even more volume? Then you can use a dry shampoo as a volume spray, then the very popular TIGI Bed Head Oh Bee Hive Matte Dry Shampoo is a recommended spray.



      What is the most ideal hair routine for long hair? 

      Long hair has different needs than short hair, especially if you want to keep long hair healthy. Natural long hair can also benefit greatly from hair care that has been specially developed for long hair. L'Oreal Pro Longer is so popular for a reason. It replenishes your hair and it strengthens your hair. So long hair with thin tips is a thing of the past. Hair breakage is also reduced, so your hair is improved throughout its conditioner. 

      L'Oreal Serie Expert Pro Longer Set


      •  94% less hair breakage
      • 17% split ends
      • 5x shinier hair


      As an extra, you can add a good hair mask that intensely nourishes your long hair with thin tips, replenishes hair fibers in your hair ends and strengthens your lengths so that less hair breakage occurs. The L'Oreal SE Pro Longer Masque is good added value. 

      Are you looking for a treatment that fills in your thin ends and thickens your hair, then you can add the L'Oréal Pro Longer Concentrate to your hair regime.

      Would you like more information about long hair, such as how to make it grow longer? Then we would like to refer you to the article below:

      5 frequently asked questions about dyed hair answered

      With these 6 tips you will have longer locks in no time!



      What is the most popular hair product for sensitive scalp?

      Sensitive skin is not pleasant, and trying shampoos just like that is not something that makes you happy. You want a nice shampoo that doesn't make your scalp even more sensitive. You want a shampoo that will leave your sensitive scalp alone and not irritate your scalp further. That is why it is important that you use a natural shampoo that is suitable for sensitive scalps. Although there is never much choice here, it is now thanks to the Attitude brand. This brand stands for safe products for the whole family. It all started with safe cleaning products so that babies and children wouldn't ingest them if they suck or lick their hands. Now they have grown into a brand that wants to make the entire household safe, both parent and child. All of their products undergo independent scientific studies and they also collaborate with dermatologists. The natural ingredients are also tested to see if they can possibly be irritating for the most sensitive skins. So if you have a sensitive scalp, you're in the right place with Attitute shampoos :)


      Super Leaves Shampoo Color Protection

      Super Leaves Shampoo Moisture Rich

      Super Leaves Nourishing & Strengthening Shampoo

      Super Leaves Shampoo Clarifying

      Super Leaves Shampoo Volume & Shine



      Which shampoo really works against hair loss?

      Excessive hair loss is terrible and something you don't want. Hair loss in itself is a natural phenomenon, but excessive hair loss often has an underlying cause, you can find out exactly what this cause is in the article " Discover the real cause of your thinning hair ". If you want to let your hair grow again, it is wise to tackle this properly so that you achieve the very best results. So get started from the inside out and with the right hair supplies that not only make your hair grow, but also make it thicker.

      Neofollics Stimulating Hair Growth Set is a set that consists of a shampoo and a conditioner. This is a good basic set to stop your hair loss and start the process of hair growth again.

      You can expand this basic set with Neofollics Hair Growth Lotion . Use this hair growth lotion on your areas on your scalp where there is obvious hair loss or already bald spots. The lotion contains hair growth molecules Adenosine, Vividine and Aminexil.

      If you want to do even more, you can always include the supportive NeoFollics Hair Growth Supporting Tablets in your routine. These tablets are clinically tested and proven.


      If you find it difficult to choose, we recommend starting with the basic set. You can always add hair growth products later :)




      What is the finest and best-selling hairbrush?

      A hairbrush, everyone has at least one at home. But what is a really fine hairbrush, and which hairbrush does not hurt when you comb tangles out of your hair. Painless brushing thanks to the Scalpro! Even families with kids order this hair brush, because it is so effective yet gentle on the scalp and painlessly removes the knots from the hair!

      Mediceuticals Scalpro Smoothing & Detangling Brush




      What is the best-selling men's shampoo?

      Men want a shampoo that is easy and effective. No fuss, just a good shampoo. Below are two of the most popular men's shampoos. Men are more prone to dandruff, whether it's a little bit or a lot. That is why men prefer a shampoo that counteracts this. Below are two wildly popular men's shampoos:

      Schwarzkopf Bonacure Scalp Genesis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - is based on allantoin

      Attitude Super Leaves 2in1 Scalp Care Shampoo - is a natural anti-dandruff shampoo that contains Black Willow Bark and Aspen ingredient salicylic acid.


      However, if you would like more information about hair care for men, we would like to refer you to the Men's Hair Carepage or to the article below:

      Hair care is also important for men!



      What are the best selling Curly Girl Method curl products?

      Perhaps you are looking for curling equipment that has been approved according to the Curly Girl Method. Below you will find the most popular CG Method curlers!


      Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling Shampoo is a good basic shampoo that is suitable for 2 to 4 curls. It is completely according to the CG Method and is certainly a good start in your new curl regime!

      Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangler Conditioner is the conditioner. This curl conditioner moisturizes and cares for your curls in a very intensive way. An absolute must have in your new basic curl routine!

      Are your curls dry, damaged in what way and can they use a significant treatment so that your curl can return to its original state? Then it is advisable to purchase the Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 treatment. This restores your hair from the inside, it is like a plaster that ensures that your hair strand is strong and smooth again.


      Then you can go and see what else your curls really need. Try not to order too much at once, because then you cannot determine whether a curling product really adds value to your new curling routine.


      Garnier - Hydra Aloe Air-Dry Cream is a leave-in cream that prevents frizz for up to 24 hours

      Garnier Fructis Banana Hair Food Mask is a conditioner, mask and leave-in in one

      Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Curl Enhancing Mousse - lightweight mousse that gives your hair beautiful curl definition, really separates your curls and gives each other space and prevents frizz. Is suitable for curls 2C-4C, so for all curls.

      Schwarzkopf - Bouncy Curls - is a curling gel for fine to medium curly hair. It provides a strong curl definition and resilience in the hair, the curls are bundled and get more volume.


      For more in-depth information about the Curly Girl Method, we recommend that you check out the article " The Curly Girl Method: From A to Z. " Here you will find everything, but really everything about this method!


      What is the best-selling shampoo?

      The absolute best-selling shampoo is the Fanola No Yellow shampoo . 

      This shampoo is very popular for a reason. This was the first silver shampoo that was really highly pigmented and gave blonde hair a cool look. As if it were a toner, but without the disadvantages of a toner. To this day, this is still a wildly popular silver shampoo!



      What is the best and most natural shampoo?

      There are several natural shampoos on the market, but which one is really good and effective. 

      Those are the shampoos from Attitude. Attitude is a fantastic brand that has everything independently tested and also employs its own dermatologists to test whether it is also suitable for the most sensitive skin. Natural ingredients are also tested, because sometimes certain natural ingredients are not suitable for sensitive skin. The Attitude team thinks it is important that every household has hair equipment that is suitable for everyone and also completely harmful free! Below you will find the shampoos:

      Super Leaves Shampoo Color Protection

      Super Leaves Shampoo Moisture Rich

      Super Leaves Nourishing & Strengthening Shampoo

      Super Leaves Shampoo Clarifying

      Super Leaves Shampoo Volume & Shine




      What is the most popular hair product that is suitable for all hair types?

      Sometimes there are those hair products that are just so good, but they are not suitable for every hair type. However, there is one hair product on the market that will make every type of hair happy and that is Olaplex No.3. This treatment ensures that your hair returns to its original state. What it does is stick little patches to your hair, as it were. As a result, they become completely whole again, as it were, and are sealed. So a hair of which all hair scales are down again and missing pieces are also replaced. The bonds in the hair that make your hair strong are then all repaired.  Even natural hair improves! 

      Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 



      What is the most wildly popular product to combat split ends?

      Although olaplex 3 handles this very well, you may also want to use a very good product that protects your hair even more after showering and protects your hair ends against damage. Rescue Sealed Ends is the hair serum against split ends. An absolute must have if you have long hair, want to grow it long or if your hair is fragile. 

      Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends


      Want more information about split ends? That is possible, then we would like to refer you to our very extensive articleFirst aid for split ends!



      What is the best-selling hair oil?

      Hair oil is widely used, but why do we use a hair oil and what is the difference with a hair serum? There is a clear difference between a hair oil and a hair serum and that is that a hair oil goes IN the hair and a hair serum goes AROUND the hair. A hair oil is therefore a nourishing product. 

      A good hair oil actually gives the finishing touch to your hair. It gives a beautiful shine, it often gives extra nourishment and especially protection. The main reason why a hair oil is used is to combat frizzy hair. Now there is a real winner in this area, and that is the Olaplex No.7. There is no hair oil as good as Olaplex hair oil. It prevents fluff because it is a bonding oil. It therefore ensures that your hair is 'made' again by the patented ingredient that makes Olaplex so incredibly popular. It is well worth the investment!

      Olaplex Bonding Oil No.7

      If you would like more information about hair oil, we recommend that you go to the extensive article about hair oil:

      Everything you need to know about hair oil


      What is the best-selling hair serum?

      A hair serum is very similar to a hair oil, but there is indeed a difference. You might not think this because many properties match, which is true. The market continues to develop and because of this they are all trying to add extra features to it. Yet there is a clear difference between a hair oil and a hair serum and that is that a hair oil goes IN the hair and a hair serum goes AROUND the hair. A hair serum gives the hair a protective layer. A hair serum always contains silicone, which can be water-based or oil-based. A popular hair serum is:

      Biosilk Silk Therapy Original 



      What is the best hair product for frizzy and frizzy hair?

      It doesn't matter what you've tried, but you've never found the ideal hairpiece that really combats frizzy hair. The products you use do do something, but they have never treated a completely lint-free result. You don't care how much it costs, as long as it works! Search no further! There is an absolute answer to frizzy hair! And that is a combination of two super products! 

      That is the combination of Olaplex No. 6 and Olaplex No. 7 . This is a golden combination that really makes frizzy hair a thing of the past! 

      Do you want more tips and tricks against frizzy hair? Go to the article 10 tips against frizzy hair! .



      What is the best-selling heat protectant of all time?

      A heat protectant is an absolute must if you blow-dry, straighten or curl your hair. Heat damages your hair. Eventually you will have broken cuticles and a bunch of dry hair left. Of course you want to prevent this, and in this case prevention is better than cure. Although there are many different variants of heat protectants with different extra functions and different hair types, there is a very popular heat protectant without fuss and suitable for every hair type. The CHI 44 Iron Guard is a powerful heat protector that protects your hair from drying out and damage from heat.



      What is the best and most sold hair mask?

      Hair can always use a hair mask, even if you do not style, blow dry or dye it. External influences, washing your hair, moving your hair over clothing and while sleeping are all things that affect the condition of your hair. A hair mask that gives every hair an intense boost is Garnier Fructis Banana Hair Food Mask . This hair mask can be used for any hair type. It nourishes and moisturizes your hair in an intense way, and the great thing about this is that you can also use it as a conditioner and leave-in. So multi-usable! 


      If you want to give your hair an extra boost during such a moment, you can add one of the pure oils below:

      Nanoil Argan Oil for Hydration

      Nanoil Avocado Oil for Nutrition and Recovery

      Nanoil Macadamia Oil strengthen + moisturize

      Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil for hair rejuvenation 

      Nanoil Castor Oil for strengthening + moisturizing + increasing elasticity + shine

      Nanoil Jojoba Oil strongly restorative + hydrates

      All Nanoil Oils are cold pressed, 100% organic and unrefined. Nanoil also has an official ECOCERT certification .



      What is the best treatment for my hair?

      A treatment can be exactly what your hair needs. But I use a hair mask, isn't that the same? No, there is clearly a difference between the two. 

      Hair mask ensures that your hair is deeply nourished, this can be done in different ways. 

      A hair treatment ensures that your hair is restored in its structure. This simply means that your hair is repaired from the inside out. Treatments and masks are used interchangeably, but there is indeed a difference. 

      If you want to give your hair a boost because they are dry, damaged or to give your natural hair a big boost, it is highly recommended to use Olaplex No. 3 to take home. 


      What is the best silver shampoo?

      A silver shampoo is a must for ladies with bleached hair! Especially for ladies who have a cool shade in their hair, nobody wants yellow hair of course! The very best silver shampoo is a newcomer, and that is the MORE EXTREME SILVER . This silver shampoo is the ultimate combination of the Fanola No Yellow and the Fudge Silver shampoo.  MORE EXTREME has just as much pigment as the Fanola AND just as many nourishing ingredients as the Fudge! 

      You actually have the best of both worlds! 

      Do you want more information about silver shampoos, and basically everything that comes with it? Then we recommend that you read our articles about silver shampoos. These are very extensive and in-depth articles that you can really do something with!

      What is the best silver shampoo?

      silver shampoo

      no yellow vs. No Orange

      Vegan Silver Shampoo





      Do you also have natural anti-dandruff shampoo that is effective?

      Having dandruff / flakes in hair is not nice and you want to get rid of that. Fortunately, there are good products on the market for this. Of course you also want to reduce the dandruff until the dandruff disappears in the long term. Therefore, the use of a natural, effective anti-dandruff shampoo is recommended. 

      Attitude Super Leaves 2in1 Scalp Care Shampoo

      The anti-dandruff shampoo contains black willow bark and is known for its disinfecting effect. It ensures that local bacteria, fungi and viruses are killed locally. In other words, it creates a healthy and optimal environment on your scalp, exactly what you want. Black Willow also has an antioxidant effect. In addition, it also contains Esp. Both ingredients soothe the scalp and promote healthy hair. Black Willow Bark and Aspen both contain salicylic acid.


      Do you want more tips and tricks to prevent dandruff? Read our article 5 tips to prevent dandruff!