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      The Wella Colormotion+ is a line specially developed for colored hair. The products in the line help prevent discoloration and improve the quality of the colored hair. Thanks to the effective ingredients, the color of the hair is protected and the hair is strengthened with a beautiful shine.   The benefits of the Wella Colormotion+ The products Show more


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      The Wella Colormotion+ is a line specially developed for colored hair. The products in the line help prevent discoloration and improve the quality of the colored hair. Thanks to the effective ingredients, the color of the hair is protected and the hair is strengthened with a beautiful shine.


      The benefits of the Wella Colormotion+

      The products from the Colormotion+ line have several advantages. Because the products have been specially developed for colored hair, the main advantage is that the hair color is protected for up to 8 weeks! Regular use of the products also improves the quality of the hair, resulting in stronger and shinier hair.


      How do the products from Wella's Colormotion+ line work?

      The benefits of these products are of course very nice, but how do these products work exactly? We researched it for you!


      Color protection

      The protection technology protects the hair against free radicals. The metals are encapsulated, which ensures that the formation of free radicals is reduced. This is important because free radicals can cause the color of the hair to fade.


      Shiny hair

      Thanks to the hair surface polisher, hair cuticles are smoothed. By smoothing the hair cuticles you enjoy beautiful shiny locks and better manageability of the hair.


      Stronger hair

      The WellaPlex binding agent has also been added to the products. This binder ensures that the hair bridges are restored from the inside for stronger hair.


      What products does the Wella Colormotion+ line consist of?

      The Colormotion+ collection contains all the products you need for a complete hair routine. We have put the products in order of use so that you can easily start your new hair routine. You can of course also combine the products from the Colormotion+ collection with other Wella hair care products.


      The perfect at-home hair routine


      Products for coloring the hair

      • Wella Colormotion + Pre-Color Treatment, this treatment is perfect to use before you start coloring the hair. The spray ensures that color differences are prevented for an even color result. After applying the spray to the hair, you can start applying the hair dye.
      • Wella Colormotion+ Post-Color Treatment, After coloring and washing the hair, apply the treatment to your hair. This gives your hair extra protection, and the pH value of your hair is also brought back into balance.


      Why does colored hair need special care?

      A chemical treatment can slightly damage the hair. In addition, the hair also gets a lot to last between the color treatments. Washing, styling and environmental influences can cause stress to the porous parts of the hair. This ensures that the hair looks less healthy, while you would like to have healthy and shiny locks. Proper care of sensitive hair restores hair for stronger and shinier looking hair. Thanks to the mild formulas of the products from the Colormotion+ line, you don't have to worry that this extra care will be at the expense of your hair color. The formulas are composed in such a way that they prevent color fading, so you can optimally enjoy your colored hair!


      Useful information for the (home) hairdresser

      Whether you have someone sitting in the salon chair in front of you or want to color your own hair yourself, this information will help you achieve the best result.

      The Colormotion+ collection can be combined well with, for example, theWella Koleston Perfectand theWella Illumina Color. The Pure Balance Technology of the Koleston and the Microlight Technology of the Illumina Color deactivate metals that reduce the formation of free radicals. This prevents hair damage during coloring. In addition, these products give more control over the color formation, for an even color result.


      How do you use the Colormotion+ products while coloring the hair?

      Below you can read step by step how you can use the different products from the Colormotion+ collection while coloring.

      Step 1: For customers who suffer from uneven hair porosity, thePre-Color Treatment is recommended. This treatment ensures that the hair surface becomes smoother for an even color result. Apply the treatment to the hair and then blow dry the hair.

      Step 2: You can then safely apply the hair dye in the hair as you are used to.

      Step 3: After the processing time of the color is over, you can carefully wash the hair with theWella Colormotion + Protection Shampoo. The shampoo gently removes the remains of the coloring from the hair. At the same time, the shampoo helps lock in the color for a beautiful glossy result.

      Step 4: Now apply theColormotion+ Post-Color Treatmentin the hair to balance the pH value. This ensures better preservation of the color molecules. The treatment works super easy in just 30 seconds!

      Step 5: Finally, apply theColormotion+ Structure Maskto towel-dried hair. The mask has a very conditioning effect. Therefore, it is sufficient to apply a small amount in the lengths and ends of the hair. Leave the mask on for at least five minutes and rinse thoroughly.


      Who is the Wella Colormotion+ line suitable for?

      The products from the Colormotion+ collection are suitable for people with colored hair who are concerned about color fading, but also about the strength of the hair. The products from this line keep the hair and hair color in optimal condition. This damage expert makes colored hair stronger.


      The different Wella lines for colored hair

      The Colormotion+ line is not the only collection suitable for colored hair. TheWella FusionandInvigo Color Brillianceare two lines that are very suitable for taking care of colored locks. It is important that you choose the care system that is best suited for your hair, so we briefly explain the differences between these three collections.


       Wella Fusion

      The Fusion Collection is known as the damage expert. The products intensively repair damaged, overloaded or lightened hair. The hair is protected up to 95% against hair breakage. These products are very suitable for anyone who often treats their hair with heat tools and wants to grow their hair long.


      Wella Invigo Color Brilliance 

      The essential care line for colored hair instantly revives the hair color and protects the hair color. This line is ideal for anyone with colored and healthy hair.


      Where can I ask questions about Wella's Colormotion+ Collection products?

      Do you have a question about one of the products from the Colormotion+ Collection or are you unsure whether this line is suitable for your hair type? Our hair experts are happy to help you! Send an extensive email with your question to[email protected]or contact us by phone by calling 038-4582584, we are here for you!