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      Redken 5th Avenue NYC always provides a simple solution for your specific hair needs. Whether you have dry, lifeless thin hair or a thick head of firm curls, with Redken your hair is always taken care of down to the last detail. Redken is an international hair care brand known for using scientific formulas and the latest technologies tailored to di Show more


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      Redken 5th Avenue NYC always provides a simple solution for your specific hair needs. Whether you have dry, lifeless thin hair or a thick head of firm curls, with Redken your hair is always taken care of down to the last detail. Redken is an international hair care brand known for using scientific formulas and the latest technologies tailored to different hair types and needs. The brand collaborates with professional stylists around the world to develop the best products. With this they strive to make hair care and styling accessible and affordable for everyone. And all this without compromising on quality and effectiveness!


      When was Redken founded?

      Redken was founded in 1960 in New York City. Redken's full name is therefore Redken 5th Avenue NYC. Redken's point of view was: the scientific approach to beauty. In other words: ''Scientific Approach to Beauty''. One of the first revolutionary developments they made is to create products with protein and proteins. Since then, they continue to hold revolutionary ideas and innovation is central. With this simplicity, they would like to provide your hair with its specific needs. Whether you want color, strength, protection, hydration or anti-frizz, Redken has its own hairline for every hair need. Since 1993, Redken has been part of the L'Oréal Group under the Professional Products category, through which they develop high-quality products.


      What product lines does Redken have?

      Redken has three types of product groups: coloring, hair care and styling. These three product groups are further divided into all kinds of shapes and sizes, each with its own formula to create the perfect line for every hair type. In any case, each line consists of a shampoo and a conditioner, usually with an additional supporting product. In our webshop you can find all hair care and styling products:


      Frizz Dismiss - makes frizz disappear. This line has been specially developed for frizzy and unmanageable hair. This line excludes humidity and optimally hydrates your hair. In addition, your hair is detangled and protected against frizz. As a finish, your hair gets a shine!


      Extreme - makes your damaged or porous hair healthy again with a beautiful shine. This line repairs and strengthens damaged hair. Thanks to the Interlock Protein Network Formula, your hair is repaired from the inside and the fibers are strengthened. Your hair will be nice and strong again!


      All Soft (Mega) - provides silky smooth and radiant hair. Your hair is deeply nourished, making dry and brittle hair soft again. Your hair feels silky soft, supple and smooth again. Extremely dry hair? Then Redken All Soft Mega is the solution! This line is specially made to intensely nourish extremely dry hair (because it has been chemically treated, for example) so that dry and stiff hair becomes nice and soft again.


      Color Extend - has multiple lines. For example, the Color Extend Blondage provides a nice cool blonde look that is also well cared for. The Color Extend Graydiant reduces copper tones in blonde hair for a fresher, blonde color. Have you spent an afternoon in the sun? Then use the Color Extend Sun. This line restores your hair after an afternoon in the sun, but also protects your hair if it is still exposed to the sun. Finally, there is the Color Extend Magnetics, which protects your colored hair so that you can enjoy it for an extra long time!


      Curvaceous - is the perfect line to boost your curls! With this line, your curls are pampered by the good hydration, anti-frizz, lightweight and Interlock Protein Network for strengthening the hair fiber. Your curls will be reactivated again!


      Glow Dry - is perfect for dull and lifeless hair. This line provides a beautiful diamond-like shine that makes your hair look fresh, energetic and radiant again. Moreover, this line protects your hair against heat sources such as a hair dryer, so you can style your hair with confidence!


      Cerafill - is for anyone who gets thinning hair slowly or already has thin hair. When using this line you get significantly fuller, thicker and firmer hair. This is because hair growth is stimulated and your hair is strengthened again. Don't worry any longer, this product solves your worries through its good care from the hair cell to the tips!


      Scalp Relief - consists of the Dandruff Shampoo that ultimately ensures that your scalp is optimally balanced again. For example, the Dandruff Shampoo ensures that dandruff is prevented.


      Volume - comes in two types: the Beach Envy and the High Rise. The Volume Beach Envy gives your hair texture a volume boost with a cool beach look as a finish. The Volume High Rise is especially for fine and lifeless hair. This gives the hair visibly more lift, body and a silky smooth finish.


      Clean Maniac - consists only of a shampoo. This shampoo gently removes dirt, styling residues and sebum from your hair. The Clean Maniac ensures that your hair is intensively cleaned. Your hair feels nice and fresh again!


      One United - also consists of one product. This spray has 25 benefits. It's not called One United for nothing: no less than 25 caring benefits come together in one with this product. As a result, this product has good care in store for every hair type!

      Nature + Science is Redken's vegan line and consists of three existing shampoos and conditioners: All Soft, Color Extend and Extreme. In total, the Nature + Science consists of 6 products. The philosophy of Redken Nature + Science is to combine the power of nature with the trusted performance of Redken. The packaging is made from recycled plastic and is 98% biodegradable.

      In addition to all these great hair care products, they also have styling products for every hair need. Something for everyone! Check here what you can contact us for:

      Glow Dry - protects your hair against harmful external heat influences.

      Shine - gives your hair a radiant high shine 

      Heat styling - maintains the color vibrancy and manageability of your hair during styling.

      Smooth - tames frizzy or frizzy hair and makes it beautifully smooth again

      Texturize - provides extra dynamics, lightweight and (beachy) texture.

      Volume - makes your hair thicker and fuller for a voluminous look

      Flex - provides hold, definition and flexibility to your look

      Sprays - in all kinds so you can decide for yourself which hold you want!

      This is not all! In addition to these great hair care and styling products, Redken also has a special men's line: Redken Brews. Curious what this means? Then read on quickly!


      What is Redken Brews?

      Redken Brews is Redken's special care line for men. This line consists of hair care, beard care, styling products, skin products and coloring. You can come to us for all these products except the colorings. The Redken Brews products all contain malt. This ingredient offers many benefits, as it strengthens and nourishes your hair and scalp. You may have noticed, but the Redken Brews products are inspired by beer, which is reflected in the appearance of the bottles! How nice is that?


      How do Redken's styling products ''work''?

      In addition to hair care products, Redken also has a range of styling products. With this you can easily model your hair as desired and you can finish your healthy look with a beautiful styling.  Redken Styling has made it very easy for you and distinguishes its styling products by numbers and colors:

      The numbers on all Redken Styling stand for the degree of firmness. For example, a 10 is moderately firm and a 23 is super firm!

      • Mild control = 01-05
      • Medium control = 06-15
      • Maximum control = 16-28

      The colors on the styling products are also easily divided. See the overview here:

      • Green = Volume
      • Blue = Texture
      • Pink = Heat Protection
      • Gold = Shine


      Which Redken products are suitable for my hair?

      We all have different hair needs and Redken has perfect solutions for that. For example, the right shampoo or conditioner from Redken can help you a long way to achieve the desired result. Check above, in the explanation of the product lines, which line can mean what for your hair!


      Can I combine Redken with hair vitamins?

      Sometimes it can't go fast enough: getting beautiful long hair. Waiting for this can be quite frustrating. But the solution is closer than you think! Getting longer hair is easier with a little help from biotin. If you add this supplement to your hair care routine, you may agree that your dream haircut has grown faster than you thought. Redken has a product that makes an ultimate contribution to the growth of your hair: the Extreme Length Sealer. If you are dealing with breakage-prone hair with split ends, you can use the Extreme Length Sealer as a leave-in treatment. While professionals recommend trimming split ends because they can split further, this Sealer helps flatten unruly ends and keep your hair and ends strong for longer. For optimal results, we recommend that you use the Redken Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner in your daily cleansing routine for the best results.
      Well, now that we've explained the Redken Extreme line in detail, we have another miracle cure that you can also use: hair vitamins. Hair vitamins ensure that your hair grows and becomes stronger from the inside out. We recommend the Isza Beau Hair Vitamins . These hair vitamins are 100% vegan and include Biotin, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Flicic acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Niacin, Pathothenic acid, Zinc and Selenium. This way you are working on your hair inside and out!


      Where can I find experiences about Redken?

      We have found a few super handy videos for you. For example, you can see how you can style short hair with the Redken styling products or what effect hair care products have:

      Redken Styling Products
      Do you have a nice short haircut? Then watch this video , which explains how you can wear your hair in a versatile way! Besides, we are busy enough these days. Check out 4 easy go-to hairstyles here so you can be ready for the day in less than 5 minutes!

      Frizz Dismiss
      Frizz Dismiss cures frizzy hair. Watch this video to learn more about using the Frizz Dismiss line.

      Rock your curls with this tutorial ! 

      All Soft Mega
      Wondering how best to use the All Soft Mega Hydramelt? They explain it to you in thisvideo!


      Where can I ask my question about the Redken products?

      Still not enough inspiration or experiences about Redken? We are here for advice! Call us during office hours or send your question to [email protected]. If you place your order before 11:30 PM, we will ship your order the same day! Moreover, you do not have to pay shipping costs with an order from €35. Do you want to get a little more feeling with Design Essentials? Then come by! You can visit us on location to take a closer look at the products, then you can smell the scent. Moreover, you can also purchase on location, handy! We wish you a lot of fun shopping Redken!