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      The K-Beauty brandFrudiafocuses entirely on what fruit in skincare can do for our skin. They actually say it with their name. Fru stands for fruit, and dia is Greek for 'by' or 'from'. They use the power of different fruits in their products, for example pomegranate which is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, which is beneficial to prevent skin aging. Or avocado, which intensely nourishes your skin due to the high content of amino acids.

      We all know that fruit is very healthy for us. It is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and all kinds of important nutrients. Frudia incorporates all the benefits of fruit into their skin care, so that you can pamper your skin even more easily.

      What are Frudia's values?

      Real fruit will make your skin glow, says Frudia. Frudia adds real fruit to every product. For this they use the R Vita WTM technique. They select only the best fruits, and then begin the elaborate process of extracting all the good substances. They do this at a low temperature, which ensures that the original nutrients, vitamins, fragrance and colorings of the fruit remain intact. The end product is an extract 100% based on fruit, without added water.

      Does Frudia have body care products?

      Frudia thinks it is important that the skin on our entire body should be well nourished and cared for. That is why they do not only develop products for the face, but for the entire body. At Haarspullen we also love body care. Our growing Frudia range includes, for example, the hand creams from the My Orchard line. Frudia has developed several creams for this line. A unique fruit is the star in each hand cream. This line keeps your hands wonderfully soft and nourished. In addition, they smell delicious and are easy to take with you on the go!

      Check out the My Orchard Hand Creams here. 

      Do you use other care products on your body in addition to shower products and body lotion? The skin on our body can enjoy extra care products just as much as the skin on our face! TheFrudia Blueberry Honey Water Glow Tonercomes in a handy package with a capacity of no less than 500 ml. With this you can provide the skin all over your body with deep hydration and the calming effect of honey and blueberry extract.

      Which Frudia products are available on Haarspullen.nl?

      Our growing Frudia range naturally also includes facial care. We have mild skin cleaners, various toners, creams and the super popularBlueberry & Honey Lipbalm!

      Our current Frudia range currently consists of the following products: 






      Where can I ask my questions about the Frudia products?

      Do you still have a question about this beautiful K-beauty brand after reading this information? Or would you like personal advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Send us an e-mail via [email protected] or contact us by phone by calling038-4582584. Our team is happy to help you.