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      Style & Finish

      Whatever look you go for, Joico Style & Finish will help you style your hair perfectly! Joico's styling products help model, fix and care for your hair. They are easy to use so you don't have to be a hairdresser to achieve a beautiful look. Whether you are looking for a hairspray, gel, texture powder or mousse, Joico is there for everyone and f Show more


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      Protection Cream
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      Joiwhip Foam - Firm
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      Zero Heat Cream
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      Power Spray
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      Hair Shake Finisher
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      Joimist Dry Spray - Firm
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      Dry Shampoo Weekend
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      Beach Shake Finisher
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      Humidity Blocker
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      RiseUp Powder Spray
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      Flip Turn Spray
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      Joigel Styling Gel - Firm
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      Joishape Spray
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      Joigel Styling Gel - Medium
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      Whatever look you go for,Joico Style & Finishwill help you style your hair perfectly! Joico's styling products help model, fix and care for your hair. They are easy to use so you don't have to be a hairdresser to achieve a beautiful look. Whether you are looking for a hairspray, gel, texture powder or mousse, Joico is there for everyone and for every hair type!


      What are the main features of Joico Style & Finish?

      Joico's Style & Finish products are known for their professional quality and innovative formulas.

      • Wide Range: The line offers a wide range of products, including hair sprays, gels, mousses, serums and texturizers, suitable for different hair types and styling needs.
      • With K-PAK Technology: Helps repair and strengthen the hair.
      • Protection against Heat and UV
      • Long Lasting Shelf Life
      • Does not make hair sticky or stiff
      • Shine and moisture retention
      • User friendly
      • Innovative ingredients
      • Professional results


      Who is Joico Style & Finish suitable for?

      Joico's styling productsare suitable for everyone: from hairdressers and stylists to consumers, from thin to thick hair and from curls to straight. The styling products not only ensure that the hair looks beautiful and stays in place, they also have a caring effect, which makes the products suitable for damaged hair. The formulas are color safe.


      What products does Joico Style & Finish consist of?

      Joico's range of styling products is wide, to show you in one overview which products you can choose from, we have created an overview here:



      • Joico Power Spray- Protect your look with this strong hairspray that does not leave flakes. The hairspray helps protect the hair against heat styling , UV rays , humidity and pollutants at the same time. Free from sulphates and parabens.
      • Joico Joimist Dry Spray Firm- With a strong fixation of 7-10, your hairstyle will stay in shape all day and night. The hair is protected against humidity , heat and negative factors. Free from sulphates and parabens.
      • Joico Flip Turn Spray- For more volume in the hair from all angles with a strong hold. Does not leave flakes and works for up to 72 hours. Freefrom sulphates and parabens. With heat protection !


      Heat Protectors & Blowouts

      • Joico Dream Blowout Protection Creme- Always dreamed of the perfect blow-dry? This also stays in place thanks to the heatprotective cream, you can apply it faster thanks to the quick-drying formula and it is 100% lint-free. At the same time, hair breakage is reduced by up to 75%.
      • Joico Dry Shampoo Weekend- In addition to a quick refresher, this dry shampoo also gives your hair more volume, texture and softness. In addition, the lifespan of the hair color is extended by up to 2x.
      • Joico Humidity Blocker- With a light fixation you protect every hair look against humidity, frizz and static. Freefrom sulphates and parabens.


      Hair Gel & Cream

      • Joico Zero Heat for Thick Hair- A strong hair cream for thick , unrulyhair to combat frizz, give more volume and shine. Minimizes frizz and leaves nostickyresidue .
      • Joico Zero Heat for Fine/Medium Hair- A light hair cream especially for thin and finehair that protects the hair against heat and reduces frizz. Shortens drying time, adds shine, protects against humidity and leaves nostickyresidue .
      • Joico JoiGel Medium- More hold, hydration and shine for fine to normalhair . Keeps the hair supple and protects against heat .
      • Joico JoiGel Firm- Provides coarse, thick and coarse hair with a strong hold. With a shiny finish thanks to the moisturizing ingredients. With heat protection !
      • Joico Curl Confidence- Gives curls a moisturizing boost, more definition and shine. Frizz is reduced and does not give a sticky or crunchy feeling.



      • Joico Beach Shake- Gives the hair a beachy look, more texture and keeps it soft at the same time. Freefrom parabens and has a protective effect. For normal to thick hair .
      • Joico Body Shake- Volume spray for more body and texture. It does not make the hair sticky or stiff and gives an airy volume to the hair. Protects against heat , UV radiation , humidity and is freeof parabens. For fine to normalhair .
      • Joico Hair Shake- A liquid texture spray that turns into a powder for more texture and hold. Freefrom parabens.



      • Joico Joiwhip Foam Firm- Give your hairstyle more spice with this volume mousse! For more body and shine without giving the hair a stiff feeling. Frizzy hair is a thing of the past thanks to the formula that is freeof parabens and silicones. With heat protector !
      • Joico RiseUp Powder Spray- Gives the hair immediate lift, more volume and texture from the roots. The hair remains flexible and is protected against negative external influences.

      Do Joico styling products care for your hair?

      Joico Style & Finish products are designed to not only style, but also condition hair, making them an excellent choice for those looking for high-quality hair care and styling. Many Joico products contain ingredients such as keratin and keratin amino acids that help repair and strengthen damaged hair. Joico uses patented K-PAK technology in some of their products, which helps to restore the hair's natural keratin, resulting in stronger and healthier hair. In addition, the products are often enriched with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients such as natural oils and butters, which help keep the hair soft, shiny and hydrated. Many Joico styling products offer protection against heat and UV rays, which helps protect hair from damage from styling tools and sunlight. At the same time, the products help to keep the hair smooth and frizz-free, which contributes to a well-groomed and healthy appearance. In short, Joico's styling products are full of care. By applying the right technologies, this does not result in heavy formulas that cause the hair to sag: Joico's formulas are light, leave no residue and prevent the hair from being weighed down.


      Are Joico's styling products free of sulphates and parabens?

      Joico 's styling products are known for their high-quality formulas, but the presence of sulphates and parabens can vary between different products in the range. Many of the products are free of sulphates and parabens. We have briefly listed them here:


      Curious about Joico's other products and their ingredients list? Then check the specific product description!


      Are Joico styling products suitable for curls?

      Yes, Joico's styling products are suitable for curls. Joico has a range of products specifically designed to define, hydrate and protect curly hair, such as theJoicoCurlConfidence.


      Joico products are good to use for curls because:

      • They contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients
      • Anti-frizz
      • Give the curls more definition
      • Protect against heat and damage, but also humidity
      • Light formulas that prevent your curls from sagging

      Where can I ask my question about Joico's hair styling?

      Do you have a question about Joicoproducts, about another product on our website or would you like advice from a professional? Don't hesitate and contact our beauty experts without obligation by emailing[email protected]. Are you looking for the ultimate hair routine for your hair type? Then check out the Joicobrand page, here you will find different hairlines for different hair types.