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      Annabelle Minerals

      At Annabelle Minerals, natural beauty goes together with high-quality minerals that can be found in the make-up and skincare products. Annabelle Minerals believes it is important that you can achieve a natural, radiant appearance. In addition to the healthy formulas, Annabelle Minerals also pays a lot of attention to sustainability. All products co Show more


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      AtAnnabelle Minerals,natural beauty goes together with high-quality minerals that can be found in the make-up and skincare products. Annabelle Minerals believes it is important that you can achieve a natural, radiant appearance. In addition to the healthy formulas, Annabelle Minerals also pays a lot of attention to sustainability. All products come in eco-friendly packaging and the brand supports ethical production methods. You can go to this fantastic brand for sustainable, natural make-up and skincare! Discover the world of Annabelle Minerals and experience the magic of makeup that is not only good for your appearance, but also for your skin and the world around us. Being radiant has never been so healthy!


      What is the vision of Annabelle Minerals?

      At Annabelle Minerals, transparency is number one. The products are formulated with carefully selected natural minerals, and free from harmful chemicals, synthetic preservatives and artificial colors. The brand embraces the simplicity of nature and offers makeup and skincare products that are not only beautiful, but also good for your skin. Annabelle Minerals believes in the power of natural beauty and offers you the tools to embrace your unique appearance. You are good just the way you are!


      The Annabelle Minerals make-up collection

      The makeup collection is designed to accentuate your unique beauty. Whether you're looking for a subtle everyday look or a glamorous evening style, Annabelle Minerals has the perfect products for you. The foundations, blushes, eyeshadows and lip products are carefully formulated to provide a flawless finish that lasts all day (and night).


      What makes Annabelle Minerals unique?

      What sets Annabelle Minerals apart is not only the quality of the products, but also the commitment to sustainability and ethical production. Annebelle Minerals is committed to using environmentally friendly packaging and supports ethical production methods. Their mission is not only to make women look beautiful, but also to contribute to a healthy planet and fair trade practices. Below we have listed the most important features of Annabelle Minerals for you:


      • Natural make-up and facial care
      • Durable products
      • Sustainable packaging
      • Ethical production methods
      • Suitable for everyone
      • Hypoallergenic
      • Vegan and Cruelty Free


      Award winning products from Annabelle Minerals

      For us, Annabelle Minerals is an absolute winner! A make-up brand with a vision that we support and that pays a lot of attention to sustainability, health and ethics. Of course, the products are also of very high quality and that is not the only opinion we have.


      For example, Annabelle Minerals has won the following awards:

      • 1. Glamor Glammies
      • 2. Best Beauty Buys InStyle
      • 3. KWC Wizaż.pl
      • 4.Global Green Beauty Awards
      • 5. Cosmo Beauty Awards


      Which Annabelle Minerals products have won an award?

      Below we have listed the prize winners for you:


      What are Annabelle Minerals bestsellers?

      We have highlighted the most popular products from Annabelle Minerals for you here. But do your own research to find out which product is most suitable for you!


      • Brow Like Wow Brow Palette: The complete palette for fleeky eyebrows. The eyebrow palette contains a light color that you can use in your eyebrow arch to lift the eyebrows. The two dark colors are suitable for filling in the eyebrows for more defined eyebrows. Suitable for all types of eyebrows!
      • Coverage Mineral Foundation: A covering foundation with a natural finish. The foundation has a light formula which makes wearing the foundation comfortable. Thanks to the unique formula, the foundation feels like a second skin and the foundation also contributes to skin care!
      • Mineral Eye pigment: This shimmering eye shadow makes your eyes shine! Transform any look into a more pronounced look for a party or go for a subtle glowy look.
      • Matte Finishing Powder: Do you suffer from oily or combination skin? Or do you simply like a matte finish? Then this mattifying powder is your perfect match! The powder absorbs sebum and provides a matte end result.
      • Mineral Blush: This beautiful blush available in multiple colors ensures that you look fresh for the day. Thanks to the buildable formula, you can determine the color intensity yourself.
      • Mineral Highlighter :Do you like a healthy glow? Then this highlighter is an absolute must-have! Go for a natural glow and shine! The highlighter is available in two colors that are suitable for every skin color and skin type.
      • Luminous Blush: Do you want more shine and more color? Then the glossy blush is your go-to blush! The combination of color and shine provides a mega fresh look.


      Eco-friendly make-up revolution

      Together we must reduce plastic use and Annabelle Minerals agrees. Annabelle Minerals helps you with this, because they package their products in eco-friendly packaging, without plastic. They also offer the unique concept of refill packaging. You buy your favorite lipstick for the first time in a beautiful holder and when the lipstick runs out you can reuse the beautiful holder and buy a refill. This also applies to foundations and powders. To proceed step by step, on Haarspullen we currently first sell the products for the first purchase and we are gradually expanding our range with refill products. So that you can benefit from an even more sustainable purchase of makeup andskin care.


      What products does the Annabelle Minerals range consist of?

      Annabelle Minerals ensures that you can enjoy your natural beauty in a sustainable, responsible and healthy way through make-up and the right facial care.



      In addition to the extensive make-up range, Annabelle Minerals also offers skincare products. If you want to embrace your natural beauty, it is of course also important to stimulate it with the right care products.


      Annabelle Repair Juice Retinol Serum-A facial serum with 0.3% Retinol to intensely nourish the skin and strengthen the skin. The serum is suitable for all skin types, but specially developed for aging skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

      Annabelle Clarity Juice Niacinamide Serum- The serum contains 5% Niacinamide, which intensively nourishes the skin. Your skin looks healthy and pores are reduced in size. The skin is strengthened and protected against negative external influences.



      Annabelle Minerals Clay Primer-The perfect base for soft, smooth skin without coarse pores and lines. Thanks to the facial primer you can enjoy your makeup even longer.



      The different foundations not only contribute to smooth skin, but also help nourish and protect the skin. For example, the various foundations contain an SPF.


      Annabelle Minerals Coverage Mineral Foundation-A covering foundation suitable for all skin types. Available in 19 colors for every skin color.

      Annabelle Minerals Matte Mineral Foundation-A matte foundation, perfect for oily skin or if you like a matte finish. For a matte finish without dehydrated skin. Available in 20 colours.

      Annabelle Minerals Radiant Mineral Foundation- A covering foundation that makes your skin radiate with a healthy glow. Pores and fine lines are reduced. Available in 20 colours.



      Annabelle Minerals Mineral Spot Concealer-An opaque concealer to cover impurities and blemishes so you can enjoy even-toned skin. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones, and available in 19 shades.



      Annabelle Minerals Matte Finishing Powder-For a matte finish without dried out skin. The natural powder mattifies the skin and is perfect for oily skin. Thanks to the powder, your makeup will last longer because you fix the makeup, as it were.

      Annabelle Minerals Radiant Finishing Powder- A powder with a shiny finish for a healthy glow! A glowy skin is sometimes difficult to achieve for people with dry skin, but thanks to this face powder it is now possible!



      Annabelle Minerals Mineral Blush-A beautiful natural blush with minerals. For healthy skin with healthy pink cheeks! The blush has a matte finish.

      Annabelle Minerals Luminous Mineral Blush-A beautiful blush, literally. The blush has a subtly shimmering formula so you can enjoy healthy, pink and radiant cheeks!



      Annabelle Minerals Mineral Highlighter-For a perfect glow! Embrace your natural beauty and you will see that you will shine, especially thanks to this natural highlighter.


      Eye shadow

      Annabelle Minerals Mineral Eyeshadow-A highly pigmented eyeshadow available in many colors. For creating the most beautiful eye looks.

      Annabelle Minerals Clay Eyeshadow-The eyeshadow based on green clay is suitable for all skin types, even if you suffer from sensitive eyes, the hypoallergenic eyeshadow is safe to use. Available in beautiful earth tones.

      Annabelle Minerals Mineral Pigment Eyeshadow-A shimmery eyeshadow that brightens up any look. Perfect for a party or for moments when you want to shine extra. Suitable for sensitive eyes.


      Eye pencils

      Annabelle Minerals Jumbo Eye Pencil-This eye pencil from Annabelle Minerals can be used as an eyeliner, eye pencil and eye shadow. So very practical!

      Annabelle Minerals Eye Pencil- An eye pencil and eyeliner in one for creating the most beautiful eye looks and giving more definition to the eyes. The natural formula is suitable for sensitive eyes.



      Annabelle Minerals Brow Palette-Fleeky Eyebrows, everyday! This eyebrow palette consists of three eyebrow pomades that give your eyebrows more definition, volume and color. The palette is suitable for all types of eyebrows and eyebrow colors.



      Annabelle Minerals Lipstick- The natural lipstick has a nourishing formula and high pigmentation for kissable lips!


      Lip pencils

      Annabelle Minerals Jumbo Lip Pencil-A lip liner and lipstick in one. With this lip pencil you give your lips a beautiful color and more definition. The Lip Pencil is easy to apply and take with you.


      Are Annabelle Minerals products Vegan & Cruelty Free?

      Annabelle Minerals make-up and skincare products are 100% cruelty-free and are not tested on animals. In addition, almost all products are completely vegan, so most products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin.


      Where can I ask my question about Annabelle Minerals products?

      Do you have any questions about Annabelle Minerals products or are you unsure which product is suitable for you? We got your back! We have a team of beauty experts ready to help you who are happy to answer all your questions and provide you with personal advice. Send an extensive email with your question to[email protected]and you will receive a no-obligation answer within 24 hours. Are you looking for even more beautiful makeup brands? Then take a look at ourmakeup page. Here we have put together a nice range of finemake-upbrands for you.