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      The Flowerology Color Collection by Umberto Giannini contains permanent hair coloring products. The collection contains seven different shades so that you can choose exactly the hair color that suits you! All shades provide full gray coverage. What makes Umberto Giannini's hair coloring products so unique is that they are 100% vegan and free from a Show more


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      TheFlowerology Color Collection by Umberto Gianninicontains permanent hair coloring products. The collection contains seven different shades so that you can choose exactly the hair color that suits you! All shades provide full gray coverage. What makes Umberto Giannini's hair coloring products so unique is that they are 100% vegan and free from animal testing. The hair dye is formulated with natural ingredients and contains no harmful ingredients. The Flowerology Color Collection makes it possible to color your hair at home with a salon-worthy end result.


      A permanent hair dye or a temporary color mask?

      In addition to permanent hair dye, Umberto Giannini has also developed temporary color masks. These color masks belong to the same Flowerology collection because they consist of no less than 97% natural ingredients. Of course, the Temporary Color Masks from Umberto Giannini are also 100% vegan and cruelty free.

      Are you looking for a product to permanently dye your hair or do you want to try out a new hair color without being stuck with it for a longer period of time? Whatever your wish, it will come true with the hair coloring products fromUmberto Giannini!


      What are the benefits of the Umberto Giannini Flowerology Permanent Colours?

      We are absolutely in love with Umberto Giannini's permanent hair dye. The hair dye is formulated to color your hair without damaging it. The formula consists of 95% natural ingredients and 75% organic ingredients. To take extra care of the hair, nourishing ingredients have been added to the formula such as orange extract, chamomile, vitamins C & E. Nowadays we have become increasingly aware of the ingredients in care products. Some ingredients are very harmful and the idea alone will give you gray hair. Umberto Giannini distinguishes itself from other brands by formulating the hair coloring products without these ingredients. Harmful substances that you will not find in the formulas of the permanent hair dye are: ammonia, resorcinol, cocamide, DEA, silicones, SLS, SLES, gluten, and mineral oils. Speaking of gray hair, the Flowerology Permanent Colors work 100% gray covering! Pure products for salon quality, just from home. ♡


      What products does Umberto Giannini's Flowerology Collection consist of?

      The Flowerology Collection contains two types of hair coloring products: permanent hair dye and temporary color masks.


      Flowerology Naturally Kids Colour

      A permanent hair color formulated with natural ingredients, vegan and not tested on animals.


      Flowerology Temporary Color Masks

      A temporary color mask to temporarily give your hair a nice color. Natural ingredients are used for the basis of the hair mask. Vegan and animal testing free.


      Would you like to learn more about the temporary color masks? Then take a look at theTemporaryColor Maskspage. Here you can read everything you need to know about the color masks and how you can best use them.


      How do you use the Flowerology Naturally Kinder Colours?

      Trying a new hair color or dyeing your hair yourself is of course always a bit exciting. Fortunately , Umberto Giannini makes it very easy for you with these products! The hair coloring products are designed to be used at home and you do not need to have experience as a hairdresser. You do enjoy a salon-worthy result!

      First thing first, choosing a hair color. Which color you are going to dye your hair depends entirely on your wishes. Maybe you've always dreamed of brown locks or you want a fresh look during the summer months and you plan to go a few shades lighter. Whatever hair color you go for, it's important that it makes you happy! :)

      Always read the packaging and manual carefully before you start. Check the ingredients list to make sure that the product does not contain any substances that you are allergic to. Checked everything? Then we move on to the preparation.


      Step 1: Preparation

      It is not for nothing that they say: preparation is half the work. Put on gloves to protect your hands and leave them on throughout the coloring process. Open the color and developer caps. Pour the color into the developer bottle and screw the cap back on. Shake the bottle until the color and developer are well mixed. Comb the hair well and divide it into four parts. Your hair is now ready to be colored.


      Step 2: Applying the color

      You can choose to only dye the hair roots if you want to update your regrowth. Would you rather tackle your entire hair? Of course you can!


      On the hair roots

      Start applying the color at the roots. Take 1 section at a time and work from front to back. Carefully apply the color in rows along the scalp. Massage the entire root area with your fingertips to ensure that the color is evenly distributed over the entire roots. Let the hair color work for 30 minutes. For stubborn gray hair, let the hair color work for an extra 10 minutes. Do you also want to refresh the rest of the hair? Then apply the remaining color in the hair length for the last 20 minutes.


      All over the hair

      Start by applying the color at the roots and color the roots as mentioned above. Then apply the rest of the hair color to the lengths of your hair with your fingertips. Massage the roots and the rest of the hair to ensure that the color is evenly distributed throughout the hair. Let the color work for 30 minutes. For stubborn gray hair, you can let the color work for an extra 10 minutes.

      Step 3: Rinse and finish

      Rinse your hair with warm water when the exposure time has elapsed. Wash the hair with a shampoo until the water is completely clear. Squeeze the excess water from the hair and apply the color lock conditioner to seal the hair color. The color lock conditioner brings the natural vitamins and minerals of the hair back into balance for healthy and colored hair.


      Is Umberto Giannini's Flowerology collection free of harmful ingredients?

      Of course! The Umberto Giannini team has done their utmost to design all products from the Flowerology collection in a way that is as natural as possible and friendly to your hair. Thanks to many experts and the right knowledge, we have succeeded in developing a permanent hair dye that is free of ammonia, resorcinol, cocamide, DEA, silicones, SLS, SLES, gluten, and mineral oils .


      Is the Flowerology collection by Umberto Giannini vegan and cruelty free?

      In addition to the health of your hair, Umberto Giannini cares a lot about the welfare of the animals and nature. That is why all products are 100% vegan and cruelty free .


      Is Umberto Giannini's permanent hair dye suitable for my hair type?

      Because mild, effective ingredients were used during the composition of these products, this collection is suitable for every hair type. The hair dye even ensures that the most stubborn gray hair colors. Because no animal products are used, this collection is also suitable for vegans.


      How do I know what the result will be of the chosen hair color after dyeing?

      We would like to tell you exactly what effect the hair dye has on your hair. Unfortunately we have to disappoint you and we can't. How the hair dye turns out depends on various factors. Think: Has your hair been dyed before? Is your hair healthy or rather dry? How did you use the hair dye? And what undertones are hidden in your hair? To give you an idea of the final color result, we have added a photo with a before and after for each shade. Of course we cannot guarantee that the color will be the same on your hair, but this will give you an idea!


      One thing we can tell you is that Umberto Giannini 's coloring products contain many nourishing ingredients such as vitamins C & E , chamomile and orange extract . As a result, your hair is nourished and the hair will look healthy and shiny after use. Thanks to the 100% gray coverage, there are no more gray hairs for a fresh look!


      How can you enjoy your hair and hair color for an extra long time?

      Although you color your hair with the products ofUmberto Gianniniin one of the most friendly ways, it is still very important to take good care of your hair after coloring. Umberto Giannini has designed several collections that give your hair exactly what it needs. We have listed a few collections that are highly recommended for colored hair or hair that is damaged:


      • Hair Repair: Goodbye damaged hair! Bring your hair back to life with these nourishing hair products.
      • Curl Repair: The collection to repair damaged curls and make them shine again!
      • Grow: Damaged hair can sometimes have trouble growing. These products will help you achieve the hair length you've always dreamed of.
      • Blonde: This collection is specially designed for all blondes. The products help to neutralize warm tones so that you can enjoy a fresh blonde look!


      You can shop everything from Umberto Giannini at Haarspullen.nl ♥

      At Haarspullen we are secretly a little fan of Umberto Giannini . If you've read more about the brand on Umberto Giannini's brand page , you'll probably understand why. If you have any questions about one of the products on our website or if you are unsure whether a certain product is suitable for your hair type, please feel free to contact our hair experts. Send an extensive email with your question to[email protected]and you will receive personal advice within 24 hours. We want YOU to be happy and act in your best interest!

      Can't you get enough of this brand, just like us, and does your order amount exceed€35? Then take advantage of free shipping! Did you know that if you place an order before 23:00 you will receive it the next day? Happy shopping!