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      Hair Mask

      Hair masks... a hair mask has as its main purpose the intensive care of the hair. So it is an extra care on your daily routine, or of course weekly. A mask ensures that your hair is extra hydrated and nourished. This is especially important for heavily damaged and dry hair. Your hair recovers faster and it has an immediate effect.   Which hair m Show more


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      Hair Perfector No.3
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      Leave-In Repair Hair Mask
      In stock
      Nutri Care Mask
      In stock
      Keratin Hair Mask
      In stock
      Fusion Repair Mask
      In stock
      Leave-In Repair Hair Mask
      In stock
      Bond Building No.0
      In stock
      Vitamin Color Masque
      In stock
      Leave-in Repair Hair Mask
      In stock
      Chroma ID Color Mask
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      Rich Repair Treatment
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      Curly Shine Mask
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      Metal Detox Mask
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      Pro Longer Mask
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      Absolute Repair Mask
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      All Soft Heavy Cream
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      Hydramelt Treatment
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      Hair masks... a hair mask has as its main purpose the intensive care of the hair. So it is an extra care on your daily routine, or of course weekly. A mask ensures that your hair is extra hydrated and nourished. This is especially important for heavily damaged and dry hair. Your hair recovers faster and it has an immediate effect.


      Which hair mask is best?

      Just to get straight to the point, we can't say this right away. Why not? Different hair, different wishes. Of course there are masks that stand out, but it may just be that this is not the best hair mask for you. It would be very useful if there is one hair mask that is the best. We go for long results, so a hair mask that is best for your beautiful locks. Then you can benefit from it for years, instead of getting frustrated that the umpteenth mask you test doesn't work.


      What is the top 10 best-selling hair masks?

      In your search for your ideal hair mask that seamlessly matches the needs of your hair, it can be very useful if you know what the 10 most sold hair masks are! Why? If you have a very clear idea of what your hair needs and you know what your requirements are with regard to a hair mask, you can look between the top 10. These hair masks are very popular for a reason, because they do what they promise! Below our top 10 most sold hair masks in a row!

      1. Hair Perfector No.3
      2. Fanola Nutri Care Mask
      3. Loreal Nutrifier Mask
      4. Schwarzkopf BlondMe Keratin Bond Mask All Blondes
      5. Olaplex Bond Smoother No.6
      6. Loreal Serie Expert Absolut Repair Lipidium Golden Mask
      7. L'Oreal SE Vitamino Color Resveratrol Mask
      8. Garnier Fructis Banana Hair Food Mask
      9. Garnier Aloe Vera Hair Food Mask
      10. Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus


      Which hair mask is best for my hair?

      This is a question you should actually start with. Of course you don't have to, but this is what our team recommends. It takes 5-10 minutes, but if you know very clearly for yourself where the needs of your hair lie and the wishes you set, you will have years of pleasure. Are your hair extremely dry? Then it is important that you look for a hair mask that moisturizes your hair. If your hair is stiff & unruly, then you look for a mask that makes your hair fall smoothly again and glow with health and shine like the sun. Do you have chemical treated hair and is it actually straw? Then you look for a hair mask that restores and protects your hair.

      The question is also important whether you wash your hair a lot or less, you can also adjust your hair mask to this. The more answers you find, the better you know what you are really looking for. Of course our team is happy to help you with this without any obligation.


      Which pure oil can I add to my hair treatment as an extra boost?

      We do everything we can to keep our hair strong and beautiful, or we want to do everything we can to get it back to its original condition. Adding a pure oil can be a real addition to your current hair mask routine. There are naturally different pure oils that have different effects on your hair. See below which one best suits your hair and the requirements you set. Nanoil Oil is cold pressed, 100% organic and unrefined. Nanoil has an ECOCERT certification.

      Nanoil Argan Oil is ideal for moisturizing all hair types

      Nanoil Avocado Oil is suitable for medium and porous hair. cares for the scalp and slows down hair loss. It strengthens the hair, adds shine and vitality, nourishes the ends and protects the ends from toxins.

      Nanoil Jojoba Oil is the finest, highly restorative conditioner, suitable for all hair types, as it delays the seborrhea of oily hair while soothing a dry scalp and moisturizing your hair.

      Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil is suitable for medium and very porous hair and hair that needs to be rejuvenated. With regular use, almond oil protects hair ends from damage and prevents moisture loss. Due to its properties, the hair is well restored and the scalp is soothed. The oil prevents hair loss and makes the hair strands soft, shiny and elastic.

      Nanoil Macadamia Oil is for medium porosity hair, that is hair that needs strengthening. Regular use of macadamia oil on hair makes hair stronger, hydrated, soft and shiny. This is the best natural hair conditioner you can have.

      Nanoil Castor Oil is used to make hair stronger. Regular use of castor oil on the scalp stimulates hair growth and prevents excessive thinning, eliminating the risk of baldness at the same time. The same effects can also be seen on eyebrows and eyelashes. In addition, the oil is responsible for maintaining good hydration, increasing elasticity, enhancing natural color and boosting shine. Rub the castor oil into the hair against split ends and dryness of the ends.


      Why is a hair mask necessary?

      You use a hair mask to give your hair a big boost. Which boost this is, of course, depends entirely on the needs of your hair. Do you have healthy and normal hair? Even then, your hair can use a hair mask every now and then. External influences, which you can do little about, affect your hair. Be it the weather, exhaust fumes or rubbing your long hair on your clothes. A hair mask will assist your hair where you cannot. This is not a marketing ploy to sell you a hair mask, because there are very affordable hair masks. If you use this once a week, you will last a very long time with such a pot :)


      When do you use a hair mask?

      This is a frequently asked question, as with previous questions, there is no single answer. In a general sense, you use a hair mask as an extra boost for your hair. Which boost this is exactly depends on your hair and what your hair is undergoing and experiencing. Whether you wash your hair little or every day. Whether you always have your hair tied or loose. Whether you have short hair or long hair. A hair mask is always recommended. Of course, hair that has been chemically treated will need a hair mask sooner and more often than someone with normal and healthy hair. Let's put that first, but even someone with sparkling healthy hair can use a hair mask every now and then.


      How does a hair mask work?

      A hair mask really works on your hair. Firstly, because you leave a hair mask on longer so that it is better absorbed by your hair. Secondly, because it contains more and concentrated ingredients that are extremely nourishing. Our team always recommends using your hair mask after shampoo and before conditioner, not after! Why not? Shampoo opens your hair scales, so that the hair mask is optimally absorbed into your hair. The conditioner then closes the hair cuticles with the hair mask in it. This allows the hair mask to stay in your hair for up to 10 days! Fantastic isn't it? And sustainable too, you can last even longer with your jar of hair mask! Win win :)


      How long should a hair mask work for?

      How long a hair mask needs to soak in also depends on what your hair type is. However, this is often indicated on the jar of the relevant hair mask. On average this is about 5 to 10 minutes. However, there are plenty of people who let it sit for half an hour, an hour or even overnight. It's also just a bit of testing what works best for you and your beautiful locks. Experiment with it, you will discover what works best for you. Eventually you will also discover how often the training time works best. Try it out, go on an adventure! Fortunately, not much can go wrong.


      How many times a week do I use a hair mask?

      How often you can use a hair mask depends on how often you wash your hair and want to wash it. How long the exposure time of your hair mask is, and where the needs of your hair lie. Some like to wash the hair daily and also to put in a hair mask every day, of course the processing time is on average 3-5 minutes. Maybe you wash it 3 times a week, and then you want to leave the hair mask on for 5 minutes each time. Or rather 1 time every 3 raccoons 15 minutes? We can't say it often enough, try it out and discover what works well for you and is easy to apply in your daily life.


      Do I have to rinse out my hair mask?

      If you use the step-by-step plan that we have indicated above, you will rinse the hair mask. With this method, the hair mask pulls completely into your hair and you rinse out the superfluous. The conditioner closes your hair nicely again and you are ready to go! If you want to leave the hair mask in, this is of course always possible. However, our team recommends using a leave-in product that is actually made to protect/nourish your hair, etc. Depending on why you want to leave your hair mask on. We understand that this may be a bit overwhelming, so you can always contact our team to help you with this.


      Which hair masks are suitable for my (heavily) damaged hair?

      It is of course no fun to have (heavily) damaged hair. It is dry, dull and also fluffy. The hair falls out faster and is also thin. Of course you want to do something about that quickly! Not only a good shampoo and conditioner have an influence on this, but also a well-fitting hair mask really works wonders. The hair recovers faster and feels better after a wash! Highly recommended for damaged hair. It also helps the hair to regain balance faster and it also makes the hair stronger. In other words: only benefits!

      Then you come to the question .. Which one is actually suitable for my damaged hair? There are so many, so we can understand that that question arises. That is why we have made a selection of the masks that are best for damaged hair and help most effectively. Take a look and hopefully we can help you!

      Here is a small selection of hair masks that are good for heavily damaged hair. You will see results after only two washes!
      Do you feel like you don't know exactly which one is right? Then you can always call or email! Call 038-4582584 or email [email protected]!


      Which hair masks are suitable for dry hair?

      Dry hair is of course not nice. That's why a hair mask is perfect for that! Your locks are then extra nourished and hydrated, so that it feels a lot less frizzy and dry. Your hair will shine and shine again! Which masks are specially developed for dry hair? We have listed these for you. Some of them correspond to the hair masks for damaged hair. So you kill two birds with one stone!

      These selections of hair masks help restore and hydrate the hair. Your hair is a lot less dry and dull. It also helps restore the moisture balance of both your hair and scalp. After one wash you already have results. Of course you don't have to use a hair mask three times a week. Often 1 to 2 times a week is sufficient.


      Which hair masks are suitable for gray hair (as an addition to the silver shampoo)?

      When you just come back from the hairdresser, the gray - and or ash glow is still nice in it. Your day can't get any better! But unfortunately, after a few washes the color fades. There are beautiful silver shampoos for this that maintain the color well. Are you curious? Then take a look at our silver shampoo page!

      Special silver masks have been developed to keep the color even more intense and to nourish the hair. This way the hair is nourished, hydrated and the color is well maintained. Your fresh gray locks can therefore last a lot longer by using a good silver shampoo and silver mask. Often the hair is damaged by the gray glow, this manifests itself in drier locks and often the shine is also less. You can tackle this by using a good silver mask. In other words: only benefits!

      We have made a small selection of the toppers at the moment.

      These hair masks ensure that your gray locks do not discolour and nourish the hair intensively. You retain your natural shine and your dyed locks remain beautifully colored.


      Which hair masks are suitable for curly hair?

      Curls.. Well.. You hate them or love it! Curls can be quite stubborn. To get the most out of your curly forest, a good shampoo and hair mask is definitely recommended. Your hair will fluff a lot less and the natural curl will come up again. Damaged curls in particular can use a helping hand!

      Curls naturally lack moisture. Curls need hydration, but curls are a bit more complicated. That is why we have explained everything especially for curls so that you gradually discover where the needs of your curls lie and which products fit best. On the Curls page you will find everything you need to know about your beautiful curls! You will also discover which hair mask best matches your curls.

      With curly hair it is important that a number of ingredients are NOT present in the product. For example sulfates, parabens, silicones and gluten. These (depending on the person) can cause your curls to sag and your hair to sit less well.

      So a nice selection! Are you wondering which curling method is right for your hair? Then take a look at the page curls ! Here you will find everything about the CG method and which treatment best suits your curl type!


      Where can I ask my question about hair masks?

      Are you not quite sure after reading the above? No worries! Our team would like to help you! Send your question to [email protected] or call us during office hours. We are happy to help you so that you can make the right choice that you can benefit from for years to come :)