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      Schwarzkopf Chroma ID

      Chroma ID , expressing the true color identity. Inspired by the growing trends of customization and self-expression, the Chroma ID portfolio was designed to enable 100% color mixing, guaranteeing infinite color services and maximum color possibilities. Chroma ID is a temporary color mask for at home, but also for professionals. You can use Chroma I Show more


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      Chroma ID Pearl Silver
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      Chroma ID Clear
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      Chroma ID Ruby Red
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      Chroma ID Dusty Pink
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      Chroma ID Raw Cocoa
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      Chroma ID Color Mask
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      Chroma ID, expressing the true color identity. Inspired by the growing trends of customization and self-expression, the Chroma ID portfolio was designed to enable 100% color mixing, guaranteeing infinite color services and maximum color possibilities. Chroma ID is a temporary color mask for at home, but also for professionals. You can use Chroma ID in 3 different ways. You can use the hair masks to refresh your hair color and neutralize certain warm/yellow tones. You can also transform your hair color by, for example, adding a pastel shade to your blonde locks. From sophisticated neutrals to the most daring colors, discover endless color possibilities!


      What are the main features of the Chroma Id series?

      Chroma ID color masks are ideal for refreshing, neutralizing or transforming your hair color between hairdresser visits. We have listed all the most important features of the masks for you below:

      • Innovative mix & tone color system
      • Bonding Technology provides deep care, hydrated and soft hair.
      • A radiant result in just 10 minutes
      • Vibrant color boost
      • 100% applicable, semi-permanent shades
      • No color damage
      • Salon quality for the home
      • Soothing formula
      • Can be used in 3 ways
      • Easy, nourishing hair coloring
      • Integrated Bonding and Low Salt Technology
      • Fades after 10-15 washes
      • Enriched with Panthenol
      • Vegan & Cruelty free


      What exactly do the Chroma ID Color Masks do for the hair?

      The Chroma ID Color Masks provide color transformation, refreshment and neutralization for different hair tones. The masks are enriched with restorative formulas. So while Chroma ID transforms hair color, the hair is deeply infused with nourishing ingredients that condition and hydrate the hair, leaving the result silky soft and shiny. The Chroma ID masks offer versatile solutions for different hair types and color needs, but also a nourishing boost!

      Lifespan:On average, the color lasts up to 15 washes.


      How is Chroma ID's versatile portfolio composed?

      With Chroma ID you can refresh, neutralize and transform your hair color. We have listed the range below:

      Refresh hair color:

      Chroma ID 6-46 Raw Cacao:This mask breathes new life into brown hair with a refined and shiny chocolate brown color.

      Chroma ID 6-88 Ruby Red:With Ruby Red you restore the vitality of brown hair with an elegant and vibrant dark red color.

      Chroma ID 7-77 Bright Copper:With this color shade you can boost your hair color with a copper-colored mask that enhances the warm tones of copper and conditions your hair at the same time.

      Chroma ID 8-46 Glazed Caramel:Give a boost to medium blonde and dark brown locks with a caramel-colored mask, ideal for hair with balayage or highlights.



      Chroma ID 8-19 Frosted Lavender:With Frosted Lavender you refresh blonde hair with a lilac mask formulated to combat unwanted yellow tones, perfect for bleached hair and lighter shades.

      Chroma ID 9-12 Platinum Gray: Neutralize and simultaneously create beautiful platinum gray tones for people with light hair color.

      Chroma ID 9.5-1 Pearl Silver:Go for a pearl-colored shade to neutralize lighter hair tones and leave a beautiful shine.

      Chroma ID 9.5-19 Dusty Pink:Apply deep pink tones to medium blonde and bleached hair with a rose-colored mask, while also neutralizing blonde tones.

      Chroma ID 9.5-4 Beige Sand :Neutralize yellow tones and refresh blonde hair with a beige mask, which leaves a beautiful champagne blonde color.


      Color transformation:The best results are achieved on bleached hair. The lighter and more porous the hair, the more intense the color will be.

      Chroma ID Red:Transform your hair with a red-colored mask.

      Chroma ID Pink:Give your hair a new look with a pink mask.

      Chroma ID Purple: Change your look with a purple mask.

      Chroma ID Blue: Experiment with a blue mask for a striking color transformation.


      How exactly does the Bonding and Low Salt Technology work?

      With integrated Bonding and Low Salt Technology, combined with highly caring formulas, Chroma ID enables hairdressers to color their clients' hair while maintaining and even improving overall hair quality:

      • Bonding Technology strengthens the structure in the hair shaft for stronger hair with less breakage.
      • Low Salt Technology reduces the barrier of pigment penetration, maximizing the availability of color pigments in the hair.
      • Keratin and panthenol provide extra care and close the hair cuticles for improved hair quality.


      What exactly do the Color Masks bright colors do for the hair?

      What:Intense shades for bright and expressive colors, adjusting Bonding Color Masks or creating pastel shades by mixing with Clear Bonding Mask.

      How:Use neat for bright colors or mix with Bonding Color Masks to adjust or refine the shade and dilute with Clear Bonding Mask for all pastel shades. Always apply the colors evenly to washed and towel-dried hair. Leave the colored hair mask on for up to 20 minutes for the most intense color results. Check visually to see how the hair reacts.

      Lifespan:Depending on your hair and how much pigment there is in the hair, the color will last up to 15 washes.



      What exactly does the Clear Bonding Color Mask do for the hair?

      What: To reduce the intensity of Bonding Color masks or to create pastel shades.

      How: Mix the Color Mask in the desired color with the Clear Bonding Hair Mask and apply the mixture evenly to washed, towel-dried hair. Let it sit for up to 10 minutes depending on the desired result. Check visually.

      Chroma ID's wide range of color masks allows hairdressers to offer services that truly meet the needs of every color client, including neutralization, pastel tones, color refresh and bold creative colors.Also at home, salon clients can maintain their perfect hair color between appointments, thanks to the matching Bonding Color Masks.

      And, thanks to Chroma ID, based on the best performing shades of IGORA ROYAL and IGORA VIBRANCE, hairdressers can easily select the corresponding Chroma ID shade for any dual, free hand or full color service!


      How do I use a Chroma ID hair mask?

      1. Start by washing your hair. Wash your hair with a good shampoo. Gently pat your hair towel dry.
      2. Put on gloves before you start working with Chroma ID to prevent stains on your hands and nails.
      3. Divide the Chroma ID hair mask over your entire hair. Comb your hair if necessary. This way you distribute the mask evenly.
      4. Let the hair mask work for about 10 minutes. Then rinse the mask well. Due to the caring Bonding technology, the use of a conditioner is unnecessary.

      Color neutralization

      Neutralizing blonde hair can be done with five different shades. Choose Beige Sand (9.5-4) if you only want to neutralize the yellow glow and at the same time achieve a beautiful champagne blonde shade. The other four shades also neutralize, but also add a subtle hint of color. You can choose from: Dusty Pink (9.5-19) for a subtle pink hue, Pearl Silver (9.5-1) for a pearly shine, Platinum Gray (9-12) for a gray hue, and Frosted Lavender ( 8-19) for neutralization with a light purple tint. The lighter and more porous your hair is, the more striking the color tone will be.

      Color Refresher:

      These following colors have been specially developed to refresh dark blonde and dark brown hair. Choose Glazed Caramel (8-46) to add a warm caramel shade to your medium blonde or dark brown balayage or bleaching. Bring new life to brown hair with Ruby Red (6-88) with an elegant and intense dark red shade. For a refined chocolate color, choose Raw Cacao (6-46), and for refreshing copper tones, choose Bright Copper (7-77). Both Glazed Caramel (8-46) and Raw Cacao (6-46) neutralize any orange glow on brown hair.

      Color Transformation:

      With the bold bright colors of Chroma ID you can transform your hair into a bright color: Red, Pink, Blue or Purple. For the best results, use the color masks on bleached hair. The lighter the hair, the more striking the shade will be. In addition, the Chroma ID Clear mask is useful for softening other colors and creating pastels. All colors are intermixable, giving you endless possibilities to achieve your own unique shade.

      • With the transforming colors you can choose to leave the mask on for up to 20 minutes.