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      Summer Essentials

      Sun is not ideal for people with colored hair, for others it does not matter that much. However you look at it, protecting your hair from excessive sun exposure is always a good idea Show more


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      Protecting your hair from the sun, we are busy with it every year. Sun is very good and healthy for your skin and hair, but too much sun is never good. It damages your hair, and also if your locks have a nice color ... that fades very quickly by the sun! So are you going on holiday soon, or are you going to the beach or sit in the sun on the terrace all day long? With the tips & tricks below, this can be done without any worries!


      Why do you protect your hair from the sun?

      You protect your hair from the sun, not just like that. You protect your hair against excessive sun exposure. Sun in itself is very good for our health. Thanks to sunlight, vitamin D is produced, because the body cannot make this vitamin itself. However, too much sun rays damage your hair, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sea or in chlorinated water. In order not to get a dry bundle of straw on your head, it is therefore smart to protect your hair against excessive exposure to the sun. And that can be done very easily these days with a number of tips & good hair care.


      Why is the sun bad for my hair?

      A little bit of sun rays are really good for your hair, on the other hand, excessive sun exposure is a completely different story. And that happened quickly with your hair. Why exactly? Overexposure to the sun makes your hair dry, resulting in split ends. In addition, the sun's rays cause a dull color and fluffy hair. Everything you really just don't want.


      What can I do to protect my hair from the sun?

      You can do a lot to protect your hair from excessive exposure to the beautiful rays of the sun. Below you will find 8 tips to protect your beautiful locks from the sun!


      1. Protect your hair from the sun and put your hair in a bun. In this way exposure is minimized. This is highly recommended if your hair is dyed. A braid or a tail is of course also possible :-)
      2. Protect your hair from the sun by wearing a (beach) hat. Not only does it look beautiful, it is also very practical.
      3. Protect your hair from the sun and use hair products against the sun.
      4. Protect your hair from the sun and hydrate your hair extra in the summer time! This way you prevent dry hair and split ends.
      5. Protect your hair from the sun and care for your locks with oil.
      6. Avoid dyeing your hair in the summer.
      7. Take extra care of your hair in the summer from the inside out. Take extra vitamins and minerals.
      8. Protect your hair from excessive sun rays and use a spray or cream with a UV filter. 


      Which products are the best to protect my hair from the sun?

      This depends entirely on your wishes and your hair needs. One is content with extra hydration during the holiday and the other always wants to protect his or her hair against UV radiation due to color loss.

      Below you will find the top 5 sun products that are popular with our customers:

      1. Schwarzkopf Sun Protect Treatment
      2. Kitoko Sun Defense UV Protect Spray
      3. Biosilk Summer Therapy Silk Protect
      4. TIGI Beachin After SunConditioner
      5. Wella Sun Protection Spray


      Why should I use hair care specially formulated for the sun?

      Why is your regular shampoo, conditioner and treatment not enough during the summer? That is actually very simple to explain. Hair care especially aimed at the summer is not a special hype, there is really a thought behind it. In other words, it's there for a reason.

      Hair care specifically aimed at protecting your hair from the sun always contains one of the following:

      Hair care specifically aimed at the sun often contains UV filters. UV filters protect your hair from the UV radiation contained in the sun's rays. Excessive exposure to the sun and therefore UV radiation will fade your hair color. Whether it's painted or your own. Even though we can imagine that turning your natural hair color a little blonder can be desirable.

      Hair care products that protect your hair from the sun often contain oils. Oils nourish your locks intensively and they give a beautiful shine!

      Hair care that protects your locks from the sun's rays often contain antioxidants. These antioxidants are not just in there, they ensure that the cells of your hair repair and protect.

      Hair care that protects your locks from the sun is often very moisturizing! Logically, excessive exposure to the sun's rays causes dry hair. That is why the hair products often contain substances (such as glycerine) that have the special property of binding moisture from the environment. This ensures that your hair is hydrated, and you want that in the summer!

      Hair care that protects your hair from the sun often contains silicones. Silicone is water repellent and therefore ensures that salt and chlorine repel. We recommend that you be careful with this, especially if you have curls. Oil-based silicone eventually dries out your hair and causes a build-up. Water-based silicone is recommended, but please note that if your hair has been wet, the silicone is out of your hair!


      Does my hair need extra protection from the sun?

      One does and the other doesn't. It all depends on what you find most comfortable. One person loves that his or her natural hair becomes blonder. Then you are actually good with extra hydration in the form of a hair mask or an oil that nourishes intensely. If your hair is dyed it's a completely different story, then you naturally want to prevent your beautifully dyed hair from fading. That is of course a great shame! Then you actually want to do everything you can to protect your beautiful locks from the sun.

      Are you going on holiday and are you lying at the beach all day? Then it is definitely recommended to take extra care of and moisturize your hair, the so-called 'straw hair' is often present during the summer. Of course you want to avoid this :-)

      This way you can see that every situation is different, and the wishes lie elsewhere. Do you have questions and do you not know exactly what to do in your situation? Please contact our team without obligation via [email protected] or call us during office hours.


      Does my hair grow faster in the sun?

      You may have noticed, but your hair and nails sometimes grow up to twice as fast in the summer. And all thanks to the sun! Yes, the sun is not all bad, quite the contrary. The sun contains two very important vitamins, namely vitamin A and vitamin D3. These important vitamins ensure that the 'hair growth' hormone is produced, and of course there are more sun rays in the summer than in the winter.


      Where can I find more tips to protect my hair from the sun?

      You may want to do everything you can to protect your hair from the sun. One wants to expose her or his hair to the sun as much as possible because it lights up the hair, for the other with colored hair this is a nightmare. In addition to this information, we have written an article that gives you 6 great tips so that you protect your hair well against the sun.

      How do you best protect your hair against sun, sea and swimming pool water this summer?