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      Baby care

      Baby care , there is a lot of talk about it. What is really safe, what ingredients can or rather not. What is harmful to my baby and what is not harmful. Today you read everything in Jip en Janneke language so that you can make the best choice, like only a real mom can! Before we dive further into the material, we start with our top 3 best baby ca Show more


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      Baby care , there is a lot of talk about it. What is really safe, what ingredients can or rather not. What is harmful to my baby and what is not harmful. Today you read everything in Jip en Janneke language so that you can make the best choice, like only a real mom can!

      Before we dive further into the material, we start with our top 3 best baby care and then we also explain how this top 3 came about.


      What is the top 3 best baby care at the moment?

      There are several good baby care products, you can put together a top 3 based on different motivations. Before we substantiate what we have based our top 3 on, you will find our top 3 best baby care below!

      1. Petit & Jolie Bath Oil
      2. Weleda Calendula Butt Balm


      What is this top 3 baby care based on?

      The above top 3 baby care products is based on the 'clean factor' of the ingredients and also the products that you must have at home as a mom to be or as a mother! You don't have to use it right away, but there will come a time when you need it! Missing out in such a situation is something you absolutely want to avoid, especially when it comes to sore baby bottoms!

      The bath oil is a very mild cleanser with natural cleaning ingredients that is ideal for dry baby skin. However, this can be used for all baby skins, you want the natural proportions of the skin to remain as pure as possible. You are definitely on the right track with this bath oil. Water naturally also dries out the skin, which is why this variant based on oil is really a must have! There is bath oil but you can of course use this in the shower or even for yourself!

      The baby buttocks balm is an absolute must-have because how suddenly the red buttocks appear, how quickly they disappear again with the butt cream from Weleda. Order 3 immediately when there is a sale, you can not have enough at home! It is of course not only ideal for the baby buttocks, but also other dry skin spots or the way to go for your dry hands!




      What are the best baby care products?


      Which baby care is without perfume?


      Is there baby care with a natural perfume?



      How exactly is this natural perfume and other ingredients 'drawn'?

      Smells, it gets tucked in everywhere. However, we live in a time when everyone is becoming aware in different ways. A great awareness is the use of products, and especially products that have to do with personal care. We wear / use / smear it on our skin and it gets absorbed if you have chemical compounds ... let's just say we'd rather not. Even if it has been tested, avoid rather than restore.

      And this is absolutely true of our babies, who are born healthy! You want to keep what is pure!

      When you read ingredients, it is important that you know where it comes from. To cite an example that is in great demand whether this can also be done without is perfume / scents. There are chemical compounds that make a perfume, and in a natural way. And a perfume from nature is of course not harmful, provided it is done in such a way that it is not obtained in a chemical way. Because then you have a natural product, which is still not natural due to the way it was received. However, and that is a pitfall it may be sold as natural!

      With baby care nowadays you see more and more that it is only obtained in a truly natural way, including perfume.

      Because now does perfume derived from essential oils mean? Although we use extracted in the title, the official name is extraction, as this is a chemical process. The active substances are then separated from each other, a very simple and delicious example is coffee from ground coffee beans. The coffee is actually the essential oil. (Fragrance oils are often diluted essential oils)

      The perfume that is in your favorite baby shampoo or baby oil is often natural! This is very simple to check, you check the asterisk and you see what is stated there.


      Then what about baby care allergen-free synthetic perfume?

      Yet you sometimes see baby brands that they use allergen-free perfume, this is a synthetic perfume, or developed in a lab and does not come from nature. This is used because it is very unlikely that an allergic reaction will occur. However, it is then up to you, the mother for which variant you want to choose. As a result, the baby shampoo, baby oil or the buttock balm is not completely natural. So decide for yourself where you indicate your preference, do what you feel and then you are always in the right place!


      Why is calendula such a widely used ingredient in baby products?

      Calendula, you see it everywhere. It's used in everything, but is it really as good as they say? And what exactly does it do? You will discover that today! Calendula is better known as a marigold, a beautiful flower that will look great in your garden. However, this flower can also be found in medicinal gardens, that alone should tell us something. The flower lasts with the sun all day, and for good reason. Because they constantly move with the sun, the beautiful petals absorb a lot of light and heat, which is then converted into active ingredients.

      It is precisely these active ingredients that are why calendula is so widely used! Substances that occur in the marigold include carotenoids, flavonoids and essential oils. Thanks to these active ingredients, it has regenerative powers and a protective, strengthening and confusing effect on the baby's skin!

      A hugely important ingredient from which the flower gets its medicinal properties is from phytonutrient tents. This substance ensures that certain processes in the body are activated, which boosts your health. To make it very simple, minerals and vitamins are actually also a phytonytrient and we all know what an effect they have on our body :)

      Calendula is therefore used a lot. The positive effects on the human body don't lie, this is why the calendula flower is so popular! And that is just in our nature. In addition to the fact that the flower has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, like red baby bottoms, calendula is also used to heal the mouth and throat. Fungi also disappear where calendula appears.


      Which baby care products contain Calendula in the webshop?

      A hugely well-known line is of course the Weleda baby care line

      Where should I pay attention when buying baby care products?

      Nowadays you can pay attention everywhere, but what is an absolute must to keep it simple is to see if the ingredients are of natural origin. Also decide in advance what you would rather avoid and what you might not mind as much as it is in it. In principle, everything that can be found here on the webshop about baby care has all been checked and approved by our team. The person responsible for purchasing the brands of our baby / child category has carefully looked at all ingredients and purchased them as naturally as possible. Very simple, we are looking for beautiful brands without mess, we can hardly make it easier. Better fun;)


      What Is The Most Natural Baby Care?

      The most natural baby care based on natural ingredients will bring you to Petit & Jolie. The makers of this brand do not use hyperallergenic ingredients, but ingredients that are all obtained naturally. And what is really great is the fact that it is a Dutch brand, so we immediately support the entrepreneur in our country! How awesome is that!

      * The above text and information is written by Hannah-Eshter Visser , mother of two beautiful daughters. She has been studying ingredients and labels for at least 15 years. This came about because she entered the bodybuilding world from the age of 15.