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      Polished Londonhas luxurious whitening and oral care products for the home to fulfill your wish for radiant white teeth. This whitening formula uses advanced ingredients such as PAP technology and does not use peroxide. It is specially designed to remove both superficial and internal discoloration for long-lasting results without damage or sensitivity to teeth. Polished London products are vegan and cruelty free. Get smile-ready with Polished London!


      What products do I need to whiten my teeth?

      Do you dream of radiant white teeth? Then you have probably looked up the costs of a treatment from a specialist. Fortunately, you can also whiten your teeth at home and at a much lower price. Below we will cover the ways you can whiten your teeth at home:

      Polished London has multiple whitening treatments, such as the Teeth Whitening Strips or the Teeth Whitening Kit . Both whitening treatments remove dark spots and reduce discolorations on your teeth, which are caused by external factors or genetically determined. Both whitening treatments contain the active whitening ingredient PAP.

      Polished London recommends using a Whitening Toothpasteor Whitening Powderfor brushing the teeth. The teeth become clean and the whitening toothpaste or powder removes stains. It makes your teeth shine more slowly. Whitening toothpaste or powder gives your teeth more shine, making them appear a lot whiter. You can use the toothpaste or powder in combination with the bamboo toothbrush .


      What is PAP and what does it do?

      PAP is an active bleaching agent, also known as phthalimido-peroxy-hexanoic acid… uhh what? A non-toxic, peroxide-free whitening agent proven to whiten your teeth. PAP also has anti-stick and long-lasting antibacterial benefits. PAP works by creating a layer over the teeth, which helps prevent staining and whitens teeth.


      Are Polished London products safe?

      All Polished London products are 100% safe, trusted and recommended by dentists. With Polished London, there's no reason not to let others see your smile!


      Is Polished London teeth whitening also suitable for sensitive teeth?

      Polished London has something for everyone, including for sensitivity aid. If you want to specifically treat sensitivity, they recommend the Whitening Pasteand Toothpaste Tablets. This is a gentle treatment for everyday use. These products soften and relieve the gums while also leaving the mouth wonderfully clean. AloeWhite Mouthwash alsohelps to treat the teeth and gums with a soothing effect. In addition, the Rejuvenating Tooth Serum isa fantastic serum to use every day and contains key ingredients designed to help treat sensitive teeth.


      Do Polished London products also contain peroxide?

      No, Polished London does not use Peroxide. The reason Polished London doesn't is because Peroxide can cause significant damage to tooth enamel if used too often or in too high concentrations. The side effects of using hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening include inflammation of the gums, prolonged tooth sensitivity, and enamel thinning.


      Is Polished London vegan & cruelty free?

      Yes, of course! Polished London believes it is important that animals should not be a part of ingredient testing. Good news: we are very happy to tell you that the products of Polished London are vegan & cruelty free! :)


      Where can I ask my questions about Polished London products?

      Do you have any questions about Polished London products or are you unsure whether a particular product meets your needs? We are happy to help you further, so feel free to contact us! Mail your question to [email protected] or you can reach us by phone during office hours. We wish you a lot of fun shopping for Polished London at Haarspullen.nl.