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      ShampooBars is for everyone who cares about themselves and nature. The environmentally friendly and plastic-free care products are 100% safe for you and nature! Discover the power of natural ingredients that can be found in the wide range of ShampoBars. Whether you are looking for a hair mask, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen lotion or even insect r Show more


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      ShampooBarsis for everyone who cares about themselves and nature. The environmentally friendly and plastic-free care products are 100% safe for you and nature! Discover the power of natural ingredients that can be found in the wide range of ShampoBars. Whether you are looking for a hair mask, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen lotion or even insect repellents, ShampooBars has it! This way you can enjoy a plastic-free bathroom and really contribute to a greener world. Does it come with a price tag? No, ShampooBars is even kind to your wallet, because the economical bars last up to 80 washes!

      The story of ShampooBars

      ShampooBars was born from a passion for a cleaner world and the desire to reduce plastic waste. With their innovative products, ShampooBars wants to make a difference by offering natural and vegan hair care that is effective and environmentally friendly, but not just hair care. The ShampooBars range has now grown to include body care, face bars, shaving products and sunscreen products have also become indispensable. Each product is carefully formulated to provide the best for your health and the planet.


      The most important features of ShampooBars

      • Natural: Made from pure, natural ingredients.
      • Vegan: Free from animal products and not tested on animals.
      • Sustainable: Minimizes plastic waste and promotes a green lifestyle.
      • Free from harmful ingredients: No sulphates, parabens or silicones.
      • Plastic-free: Packaging-free or in recyclable packaging.
      • Environmentally friendly: Reduces the ecological footprint.
      • Clean: Provides a clean scalp without harsh chemicals.


      Is ShampooBars suitable for sensitive skin?

      ShampooBars care products are suitable for sensitive skin. ShampooBars believes it is important that everyone can contribute to a more beautiful world and has the right to natural products. The natural and gentle ingredients minimize irritations and gently hydrate the skin. In addition to all products being free of harmful ingredients, perfume-free products have also been developed and there is a0% Bar. As you might suspect, this bar contains 0% allergens, perfume and soap.


      Is ShampooBars suitable for every hair type?

      Absolute! ShampooBars offers products for every hair type, from dry and damaged to oily and normal hair. Thanks to the mild formulas, the Shampoo Bars are color safe and also CG-Proof. The different formulas ensure that everyone can find the perfect match.


      Does ShampooBars only have hair care?

      In addition to hair care, ShampooBars also offers other care products such as Ocean-FriendlySunscreen,FaceBars,Shaving ProductsandSkin Care Bars .Each product is made with the same care and attention to sustainability and natural ingredients.


      What products does the ShampooBars range consist of?

      • Shampoo Bar: Gently cleanses the hair without drying it out
      • Conditioner Bar: Hydrates and softens hair for a healthy shine.
      • Body Bar: Cleanses the skin gently and thoroughly.
      • Face Bar: Provides gentle cleansing of the face.
      • Shaving Bar: For a smooth shaving experience without irritation.
      • Ocean-Friendly Sunscreen: Protects skin from UV rays without harming marine life.
      • Kids Bar : An extra soft formula especially for children and the little ones.
      • Hair Mask Bar : A plastic-free hair mask for all hair types without harmful ingredients.
      • 3-in-1 Bar : Shampoo, conditioner and body wash in one product! Effective and easy for travelling.


      Is ShampooBars suitable for children?

      ShampooBars products are safe and suitable for children thanks to the mild and natural ingredients that are gentle on sensitive children's skin. In addition to the fact that all products are also suitable for children, ShampooBars also has aspecial line for childrenwith a bar forchildrenand a bar forbabies.


      Free from harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens and more

      ShampooBars products are completely free of sulfates, parabens, silicones and other harmful ingredients. This ensures gentle but effective cleaning without damaging the (scalp) skin or hair. In addition, there are also care products that are formulated without perfume or are evenhypoallergenic. Are you curious about which ingredients a specific product contains or which ingredients a specific product does not contain? Then check the product description of the product in question.


      Ocean-friendly sunscreen from ShampooBars

      Wethe ocean, sea life and the beach. Of course, we must take good care of that. It's no secret that the sun is harmful to your skin, you can enjoy it, but be protected. Thanks toShampooBars Plastic-Free Sunscreenyou can protect yourself against UVA and UVB rays, but you also protect the sea against harmful substances. The sunscreen is Ocean Friendly and does not harm marine life! Honestly, now you can enjoy the nice weather even more, right?


      What does ShampooBars do about sustainability?

      ShampooBars is actively committed to sustainability by using natural and biodegradable ingredients, plastic-free packaging and by developing products that have a long lifespan. In addition, they work to reduce their ecological footprint at every step of the production process. Below are the most important points:

      • 100% (micro) plastic free
      • Vegan and not tested on animals
      • Handmade in the Netherlands
      • 1 Bar equals 3 plastic bottles
      • 1 Bar lasts an average of 40 to 80 washes
      • Recyclable packaging
      • Natural ingredients
      • Without chemicals


      What is the best way to store a ShampooBars bar?

      Store your ShampooBar in a dry place, preferably on asoap dishthat drains water well. This helps the Bar to dry properly between uses and extends its lifespan. The various ShampooBars bars are also very easy to take with you, you can do this in the colorfulstorage tins!


      How long do the different ShampooBars bars last?

      The lifespan of ShampooBars products varies, but on average a Bar lasts approximately 80 to 100 washes. Conditioner Bars and other care bars have similar durability depending on use. Compared to a plastic bottle, one bar is approximately equivalent to three plastic bottles! Here's a brief overview:

      Shampoo Bars: 80 washes

      Hair Mask Bars: 60 washes

      Conditioner Bars: 80 washes

      Body Bars: 40-80 washes

      Face Bars: 80 washes


      Where can I ask my question about ShampooBars products?

      Do you have a question about one of the ShampooBars products, about another product on our website or would you like someone to think along with you? Don't hesitate to contact our Beauty Experts. Send an extensive email with your question to[email protected]and you will receive personal advice as soon as possible, of course without obligation!