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      Whether you only wear a masacara or spend an hour every morning on make-up - make-up is almost impossible to miss in your daily routine! We have divided all make-up products into 5 parts: face, eyes, lips, eyebrows and accessories. It is sometimes quite a challenge to find the right products that suit your appearance / skin type. We will try to gui Show more


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      Whether you only wear a masacara or spend an hour every morning on make-up - make-up is almost impossible to miss in your daily routine! We have divided all make-up products into 5 parts: face, eyes, lips, eyebrows and accessories. It is sometimes quite a challenge to find the right products that suit your appearance / skin type. We will try to guide you through this process as much as possible. With a wide range, the right information and super useful tips & tricks!


      What make-up does Haarspullen have?

      We sell many different types of make-up. We have divided this into categories, these are:

      Face - All facial makeup, such as: foundation, concealers, powders and primers.

      Eyes - These are make-up products for the eyes, such as: mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyelash dye, and much more!

      Lips - Here you can see all lip makeup products such as lipsticks and lip liners.

      Eyebrows - These are makeup products for the eyebrows, such as: eyebrow tint, eyebrow gel, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow pen, eyebrow booster, etc.

      Accessories - All products that you can use for applying your make-up. But also micellar water to remove your make-up and luxurious tweezers to epilate your eyebrows.


      Which brands can you find in the Hair Stuff range?

      You can find the finest and nicest brands in our range. A selection from our range:

      • Artdeco - products such as eyebrow gel and mascara.
      • Bioderma - check out the delicious make-up remover from Bioderma
      • Bourjois - we sell products from this brand such as mascara, concealer and lipstick.
      • KASHŌKI - brushes, everything to apply your make-up!
      • L'Oreal Paris - check out products such as foundation, lipstick and mascara.
      • Max Factor - everything for your face, eyes, eyebrows and lips!
      • Maybelline -  we also sell all kinds of make-up products from Maybelline
      • RefectoCil - we sell silicone pads, care balm, eyelash curl / lift brush and sensitive tint remover from this brand.


      With which products do I create a beautiful, natural look?

      Do you like to wear make-up, but do you like a natural look? A beautiful even skin and a clean natural look. No problem, with these composed must-haves you can create the perfect natural look:

      1 - Primer
      Use a primer before applying your make-up. A primer ensures that your pores are filled, so that your make-up stays longer and looks healthy and radiant.

      2 - Base
      As a basis for your natural look, it is best to go for a liquid foundation, for example the L'Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation . This foundation covers well, but does not give a filler effect. The Maybelline The Eraser Multi-Use Concealer is perfect for getting rid of bags under the eyes and impurities! You may already know the concealer, it has a sponge for easy application and it works amazingly . A powder is always good for your base. Make sure to apply everything in thin layers, preferably with a beauty blender. The sponge blends the foundation into your skin, as it were, instead of on your skin.

      3 - Contouring
      For a natural look, it is best to go for a light blush on your cheeks and possibly a little bit of bronzer to highlight your cheekbones. But keep it natural, less is more!

      4 - Eyes & eyebrows
      If you want to go for a natural look, it is best to only put on a mascara before your eyes. Eyeshadow is possible, but then a light natural color. For your eyebrows it is best (but that always applies) to go for a product in your own hair color.

      5 - Lips
      Lipstick can instantly transform a calm, natural look into a cool look! For a natural look you can use a transparent gloss, for example the Pouty Lipzz - Plump Up The Volume . This gloss also gives your lips more volume. In addition, you could also opt for a quiet, soft lipstick color from, for example, Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick , this is in matte and cream so pick your fave! Have a party in the evening? You can change your look with a bold lipstick!


      Do I need to apply a primer before doing my makeup?

      Primer is a product that is worn under the foundation. Primer is a good basis before you start with your make-up, because it ensures that the make-up stays in place. You also have primers that provide a matte effect or a glossy effect. Or choose a colored primer to prevent discoloration on your face. Do you want your make-up to stay in the same place all day long? A primer is highly recommended!


      Why is it good to remove your make-up before going to sleep?

      Everyone suffers from it - time to go to bed but you don't feel like taking your makeup off at all. It seems so tempting, but you better not skip it. This is because your skin recovers at night. If you do not remove your make-up in the evening, your skin will not receive oxygen and your skin will recover more difficult and less well at night. By removing your make-up you reduce the chance of clogged pores and blemishes.

      Removing your eye makeup is also essential. If you don't, particles of eyeshadow or mascara will end up in your eyes, resulting in red, irritated eyes. In addition, your lashes can break if you don't take your mascara off. Always remove your lipstick to prevent your lips from drying out. Every day your skin comes into contact with bacteria, environmental pollutants, fungi and mites that cling to the make-up. If you don't take your make-up off in the evening, the dirt, dust and free radicals will penetrate deeper into your skin and cause a lot of damage. Enough said, right? ;) One of our faves: the Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water . It cleans, removes make-up and soothes the skin in one movement!


      Which foundation suits my skin type?

      In our range you can find different types of foundations from different brands, which suit different skin types. For example, take a look at this one:

      L'Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation : this foundation provides a natural result and makes your skin look smoother. This foundation is also suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

      Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation : this foundation gives your skin a fresh look with a beautiful glow. The foundation fills the fine lines for a rested look. This foundation also guarantees long coverage.

      Max Factor Facefinity 3 in 1 All Day Foundation : this foundation is a combination of a primer, foundation and concealer, how handy is that? The 3 in 1 foundation smoothes the skin and provides good coverage.

      Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation : This foundation is a lightweight foundation. You hardly feel it, which makes it ideal for a warm summer day.

      Max Factor Panstik Foundation Stick Creme : this foundation is in the form of a stick, one does not like this and the other does not. The foundation stick has maximum coverage. A stick is useful for a large surface or a small one, on a small surface you can apply the foundation with a brush.

      Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation : this foundation is very easy to cover and provides a light coverage. So if you like light coverage, this is the perfect foundation for you.


      What is the best way to apply my foundation?

      What is the best way to apply your foundation? We got you! The KASHŌKI Sponge Raindrop is definitely recommended. Wet the sponge before use, this will expand and give you a larger surface. Then take some foundation on your palm and dab the sponge in the foundation. Then blend the foundation onto your face. The sponge ensures that you blend the foundation evenly on your face for a natural result.

      The KASHŌKIFlat Foundation Brush is also recommended. This is a brush with which you can easily apply the foundation. Take a bit of your foundation on the palm of your hand, dab the foundation brush in it, then dab it on the face. With the foundation brush, your foundation is evenly distributed over your face and provides good coverage.


      Which waterproof mascaras does Haarspullen have in its range?

      Haarspullen currently has a number of mascaras in the range that are waterproof. These are the products:


      What different mascara brushes are there?

      Mascara brushes come in all shapes and sizes. We explain the most common brushes:

      Rubber mascara brush - Plastic brushes allow you to separate lashes well and help to lengthen the lashes. A rubber mascara brush where the teeth are further apart give a natural look. Such a brush does not hold much mascara, which gives you a nice, defining look. If the teeth are closer together, the lashes are well separated and you create a more precise definition without lumps. The eyelashes are then well taken into the brush so that you can create a nice length.

      Hairy Mascara Brush - A natural brush gives your lash a soft, light look while adding volume and volume to your lashes. It releases more mascara because a hairy brush can absorb mascara more easily.

      Thick vs. thin mascara brush - There is also a difference between a thick and a thin mascara brush. If you have shorter lashes, a short brush is perfect, because then you can easily reach the base of the lashes to provide everyone with mascara. A thick mascara brush makes it less easy to reach the roots. Such a brush does give a lot of volume, highly recommended if you have longer eyelashes.

      Curved (round) mascara brush - A round brush with long hair or teeth grabs every lash. It curves right around your lashes. A brush with bristles releases a lot of mascara on the eyelashes. This is because the hairs can absorb the mascara well. Note: this brush usually also releases faster on the eyelid. A round brush with rubber teeth also gives your lashes a lot of volume and ensures that the lashes remain separate.


      Which mascara brush suits my lashes best?

      There are many types of mascara brushes that all have a different effect on your eyelashes. It is therefore important to take a good look at what your eyelashes need.

      Straight forward lashes - You'll love it when you can create curly lashes in an instant. To do this, it is best to use a curved mascara brush. A round brush grabs every eyelash. Use a thin brush so that you can start well at the base of the lashes.

      Thin lashes - Do you dream of thick, full lashes? Then a hairy brush with long hairs is perfect for you! Such a hairy brush releases a lot of mascara that can embrace your eyelashes, while the long hairs ensure that your eyelashes remain nicely separated and do not stick together.

      Sticky lashes - Sticky lashes are fixed with a rubber brush with the combs closer together. With this, the brush takes each hair separately so that your eyelashes remain well separated. Perf!

      Short eyelashes - If you have short eyelashes, we recommend that you use a brush that is not too thick. If you take a thin brush you can easily reach the base of the lashes. Decide for yourself whether you go for a hairy or rubber brush.

      Long Eyelashes - Wow, lucky girl! If you have this by nature, we can say that you are lucky, because of course everyone wants this. We recommend that you choose a mascara brush with long, rubber hairs that line up like a hair comb. This way your eyelashes are nicely extended without sticking together. Do you like beautiful, thick eyelashes? You can of course also go for a hairy brush.


      How do I use mascara?

      The most common way to apply mascara is to sweep the brush from the roots of the lashes in a zigzag motion towards the tips. With this you create voluminous, separated eyelashes. Don't focus too much on the ends of your lashes, the roots are just as important! For full lashes, it is important to start at the base of your lashes. When you do the zigzag motion, hold the mascara for a few seconds when you are over half of your lashes. This pushes the curl into your lashes.

      Tip! Do not pump the mascara or keep it open for too long. This brings oxygen to the mascara so that it dries out faster. Moreover, bacteria can then come in and of course we do not feel like an eye infection.

      Another tip! Cotton buds are the bomb: you can correct every mistake with them.


      How long can I use mascara?

      Do you also have a forgotten mascara somewhere from who knows when ? You better throw these in the trash. After opening a mascara, you can use it for an average of 12-16 weeks. This is because the active ingredients will dry out and bacteria will eventually accumulate. The bacteria get into the mascara because you remove the brush from the tube, apply it to your eyelashes and then put it back in the tube. You do not have to worry right away, because bacteria always go back into the tube and they are not harmful in the beginning. After 4-5 months it can cause irritation. So replace your mascara if it:

      • Granules
      • Clumps
      • Dries out
      • Smelly
      • Annoys

      Tip! Is your mascara almost at its end but not new in the house yet? Put it briefly in a bowl of hot water, this will make the mascara liquid again. But as we explained above, you better get a new one soon;)


      How can I remove mascara cubes?

      First check the brush if it is free of lumps before you start using the mascara on your eyelashes. This already prevents a lot of lumps. Do you have lumps in your eyelashes? You can 'pick' or 'sweep' it out of your lashes with the tip of the mascara. A cotton swab is also ideal, but make sure to wet it first. Otherwise you will have all kinds of small cotton swab hairs hanging in your eyelashes. A tissue is also an option, but this is a precision job and you can probably reapply the mascara;)


      What is the difference between a 'regular' mascara and a waterproof mascara?

      As a Dutchman, we all know this: an unexpected rain shower, soaking wet clothes and mascara down to the chin. We are almost getting used to it. The solution: waterproof mascara. With a waterproof mascara you are in control of a rain shower and the mascara will always stay on your eyelashes! This can immediately be seen as a 'disadvantage': waterproof mascara can persistently stick to your eyelashes. It is therefore not possible to remove waterproof mascara with water. This can leave some mascara on your eyelashes which can damage your eyelashes or the thin skin around them. It is a trade-off that you can best make yourself: are you going for the waterproof mascara or an umbrella (or regular mascara)?


      Do my eyelashes also need care?

      In fact, we should take care of our eyelashes as much as we care of our hair. For example, at the end of the day, we wash all styling residues from the hair and condition it for extra nourishment. Your eyelashes are just as good hair, they can also use good care to keep them healthy! We have a number of tips on how you can keep your eyelashes in good condition:

      1. Always remove eye makeup before going to sleep
      2. Remove eye makeup with an oil without too much perfume
      3. While removing mascara, do not rub your eyes too hard with a cotton pad
      4. Don't use old mascaras
      5. Replace the plastic of the eyelash curler in time


      Are my lashes growing too?

      We have all heard a horror story of eyelashes broken off by an eyelash curler, eyelash extensions or mascara that has been on eyelashes for a day or three. But don't worry, just like hair, eyelashes grow too! Even though it sometimes doesn't seem to go fast enough, your lashes slowly grow back. On average, it takes two months for an eyelash to regrow :)


      Can my lashes grow longer?

      It's a girls dream: long, curled eyelashes. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with long lashes. Hopefully we will not destroy your dreams, but creating naturally long lashes in one go is actually impossible. The most important thing is that your eyelashes are in optimal condition through good care. That way, new eyelashes will grow well and healthily. Damaged eyelashes quickly break off or fall out, so you will not quickly get beautiful long eyelashes. These are absolute myths for getting longer lashes:

      • Brushing your lashes
      • Cut your lashes (don't do it!)
      • Petroleum jelly on your eyelashes
      • Natural oils on your eyelashes
      • Lemon peel on your eyelashes
      • Use waterproof mascara


      How do I bring / keep my eyelashes in good condition?

      Now you have probably become curious about how you can get and keep your eyelashes in good condition. We have listed a number of tips:

      • Never wear eye make-up in a row for too long. Therefore, always remove eye make-up before going to sleep.
      • So never sleep with make-up
      • Remove eye makeup with a gentle oil without too much perfume
      • Also, don't rub your lashes too hard. Tip: apply the oil on a cotton pad, put it on your eyelashes for a few seconds and you can remove it in one swipe!
      • You can use an eyelash serum or oil to nourish and moisturize your eyelashes. Absolute recommendation: castor oil or aloe vera
      • Apply the oil with a cotton swab so that the oil doesn't get in your eyes
      • Do not use waterproof mascara, it is quite hard in structure


      Which mascaras have been ophthalmologically tested?

      If you have sensitive eyes or have allergies, you will certainly benefit if a product has been ophthalmologically tested. If the product has been ophthalmologically tested, it is suitable for all-round eyes. Well tested and suitable for the eyes and sensitive skin! You are in the right place with the mascaras from Maybelline:


      Where can I ask my question about make-up? 

      Do you have a question about the make-up products that we sell? Or is something not quite clear yet? You can always email us at [email protected] , here we try to answer your question as quickly as possible. You can also reach us by phone, call us during office hours, perhaps to spar!