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      More Haircare

      More Haircare is known for its professional silver shampoos, which are specially made for you! More's silver shampoos are highly concentrated in pigment, great for refreshing white, gray or blond hair and neutralizing yellow tones. More's silver shampoo owes its success to its unique formula, a combination of a powerful silver shampoo and care in o Show more


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      More Haircareis known for its professional silver shampoos, which are specially made for you! More's silver shampoos are highly concentrated in pigment, great for refreshing white, gray or blond hair and neutralizing yellow tones. More's silver shampoo owes its success to its unique formula, a combination of a powerful silver shampoo and care in one shampoo. After the success of the strong silver shampoo, More is expanding its range with even more hair care products such as a shampoo, especially for colored hair that makes the hair color more vibrant and extends its lifespan, a nourishing color conditioner, a silver spray to neutralize yellow tones and even styling products! All More Haircare products are 100% vegan and not tested on animals. The formulas are enriched with nourishing ingredients that care for the hair from within and do not contain sulphates, parabens, silicones or gluten. In addition, the products contain a UV filter to protect your hair against negative external influences. All that for a fair price is what really sets More apart. Just 'More For Less' .


      What products does More Haircare have?

      More Haircare is a young and innovative brand that is always aware of the latest developments in the beauty industry. They have succeeded in developing high-quality care products for a fair price. The latest technologies and knowledge have been used, resulting in a wide range of hair care. More Haircare has a Silver line, a Color line and a Styling line.


      More Haircare Silver

      You may experience warm tones such as yellow or orange tones in your hair and you would rather see them go than come. In this case, More's Silver line is perfect for you! The products from More's Silver line are specially designed to give your blonde, gray or colored hair a cool undertone again. The purple pigments in the formulas neutralize the warm tones for a fresh hair color. Thanks to its expert knowledge, More has succeeded in formulating the silver shampoo and other silver products without ingredients that are harmful to the hair. The ingredients are critically examined and extra love has been added to the formulas, because your hair also deserves that little bit of extra love and care!


      • More Haircare Extreme No Yellow Shampoo: One of the most powerful silver shampoos available at Haarspullen. Silver shampoos often dry out the hair, unlike More's Silver Shampoo. A nourishing silver shampoo with strong pigments to neutralize yellow and warm tones for a fresh, blonde hair color. Without sulphates, parabens and silicones.
      • More Haircare No Yellow Silver Conditioner: The perfect addition to the silver shampoo is the silver conditioner that nourishes the hair and at the same time neutralizes warm tones. Go for healthy hair without warm tones that feels wonderfully soft with More.
      • More Haircare Leave-In Spray: This Multi-Spray reduces yellow tones in the hair, nourishes and protects your hair. Suitable for all types of colored hair and naturally free of sulphates, parabens and silicones. Very easy to use, just spray it in the hair and you're good to go!
      • More Haircare Extreme No Yellow Set: Get the powerful silver shampoo and silver conditioner in one go at an extra affordable price with this set. Perfect for neutralizing warm tones in blonde, colored, gray hair or highlights.


      More Haircare Color

      Colored hair also needs care, perhaps even a little extra. Colored hair is very vulnerable and breaks more easily. In addition, you naturally want to enjoy your dyed hair for as long as possible. With the products from More's Color line you can enjoy your hair color for an extra long time and give it the special care that your colored hair needs.


      • More Haircare Color Shampoo: Thanks to this shampoo especially for colored hair, you can enjoy your hair color for longer and postpone a visit to the hairdresser. Your hair color will look fresh again and last longer. The color shampoo contains a UV filter that protects the hair against negative external influences. The unique packed with nourishing ingredients ensures that your colored hair looks stronger, healthier and shiny. Naturally without sulphates, parabens and silicones.
      • More Haircare Color Conditioner: Hydrate and care for your colored hair with More's color conditioner. Thanks to this conditioner, you can enjoy your dyed hair for longer. At the same time you give your colored hair extra care, strength and shine. A moisturizing conditioner that does not weigh the hair down so you can enjoy optimal hair volume. Free from parabens, sulphates and silicones.


      More Haircare Styling

      Thanks to the More Styling line, you can create every hairstyle and take care of your hair at the same time. The styling products are easy to use and suitable for all hair types, so the styling products are safe to use on colored hair. Whether you are looking for a product that helps create the most beautiful curls, a short styled hairstyle, want to reduce frizz or add more texture, it is possible with More Styling products.


      • More Haircare Shaper Cream: Give your hair more shine, definition, texture and hold. With this styling cream it is possible to create any look. Suitable for all hair types: curly, straight, short, long, thin and thick. Frizzy hair is reduced and thanks to the strong hold, your hairstyle will stay in place all day long. The Shaper Cream has a glossy finish and is 100% vegan, free of sulphates, parabens and silicones. Thanks to the easily washable formula, you have fewer worries at the end of the day!


      What are unique features of More Haircare?

      We have listed a number of points so that you can get to know More Haircare products better:

      • In our opinion the strongest silver shampoo
      • Just quality
      • No nonsense
      • More for less
      • Caring silver shampoo
      • Removes yellow pigments
      • Ideal for freshening up white, gray or blond hair
      • Ideal as an intermediate treatment after a complete bleaching treatment
      • For a cool look
      • Smells good
      • Wide range of hair care products
      • Styling products that also care for the hair
      • Extends the life of your hair color
      • Free from sulphates, parabens, silicones and gluten
      • Vegan and Cruelty Free
      • Easy to use
      • Easily washable formulas
      • Honest products for a fair price


      Are More Haircare products Vegan and not tested on animals?

      Of course, More Haircare care products are 100% vegan and Cruelty Free. More Haircare is an innovative brand and believes it is not only important to take good care of you, but also of the planet. That is why the various shampoos, conditioners and other products do not contain ingredients of animal origin and are of course not tested on animals.


      Are More Haircare products free of Sulfates, Parabens and Silicones?

      'More For Less' in this case means: more caring ingredients and fewer harmful ingredients. More products are formulated without sulphates, parabens or silicones. At More, a lot of attention is paid to the compositions of the various hair products because quality and care are of course paramount. We look critically at which ingredients are really needed and which can be replaced by more natural ingredients. Alcohol can sometimes dry out the hair, but other ingredients also help it penetrate the hair better. For this reason, More consciously chooses to use alcohol in the products. However, only alcohol is used that does not dry out or deteriorate the hair. Just as in this example, More always considers which ingredients are omitted, replaced or added.


      How do I use the More Haircare?

      Whichever More line you choose, with More Haircare you can expect results after one wash. The powerful silver shampooisgreat as a treatment after a complete bleaching treatment or to use between washes to reduce and prevent yellow tones in your hair. Distribute the shampoo evenly over your hair, trying to massage your scalp as little as possible. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Do you want a more intense result? Then you can let the silver shampoo work longer, but keep a close eye on your hair to prevent the pair from spreading. Then apply thesilver conditionerfrom the mid-lengths to the ends and let it work for a few minutes. The silver conditioner gives your hair extra care and works perfectly with the silver shampoo. Then enjoy beautiful, cool locks! Do you want to give your hair a quick color refresher and care for it at the same time, but you don't have much time? Then theLeave-In Spray is ideal! Spray on towel-dried or dry hair and that's it! Your hair is cared for and the yellow tones are neutralized in just a few seconds.


      The Color line from More is perfect for the daily care and cleaning of your colored hair. Theshampoonourishes and protects your hair so you can enjoy your hair color for longer. Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage it carefully into the scalp. Let the color shampoo foam nicely and rinse it thoroughly. Follow with the accompanyingcolor conditionerto give your hair even more care. Apply the conditioner from mid-lengths to ends. Allow the color conditioner to work for a few minutes so that the caring ingredients can penetrate properly. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly and enjoy healthy, dyed hair!

      To shape your hair and give it more definition or to reduce frizz, use theMore Haircare Shaper Cream. Take a small amount of the hair cream in your palms and rub your hands together to warm the product a little. Divide the shaper evenly and shape your hair into the desired model. We recommend using a small amount of the hair cream first and adding more if necessary. At the end of the day you can easily rinse the Shaper Cream with lukewarm water.


      What is More Haircare's bestseller?

      More Haircare has a wide range of hair care products, but owes its fame to the extremely popularsilver shampoo. The powerful silver shampoo is also very caring. A powerful and nourishing silver shampoo is not self-evident and this combination makes your hair routine a lot easier! We understand that this silver shampoo is a bestseller!


      What does a Silver Shampoo do?

      Various nicknames for a silver shampoo are, for example: no yellow shampoo or purple shampoo. This is because a silver shampoo neutralizes yellow tones in your hair. You can neutralize yellow tones in your hair by using a (purple) shampoo with violet pigment. This ultimately gives a cooling effect on your hair.


      When do I use a silver shampoo?

      Use a no yellow silver shampoo if you have bleached, blonde or gray hair. You can use a silver shampoo if you want to neutralize yellow tones. As a result you get cool, ice/ash, gray or blonde tones. More's silver shampoo is suitable for curls, straight, short, long, thin and thick hair! In short, whatever hair type you have, you can benefit from the benefits of the More Haircare Silver Shampoo.


      Can silver shampoo turn my hair purple?

      Hair comes in all different shapes and sizes, everyone has different hair. If you have a regular healthy cut and follow the instructions, you can't go wrong. If you have more porous, lighter or damaged hair, pigments can penetrate your hair more quickly. So you can get a purple glow if the condition of your hair is not optimal. You can usually sense the condition of your hair. Is it a little more porous according to your feeling? Then leave the shampoo on for a little less time than recommended.


      My hair has turned purple... how do I solve this?

      Oops... are you suddenly stuck with a purple glow? Don't worry, you'll always get it out! Usually washing your hair with a 'normal' shampoo is sufficient. Sometimes it also helps to use an anti-dandruff shampoo, this shampoo is a bit more aggressive but can ensure that the purple glow goes out of your hair. Do not wash your hair too often with the anti-dandruff shampoo, as this can make your hair a bit drier. A conditioner works wonders to fix this!

      Do you notice that your hair reacts a bit strongly to the purple color pigments? Then mix the silver shampoo with a regular shampoo. This makes the effect slightly less intense.


      Can I create a purple shade with the More Haircare?

      On the other hand... Some people actually think that purple shade is cool! If you want to rock a purple glow, you can leave the shampoo on a little longer than normal. But don't go too fast right away: to avoid creating an intense result, you can first let the shampoo work for a few minutes longer. You could also use the shampoo a little more often, but don't forget to also use More's nourishing silver conditioner.


      Where can I ask my question about More Haircare?

      We want More! And you? If you have any questions, you can always contact us, because we are happy to help you! Call us during office hours or email your question to [email protected] . Our Beauty Experts are happy to provide you with personal advice and are available five days a week. We hope you enjoy shopping More Haircare at Haarspullen.nl