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      Beard care for men

      Beard care is a world apart, and that is of course fantastic. A beard deserves the attention it needs. Let's face it, maintaining a beard requires more investment than a haircut. Although many people do not understand this, this is the reality. You just have a beard for a while. This requires your attention, time and the right beard gear. You can Show more


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      Beard care is a world apart, and that is of course fantastic. A beard deserves the attention it needs. Let's face it, maintaining a beard requires more investment than a haircut. Although many people do not understand this, this is the reality. You just have a beard for a while. This requires your attention, time and the right beard gear.

      You can divide beard care into a number of categories, because there are plenty of men who use their shampoo for their beard. Of course that's completely fine, but if you handle your beard in the right way, with the right beard stuff, you will see that your beard will grow, become fuller and look healthier.


      What are the top 10 most sold beard care products in 2021?

      Before we delve further into all things beard care, let's start with the beard care best sellers. If you then get started with the information you will find below, you can easily choose from the top 10 beard care that best suits your beard. What works for one person does not automatically have to match the needs of the beard of another.

      1. Derby Professional Single Edge Blades
      2. Lard Beard Refresh Set
      3. Lard Wood & Spice Set
      4. Lard Groom & Grow Wood & Spice Fragrance Set
      5. Neofollics Beard Growth Stimulating Serum + Dermaroller
      6. Reuzel Wood & Spice Beard Foam Conditioner
      7. Reuzel Wood & Spice Aftershave
      8. Reuzel Wood &Spice Beard Foam Conditioner
      9. Lard Beard Foam
      10. Lard Beard Balm


      When do I actually start with beard care?

      It is actually very simple, if you grow a beard, the beard care starts very quickly. You don't even realize it, but washing your beard is already beard care. A clean beard and therefore clean skin is the start of proper care for your beard. By washing your beard, in the beginning you can just do this with your own shampoo, that is a right clean environment for your hair to grow. No clogged pores due to, among other things, oily skin, but fresh and fruity.

      If your beard hairs are getting longer and longer, for one it is after a week for the other after a few weeks, you can look for a shampoo and extra care for your beard. Can't you use the shampoo for your hair for your beard? Yes, of course you can. However, it is important that you realize that your beard hairs are much stiffer than your head hairs. If you can do fine with a beard oil, beard foam or another care product for your beard. Keep it nice, like that! Affordable and easy.

      However, if you notice that your beard really needs special care for stiff beard hairs, it is highly recommended to purchase special beard care.

      Every beard is different, which requires beard care that meets the needs of your beard. If you want to start easily and immediately, it is advisable to order one of the following sets and just get started. Reuzel, what comes from Rotterdam is known worldwide. That's not just, their beard care is really top notch!



      What categories are there in the field of beard care?

      To create a little clarity in the world of beard care, you can create a number of groups to get an overview. The following categories exist in the field of facial hair care for men.

      • Beard oil
      • Beard balm
      • Beard soap
      • Beard shampoo

      You can read exactly who does what and what it's good for below. If you have clarity in this, you can get to work in a more targeted way and look for the right beard care for your beard.


      What exactly is beard oil good for and is it suitable for my beard?

      If you have a beard you want it to look groomed, not some unkempt, hectic bunch on your face. Beard oil is where your beard is transformed into a well-groomed forest that is intensely nourished and ensures that it gets a beautiful shine and smells great! Of course, the beard oil is also good for the skin underneath and prevents annoying beard itch. Once you're used to beard oil, you won't want anything else. Then you think "Why didn't I do this before?!".


      What exactly is beard balm good for and is it suitable for my beard?

      Beard balm is a completely different way of caring for and nourishing your beard. Because although it also nourishes and cares like an oil, balm ensures that your beard is shaped and maintained. And that is of course an important point. Actually beard balm is the styling product for your beard and mustache! There are of course all kinds of balms on the market, which is of course very nice. This allows you to choose the right beard balm that meets the needs of your beard and the requirements you set for it. Your beard hairs stay in place as they should, it gives a beautiful shine and of course that smell. Not entirely unimportant, sitting in a nasty smell all the time is also worthless. If you have a quality beard balm, this smoke will bring out the natural color of your beard. An even more intense beard! Use a beard balm in a damp beard :)


      What exactly is beard shampoo good for and is it suitable for my beard?

      As you may have noticed, beard hairs are prone to drying out. Even if you use a beard wax, beard balm or beard oil. These are beard stuff that you have to wash out well otherwise you will get a build-up and it will eventually dry out your beard hairs even more. That is obviously something you want to avoid. A good shampoo that focuses on the needs of your beard ensures that your beard looks ready to go through a ring.


      Will beard care make my beard grow?

      Yes and no, a good beard care and routine contributes to the growth of your beard as it keeps the condition of your beard in ultimate condition. So the skin is kept clean and cared for, but also your beard. By optimizing the conditions, your beard will grow better and you will actually see results. Of course, this does not mean that you stop after a month. Your beard regimen is something you should continue to maintain.


      Is there special care for my short beard?

      Beard grooming is for all beards, however the regimen you pick up will differ from someone with a long beard. A short beard needs less attention, because you're done faster. However, a good beard oil is important for a short beard. Why? Because it makes your beard smooth, and despite the fact that your beard hairs are short, it also needs care. Especially a short beard can irritate earlier, because the hairs are short. A good beard shampoo is also desirable because it not only cleans, but also cares for it. You can use a conditioner for your hair, but it doesn't clean your beard well enough, which in turn will cause it to accumulate and irritate.


      Is there special care for my long beard?

      There is a clear difference in the care of a short beard and a long beard. You can also see that with long hair and short hair. A longer beard (from 2 cm) no longer stings and irritates your skin, so you are mainly concerned with intensive care of your beard and of course styling it. If you have a long beard, you have to deal with hairs that go in all directions, especially because they are so stiff. If you have a gray beard, your hair is even stiffer and then care is a must. A beard oil is still an important part of nourishing and softening your beard hairs. However, you also get started with a good styling item for your beard, which not only keeps your beard in check but also intensely moisturizes your hair.


      Where can I find more information about beard care?

      After reading the above beard care, are you still not completely convinced of what exactly you need, and what suits your beard best? That is very understandable, which is why we have written down all the ins and outs in a very extensive article:

      Which beard care suits your beard?


      Where can I ask my question about beard care?

      Are you actively looking for the right beard gear for your beard and moustache, have you come a long way but are there still some questions that you can't get answered? Send our team an email, chat message or call us during office hours. We also have a shop in Zwolle at Ossenkamp 2N, you are more than welcome to come by for advice on your beard care routine.