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Make-up is art - made possible by: the accessories! The right brush for blending, a kabuki brush or a beauty blender - what do you use for what? And how often should you actually clean those brushes? Check all the answers below!


How often should I clean make-up brushes?

Have you been using your make-up brushes for a long time, but now you realize you've never cleaned them before? Then it is time to give them a freshening up. After all, bacteria are accumulating in the brush and of course you prefer not to put that on your face. So ... throw everything aside because it's time to make some soapy water. How often you should clean your makeup brushes depends on how often you use them. If you use these daily, it is actually best to clean them immediately after use. Anyway ... we sometimes barely have time to quickly do our make-up, let alone wash all the brushes afterwards! Therefore, try to clean your brushes weekly with daily use of the brushes. For example 1x every two weeks or at least 1x per month. This way you have clean brushes again and that is also better for your skin!


How can I clean make-up brushes?

Your make-up brushes are completely dirty and you would like to clean them, but how do you actually clean your make-up brushes hat? You can use various things to clean your make-up brushes, such as:

Brush Cleanser - The brush cleanser provides a mild and very effective cleaning. Spray your brush with the brush cleaner and then wipe it over a tissue to remove the dirt.

Baby shampoo - First fill your sink with lukewarm water and baby shampoo. Run your brushes through the mixture and then rinse with water.

Olive Oil - Cleaning your brushes with olive oil not only cleans them, but nourishes them. Put some olive oil on a plate and run your brushes through it. Then rinse the brushes with water and let them dry for a while.

Lukewarm water - However, you will notice that all bacteria, powders and make-up residues only come off when using one of the three products above!

You can also use a brush cleaning mat. This is a mat with different textures that you can use to clean your brushes quickly and conveniently. You can usually easily put this mat in your sink because they have suction flaps at the bottom so that they stick to the sink. Run your brushes over the mat so that your brushes are clean.

Tip: Wash your brushes before you go to sleep, so that they are completely dry and ready for use the next day!


Which make-up brushes do you use for what?

There are so many different make-up brushes, but which brush do you use for what? We have listed everything:

Foundation - For your foundation it is best to use a foundation brush or a beauty blender. With a foundation brush, the hairs are close together for a covering effect, just like the beauty blender. This way you can blend the foundation well into your face for an even effect. For example, take a look at this one:

Concealer - For your concealer it is best to use a small beauty blender or a concealer brush. A concealer brush is usually very small in order to be able to spot small impurities. Tips:

Powder - To powder your face afterwards, it is best to use a large brush, for example the KASHŌKI Powder Brush is perfect for that.

Bronzer - For your bronzer it is best to use an obliquely cut brush, this is the easiest way to apply the bronzer, for example the KASHOKI Blush Brush .

Blush - For your blush it is best to choose a larger fluffy brush that is also cut slightly diagonally, the same as with the bronzer brush: KASHOKI Blush Brush .

Eye make-up - Small brushes are best for your eyes. The KASHŌKI Large Shadow Brush is perfect for coloring all over the eyelid. Then you can blend the color with the KASHŌKI Blending Brush .

We also sell brush sets, so you immediately have all the brushes at home!


What is a beauty blender?

Many women are used to just applying their foundation every day with a foundation brush or fingers, but you can also apply your foundation with a beauty blender. A beauty blender is a kind of sponge in the shape of an egg, they are also available in many different colors. You have larger beauty blenders, these are to apply your foundation, but you also have small beauty blenders, these are to apply your concealer.

Now you know what a beauty blender is, but how do you actually use it? Before using the sponge you have to wet it, this will expand and give you a larger surface. Then you take some foundation on your palm and dab the sponge in it and then blend it on your face. The sponge ensures that you blend the foundation evenly on your face for a natural result.


What is a kabuki brush?

Many people have never heard of the name kabuki brush, but when you see it you know what it is. A kabuki brush is a brush with a lot of hairs that are very close together, which makes the brush feel wonderfully soft. Because the hairs are so close together, the brush is ideal for applying foundation, cream or powder:

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