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      WithYummygumsyou can boost your resistance, health or your hair! Enjoy every step in the right direction with these tasty nutritional supplements. These unique vitamins come in the form of a tasty gummy, this way you help your health by supplementing your diet with the right vitamins. The vitamin sweets are formulated so that everyone can use them. The gummies are 100% vegan, free of gluten, lactose, artificial colors and fragrances. The formulas are also halal. Thanks to the delicious taste and chewable structure, it is possible to achieve your goal this time. The delicious fruit flavors are also completely responsible, because almost all gummies are sugar-free! Whether you are looking for vegan omega, multivitamins or want to try the popular hair vitamins, this time there are no more excuses not to take your vitamins. Hmmm, Yummy Gummy!


      What are the main features of Yummygums?

      Large capsules and vitamin pills are a thing of the past thanks to Yummygums, we are fans and this is why:


      • Chewable vitamins with a tasty taste
      • Sugar-free, the flavor of the gummies comes from a natural source
      • For everyone: free from lactose, gluten and soy
      • Wide range of nutritional supplements
      • For every stage of life
      • Vegan nutritional supplements
      • Give your health a boost
      • Free from artificial colors and flavors
      • With safety cap
      • Made from recycled plastic
      • Can be taken anytime, anywhere: no need to take it during a meal or with drinks
      • Formulated with high-quality ingredients
      • Helps you meet your daily vitamin requirements
      • Halal


      What is the history of Yummygums?

      Michel and Luuk, the founders of Yummygums, encountered the same problem every year. Start the new year with new resolutions, a healthy lifestyle and taking vitamin pills. Unfortunately, these intentions quickly fell through because the nutritional supplements are often large, not tasty and difficult to take. For this reason they have developed nutritional supplements in the form of a tasty sweet! This makes it a lot easier to include nutritional supplements in your daily routine. The delicious taste makes you look forward to taking your nutritional supplements, because it really is a treat for yourself!


      Who are Yummygums nutritional supplements suitable for?

      We got some good news: the tasty yummygums are suitable foreveryone! The nutritional supplements are composed of high-quality ingredients. At Yummygums, your health comes first. They think it is important that everyone can achieve their health goals and we all know; this is not always easy. The delicious taste and chewable structure keep you extra motivated. To keep the vitamin sweets accessible to everyone, they are free of allergens and therefore do not contain gluten or lactose. In addition, the vitamins are completely vegan, even theomega 3! Besides the fact that the colorful sweets are easy for children to swallow, they are of course also there for you. Yummygums has designed nutritional supplements for everyone and for every health need so that you can give your body what you need, no matter what stage of life you are in.


      Which Yummygums nutritional supplements and vitamins are available?

      We are proud partners of Yummygums and together with Yummygums we do our best to offer the most complete range possible on Haarspullen.nl. Each phase of life has different points of interest and Yummygums knows how to respond perfectly to this! Below we have briefly listed the various multivitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements from Yummygums for you:


      • Yummygums Multi+ Gummies- A multivitamin is indispensable in your routine. The Yummygums multivitamin has everything you need: a boost of vitamin C, D3, B and A. The multivitamin has 13 essential vitamins and minerals that support your health. Go for good resistance, boost the functioning of your muscles and help keep your bones healthy with this multi!


      • Yummygums Kids Gummies- Of course you also think it is important that your child gets the right vitamins and minerals so that they can play and learn! However, it is sometimes difficult to give nutritional supplements to your child. You can bury the hatchet with these tasty sweets, because these vitamin sweets will make your little one very happy! The multivitamin for kids contributes to a healthy energy level, resistance, strong teeth, muscles and bones, which will make you happy! Suitable for children between 3 and 12 years old.


      • Yummygums Vegan Omega-3 Gummies- Thanks to these vitamin sweets, it is also possible to get enough Omega 3 if you follow a vegan diet or are not a fish lover. The vegetable Omega is extracted from algae oil, this is a sustainable way in which the fish are left alone. Of course without fish flavor and with a nice citrus taste!


      • Yumygums Mommy Gummies- During this new phase in your life, which is already exciting enough, you naturally want to get the very best out of yourself. This is possible with this multivitamin for pregnant women and future mothers. The Mama Multivitamin contains 13 vitamins and minerals that contribute to the energy level, the development of the baby and have a positive effect on resistance. Compiled according to advice from the official health council.


      • Yummygums Hair Gummies- This beauty vitamin gives your hair, skin and nails a boost! Biotin and Selenium promote hair growth and strength so that you can finally achieve your dream length. In addition, the 11 minerals and vitamins in this formula also have a positive effect on your skin and ensure stronger nails. It's not without reason that they say: 'Real beauty comes from within!' ;)


      Mega popular hair vitamins

      Hair gummiesare extremely popular and for good reason! The vitamin sweets contain 11 minerals and vitamins that contribute to healthier hair. Selenium and Biotin ensure that hair breakage and split ends are reduced and at the same time promote hair growth. Your hair looks shiny and healthy. In addition, these vitamins also have another effect. This way, your skin is nourished from within, which improves skin elasticity. Selenium and biotin also contribute to stronger nails. As a raspberry on the cake, these hair vitamins also have a delicious raspberry flavor that is sugar-free. We understand why these vitamin sweets are so popular!


      Vegan omega-3: Yummygums pride

      Yummygums' biggest challenge so far has been making a vegan omeg-3 nutritional supplement that also had a tasty taste. Yummygums wouldn't be Yummygums if they didn't take up this challenge. Yummygums has successfully developed a vegan omega 3 vitamin candy. Thanks to its chewable structure, Omega 3 is easy to take (no more large capsules, yes!) and has a nice citrus taste. Unlike Yummygums' other nutritional supplements, Omega-3 is low in sugar instead of sugar-free. The DHA is extracted from vegetable algae oil and algae oil contains a small amount of sugar. However, the amount of sugar is very low, one gummy contains <0.04g of sugar. So you still benefit 100% of the benefits that omega has to offer without belching or a fishy taste.


      Where can I ask my question about Yummygums nutritional supplements?

      Are you unsure which gummy is suitable for you or do you have another question about Yummygum gummies? Don't hesitate and contact our experts without obligation. Send an extensive email with your question to[email protected]and you will receive personal advice as soon as possible. We are in close contact with Yummygums and are happy to help you find the right nutritional supplements to boost your health! ♡