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      Vegan Silver Shampoo

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       Vegan silver shampoo is hot & happening! Nowadays we are all busy making the world a bit more beautiful and better. The question of whether there is a silver shampoo that is 100% vegan is therefore not very strange. In other words, it's a very good question! And sure they exist!


      What are the benefits of vegan hair products and therefore also a vegan silver shampoo? 

      • Vegan hair products are good for the animals because they are not tested on them and no animal ingredients are used in these products.
      • Better for sensitive skin. Vegan products contain milder and fewer ingredients and are therefore better for your skin (doesn't mean you can't be allergic to something).
      • Vegan hair products are usually packaged in recyclable packaging materials. So eco friendly! Vegan brands pay a lot of attention to this.
      • Vegan hair products are not necessarily more expensive than other hair products these days.
      • The choice of vegan products is expanding more and more. So nowadays there is a delicious hair product for every wallet and for every wish.


      Which brands have a 100% vegan silver shampoo?

      Maria Nila is a brilliant brand that are completely 100% vegan, including the silver shampoo.

      Sheer Silver Shampoo from Maria Nila is also a nourishing silver shampoo that neutralizes yellow tones. This silver shampoo also contains the Color Guard Complex, which ensures that your hair protects against color loss caused by washing, heat and UV styling.

      Another favorite brand of our team is REF Sweden, also a 100% vegan line. Of course, the clever minds of REF Sweden cannot lag behind in the trend and they have also launched a silver shampoo. The REF Sweden Cool Silver Shampoo . Unfortunately, there is no Silver Conditioner present, but that is not necessary since this silver shampoo contains enough pigment to neutralize your yellow tones.


      How do I know if vegan silver shampoo is suitable for my hair?

      Not quite sure about silver shampoo being right for your hair? Not quite sure how much violet pigment your vegan silver shampoo should contain? We can help you with that! At the bottom of the page, the Silver Shampoo page contains a lot of substantive information so that you can discover exactly what your hair needs!


      Where can I ask my question about Vegan silver shampoo?

       If you still have a question after reading the above information, please feel free to contact our team. We are happy to help you clarify so that you can make the right choice. Send your question to [email protected] Do you want a quick answer? Then call our team during office hours.