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    About us

    First of all, nice that you want to know more about us. We are a small team, in order Professional hair products make affordable and keep. We know that people want to buy products 24/7 and they like to have a house still in the same day. For us a great challenge but certainly the ambition to make this happen. Our background is among others in the hairdressing sector, so we know what we are talking about and how the products work.

    How we work?

    We have a warehouse in Zwolle and working with multiple vendors, which we buy different brands. In addition, we buy lots, so we can handle better prices for you as a customer. At are some exclusive brands such as CHI, Biosilk, Medavita, Nioxin, etc. available, but also the more popular brands as a Kis-Hairdressers, Schwarzkopf, DOOP, etc. We try to all trade marks the best prices, this go us well, but now the big competition, that does not always.


    In terms of service, we distinguish ourselves for sure. Many people find it still exciting to make an online purchase from a Webshop they do not know. That is why we have incorporated various security for you as a customer. First, there is the possibility of postpay. This will ensure that you receive your package. In addition, we have the DPD delivery guarantee, which means that we guarantee a delivery or return amount within a week.


    Did you post above any doubts, questions or need advice? Mail or call us, you will notice that we are for each customer taking time. Service, confidence and attractive prices, since it is at