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      Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls

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      Today it's all about being yourself. Your own authentic you. This includes your gorgeous, natural locks and beauty. For decades, smooth and straight hair was the trend. But that is now a thing of the past! It's time to embrace your gorgeous curls... they're unique just like you!

      The Mad about Curls products combine gentle cleansing recipes with the revolutionary Aquarine complex. The formulas intensively moisturize and strengthen the hair, nourish it and create a touchably defined shape and protection against hair breakage and heat. This emphasizes and beautifies the original structure of the hair, so that with Mad about Curls you will go crazy for curls and waves.


      What is the philosophy behind Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls?

      With the new line Mad About Curls from Schwarzkopf Professional you can also create the salon look at home. Mad About Curls - the all-encompassing care and styling regimen is designed to respect every texture type, for beautiful long-lasting waves that you can really be proud of.


      I want to start right away and purchase a curl care package for my curl type.

      Do you just want to start and order right away? That is also possible, for the super fast decision maker we have listed the curl type packages for you below :)

      Mad About Curls 3A/3B curl kit

      Mad About Curls 3B/3C curl kit

      Mad About Curls 4A/4B/4C curl kit


      How does the Golf Technology Aquarine Complex from Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls work?

      The Mad About Curls contains the Aquarine Complex in addition to a gentle cleansing formula. This formula intensely hydrates and fortifies your locks, while providing a protective shield for touchable definition and protection against breakage and heat. In other words, beautiful curls in your locks that shine into the day! That makes everyone happy! Compared to untreated locks (which do not use this product), this ensures up to 96% less hair breakage and 94% less split ends. For maximum benefit from the benefits of the Aquarine Complex, it is recommended to use Mad About Curls as a holistic care and styling regimen.


      Is Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls right for my curls?

      Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls, the line for you with your beautiful curls! This line makes your natural curls shine like never before. Your locks are unique and that is further accentuated with the Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls line. If you have wavy hair, you can opt for Mad About Waves . You have a choice of care products and styling products, and between you and us did you see how beautiful the packaging is? Our team is a big fan of this line!


      Is Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls sulfate and paraben free?

      The shampoos do not contain sulfates, so if you have a dry, irritated or itchy scalp or colored locks, you can use this line. Fluffy locks are a thing of the past, the conditioner reduces frizzy locks. The Mad About Curls products strengthen your locks, so say hello to radiant and healthy hair. And a very important one, your locks do not become hard so that it retains its natural look. A natural look, as if you haven't used anything. What else do you want?

      The Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls Two-Way Conditioner contains Sodium Methylparaben (parabens).


      How does the hair type work in combination with Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls?

      The right regimen will change your life with your textured hair. That is why it is very important to know what kind of hair type and hair texture you have. The match between your strands of product is then much easier, and the product does exactly what you want. Dry and frizzy hair is therefore a thing of the past. Each hair has unique characteristics - shape, type, density, thickness, length, dryness - that influence its behavior. We all know that there is nothing more worthless than hair that does not want to work. Before you can make a match between the products and your locks, you can see in the image below what hair type and hair texture you have.

      In total, there are 9 textured types that help to find a correct diagnosis and choose personalized care and styling routine to meet every need.

      ☆ Numbers represent hair texture: wavy, curly and spiral

      ☆ Letters represent a hair type: loose, medium and tight



      Source: Schwarzkopf-professional.nl

      Above are examples of which combinations are possible.


      Which Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls products are suitable for my hair?

      Now that you have discovered which hair type and texture you have, you can make a match with the products from the Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls line. If you are in category 2, then the Mad About Waves is suitable for you.

      Source: Schwarzkopf-professional.nl


      Step 1 Cleanse with Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls

      The Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls High Foam Cleanser is a Sulfate-free shampoo with which you gently cleanse, moisturize and define loose to tight curls (3A, 3B and 3C)! The High Foam Cleanser is suitable for fine to coarse hair. Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls Low Foam Cleanser


      Step 2 Condition/Treatment with Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls

      The Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls Two-Way Conditioner is a conditioner that you can also use as a Leave-In. The Two-Way Conditioner is suitable for fine to normal hair with loose to tight curls (3A, 3B and 3C) . The Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls Butter Treatment is an intensively nourishing treatment that is powerful enough to penetrate through thicker hair. It nourishes your curls intensively, replenishes them and thanks to the Aquarine Complex the moisture content is brought back into balance. In addition, it reduces fluff and helps with definition that lasts a long time! The hair mask is suitable for normal to coarse hair with medium to tight curls (3B and 3C) .


      Step 3 Styling with Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls

      The Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls Light Whipped Foam is a light styling mousse that improves the natural definition of curls and at the same time moisturizes thirsty curls, so perfect. The Whipped Foam is suitable for fine to normal hair with loose to medium curls (3A and 3B) . The Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls Twister Definition Cream is a styling cream that gives you medium to tight curls ( 3B and 3C ). provides additional definition. The creamy substance is ideal for penetrating normal to unruly hair. And thanks to the Aquarine Complex, your locks are hydrated, your hair remains frizz-free and your curls are assured of long-lasting definition.


      Step 4 Refresh with Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls

      The Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls Quencher Oil Milk is a pre-styler or re-styler: should be used before styling and the day after to protect the pattern of the curls, while boosting definition and controlling frizz . The Mad About Quencer Oil Milk is suitable for fine to coarse hair with loose to tight curls (3A, 3B and 3C) .


      How exactly does the Mad About Curls Superfood hair care work?

      The Mad about Curls Superfood Mask & Leave-in products have been developed with a blend of four superfood oils to intensively maintain intensive textures, hydrate and strengthen hair, preserve natural oils and add shine and a soft hair feel. give borrow.


      Is Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls Right For Me?

      After reading the above information, are you not completely sure, or do you still have questions? Please feel free to contact our team via [email protected]. We are happy to help you!


      Are there any Mad About Curls curl products that are Curly Girl Method friendly?

      You are probably on an adventure for the right curl care for your curls. You are delving into the Curly Girl Method, then it is nice to know whether there are certain curly creams, shampoos and conditioners that are friendly according to this method. And they certainly are! We would like to refer you to the article " The Curly Girl Method: From A to Z ". Here you can see exactly which curl care products are CG Friendly :)


      Where can I ask my Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls question?

      Are you not completely satisfied with the curl care of the Mad About Curls line, or do you have another question regarding your curls or Schwarzkopf? Then enlist the help of our team without any obligation! Send your question by e-mail or call us during office hours. Of course you can also visit our collection point/shop in beautiful Zwolle at Ossenkamp 2N.