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      L'Oreal Serioxyl

      Do you want more information about Serioxol hair care and thinning hair? Then scroll down and find out :) Show more


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      Nobody wants hair that is thinning, but this happens often. This occurs in both men and women. Everyone wants a beautiful full head of shiny hair, unfortunately this seems more and more like a dream and it seems more and more like a reality that you can no longer realize. Fortunately, that is not the case thanks to the Serioxyl line from L'oreal!


      How exactly does the Serioxol line from L'Oreal work?

      L'Oreal Serioxyl has two hair serums in the core that actually form the basis of the Serioxol line. These are the Denser Hair Serum and Thicker Hair Serum . These two variants of hair serums can be used together or separately, depending on the needs of your hair. The Denser Hair Serum increases the number of hairs, which naturally ensures a thicker bunch of hairs. You will see results after only 3 months, and from L'Oreal's own research, up to 1600 extra hairs will grow after this period. Ideal for fuller hair or if you suffer from hair loss.

      The Thicker Hair Hair Serum ensures that your hair becomes thicker almost immediately and your head of hair will look fuller! This hair serum has an effect on the core of the hair root, which ultimately ensures a hair fiber that is stronger and thicker. This hair serum is therefore ideal for everyone, and not just for people who suffer from hair loss. Thin hair or lifeless hair? Then this is an ideal hair care product!


      What are the active ingredients at the heart of the Serioxyl hair care line?

      Before you actually try hair care that has been specially developed to prevent hair loss or to make your hair look fuller, it is important whether it really works. And that the L'Oreal Serioxyl hair care works is clear from the ingredients that are used. Below you will find the most important ingredients that occur in the various hair care products.

      Glucoboost is an ingredient that nourishes the hair root. Glucoboost contains an energy reserve, ultimately this ingredient ensures that your hair becomes thicker and fuller.

      Incell is an ingredient that is very similar to Ceramides. Incell ensures that the natural regulation processes in your hair lengths are restored and therefore brought into balance.

      Intra-Cylan is a thickening molecule that makes the hair thicker, in other words the diameter of the hair is actually increased!

      Stemoxydine 5% is a molecule that ensures that up to 1700 more hairs will grow after 3 months. This clearly increases your hair density.

      Neo-hesperidin has antioxidant properties. It ensures that your hair is protected and prevents damage in the hair cells.


      Is there also a Serioxyl Shampoo for a sensitive scalp?

      It is common for men or women with thinning hair to also have a sensitive scalp. That is why it is also important to really delve into hair care for thinning hair before you purchase a shampoo, for example. The L'Oreal Clarifying Shampoo is ideally suited for sensitive scalps. This shampoo with a hypoallergenic formula ensures that irritations on your scalp disappear like snow in the sun. This makes your scalp less sensitive and the irritations also decrease, which is exactly what you want. Of course in addition to thicker and fuller hair :)


      What else can I do about my thinning hair?

      If your hair is thinning, you are actually doing everything you can to ensure that this stops and is also reversed. We want to support you in this and provide you with the right information so that you can make the right choices. We have written a very extensive article " Discover the real cause of your thinning hair ".


      Where can I ask my question about my thinning hair and Serioxyl?

      Do you have thinning hair and are you looking for good hair care? Are you looking for hair care that will make your hair thicker later, or make your hair grow? However, it is true that you do not quite figure it out, and you may have doubts about what really suits the needs of your hair and scalp. Then enlist the help of our team! We are happy to help you so that you can ultimately make the right choice that will make you and your hair happy :)