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      Lip gloss

      The must-have of all girls is the perfect lip gloss ! It is a real must-have to give your make-up look an extra touch. Lip gloss comes in all types and colors, from glossy to matte and with good care. Do you want to know more about lip gloss? The most important questions about lip gloss are discussed below ;)   What is lip gloss? Lip gloss fall Show more


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      The must-have of all girls is the perfect lip gloss ! It is a real must-have to give your make-up look an extra touch. Lip gloss comes in all types and colors, from glossy to matte and with good care. Do you want to know more about lip gloss? The most important questions about lip gloss are discussed below ;)


      What is lip gloss?

      Lip gloss falls under the category of lip makeup. It looks a bit like lipstick, but it's a bit thinner. It is a liquid substance that you apply with a brush. Lip gloss is a thin layer that often gives a shiny effect on your lips. That is why it is also worn over lipstick, but you can also apply it directly to your lips. Lip gloss is available in a color or transparent. Some lip glosses also have a taste or a nice smell. Many girls wear lip gloss for that wonderful shiny look for a party, for example. Lip gloss is often not only beautiful, but also has a nurturing effect for your lips. Some lip glosses have the same texture as a balm, but also make your lips shine. A lip gloss also gives your lips a mega nice volume, so a real must-have!


      What types of lip gloss are there?

      In the make-up world we distinguish a number of lip glosses. We have listed them for you: 


      Transparent lip gloss
      This kind of gloss is perfect for you if you really want to go for a nice shine. A watery gloss gives a natural glow. A real addition to your every day look! A fine transparent lip gloss is theMAC Lipglass Clear Lip Gloss. Are you looking for a transparent lip gloss with even more shine? Then go for theDiamond-Kissed Lipglossfrom NOOSH, the name says it all!


      Colorful lip gloss
      This is a bit like the sister of the lipstick. It gives about the same effect as a lipstick due to the beautiful color pigmentation and is perfect for a light make-up look. An example is theMax Factor Honey Lacquer Lip Gloss.


      Volumizing lip gloss
      There are lip glosses that give your lips more volume. These glosses provide a reaction from your lips, making your lips look fuller. However, all lip glosses provide a fuller looking result due to the beautiful shine.


      Mattifying lip gloss
      With a matte lip gloss you have the advantages of a lipstick and a lip gloss in one product. Benefit from a strong pigmentation with a matte finish like a lipstick and the moisturizing effect like a lip gloss. For example, you can also put this lip gloss over your lipstick for a satin, matte finish. An all time fave:MAC Powder Kiss Over The Taupe Liquid Lipstick.


      Glitter lip gloss
      This gives a mega cheerful effect! These glosses will make your lips sparkle. Some lip glosses also have coarser glitter in them, so you can really see the glitter on your lip. This lip gloss is often also used over the lipstick, so that the lip look gets an extra beautiful effect. We think glitter lip gloss is a must-have for that one fun party! A number of glittering best sellers: 


      Extra caring lip gloss

      Almost all lip glosses have a nourishing and moisturizing effect. Yet there are a few glosses that give just that little extra care to your lips, such as theBenefit Punch Pop Lipglossand theDr. Hauschka Lip Gloss.


      Which color lip gloss suits me best?

      A lip gloss is of course the most beautiful if it matches the color of your skin. With a lip gloss you are of course less likely to go wrong with this because it is less strong in color. yet it can be nice to know which color suits you. Which lip gloss color suits you best depends on the undertones of your skin: 


      The cool undertone
      Does your skin have a cool undertone? Then it is best to choose a lip gloss with a purple undertone. If you are more of the nude shades, try to choose as pink a shade as possible for a beautiful lip look! 


      The warm undertone
      Do you have a warm undertone? Try to go for a slightly warmer lip gloss. A peach nude is really a great choice for this!


      The neutral undertone
      Is your undertone more neutral? Then you can actually have any color lip gloss, lucky you! Always look at the color of your own lips, for example with dark lips also go for a dark lip gloss. This way you always look your best!


      What is the difference between a lipstick and a lip gloss?

      They can both give a nice color to your lips, but of course there are also differences! One of the biggest differences is that a lipstick gives a much more intense color and stays put. Lip gloss, on the other hand, gives much more volume and shine to your lips. Lip gloss often also has more caring ingredients.


      How do I best care for my lips?

      Lip care is super important for beautiful lips. An example of good care for your lips is a lip scrub. This removes the dead skin cells and makes your lips completely soft again. A lip scrub is super easy to make yourself with a little sugar and some coconut oil. It is also very important to moisturize your lips. You can of course do this with alip balm, but Vaseline is also suitable for this. For example, if you do this every day before bed, soft, well-groomed lips are almost inevitable! What many people don't know is that your lips are also very sensitive to extremely cold and hot weather. Therefore, if you are going to walk in the snow for a day, try to keep taking good care of your lips. In the summer or, for example, during your winter sports, you can opt for a speciallip balm with sunburn extractsin it. They ensure that your lips do not burn from the sun. This way your lips always stay nicely cared for!


      How can I make my lips look fuller?

      Fuller lips is something we all want. Fortunately, there are also tricks for this so that you get the most beautiful full lips, in a natural way!


      The very best trick for fuller lips is alip liner. A Lipliner is actually a pencil in the same color as your lipstick, which you can apply to the edges of the lip. By applying this in a natural way just above your own lip edge, you can ensure that your lips get just a little more surface, making it look like you have fuller lips. Another tip is to buy a super shiny lip gloss. The shine that this gloss leaves behind makes your lips look really mega shiny and they really get a volume boost! If you want fuller lips, try to avoid a dark lipstick. This can cause your own lip color to fade into the dark color, which will only make your lips look thinner, and of course you want to prevent this!


      Where can I ask my questions about all things lip gloss?

      Do you have a question about lip gloss, lip care or another subject? Or do you want to know what really suits you? You can always email us at [email protected] , where we try to answer your question as quickly as possible. We can also be reached by telephone, you can reach us here during office hours. We are always ready to help you!