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      Wella Professionals

      Wella Professionals , through the collaboration with professionals, ensures that expectations are exceeded and beauty dreams become reality. This makes it a lot easier to create a beautiful look for someone who has not had any hairdressing training.   At Wella, there is a central theme: product innovation . They think it is super important that Show more


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      Wella Professionals , through the collaboration with professionals, ensures that expectations are exceeded and beauty dreams become reality. This makes it a lot easier to create a beautiful look for someone who has not had any hairdressing training.


      At Wella, there is a central theme: product innovation . They think it is super important that there is a well-functioning product for every type of hair, every hair wish and every look. So they also do everything they can to introduce the perfect hair product lines. Each Wella product line has its own unique characteristics. One line focuses more on care and moisturizing, the other more on shaping your evening look.


      Wella Professionals hair care includes the Wella Brilliance, Balance, Elements, Wella Enrich and Age lines. Do you want to protect your hair and also walk around with a beautiful shine? Then the products of the Wella Brilliance line are something for you!


      Which Wella Professionals product lines are there?

      All Wella lines at a glance:

      Wella Professional Elements-hair care with natural ingredients

      Wella Professional EIMI Styling - styling products

      Wella Professionals Oil Reflections - let your locks shine beautifully again

      Wella Professionals Enrich - for dry and damaged strands

      Wella Professionals Balance - care of your scalp

      Wella Professionals Sun- protection of your locks against the sun

      Wella Professional Brilliance - for colored locks

      Wella Professional Volume - for lifeless hair

      Wella Professional Fusion - for damaged hair


      What is the history of Wella?

      The first thing that is interesting is that Wella has been in the hairdressing world for 135 years. This is a unique situation. The adventure all started with the founder of the multinational hairdressing brand: Franz Stroher. This young man, at the time, was born in the year 1854 in Saxony. This young man entered the hairdressing world at an early age. He started as a hairdresser, but this was not enough. In the year 1872 he goes to work and study in Paris in order to keep abreast of the latest trends. This resulted in the ambition to set up a hair cosmetics company. First this company made Tulle, which is the basis for wigs. He has started his own hair product line. This resulted in a beautiful invention, namely the Tullemoid Waterproof: a technique that allows the scalp to breathe. The hair product line is growing enormously. The demand is increasing enormously, this leads to its own hair factory, which was in 1894. In 1898, Franz's sons, Karl and George, also started in hair cosmetics. In 1924, the gentlemen registered the patent for Wella. This is the beginning of Wella's hair empire. The Wella hair products are evolving day by day. In 1927 Wella introduced a hairline for permanent hair waves. In 1930 Wella develops a portable perm. Later this year, Wella will also develop a hairdryer with a built-in motor. From 1945 Wella starts with the large-scale production of hair cosmetics. In 1950, Wella expands in terms of employees. The economy is picking up again in the hair world. In 1957 Wella opens its official Research Centre. This results in even more developments in hair cosmetics. The success in hair products continues to grow.


      In 1972 Wella reaches into the retail sector, so the normal consumer can now also buy hair products. From 1974 Wella starts developing hair dye. After some developments in Wella's hair product lines, the first demi-permanent color appeared in 1988. After this development, the hair care company is booming. The styling product lines are growing, as are the shampoos and conditioners. In 2015 they celebrate their 100th anniversary and launch a new hair cosmetics line. You can conclude from this that Wella is a multinational success.


      Is Wella Professionals Vegan?

      Wella Professionals has released a separate line with only natural ingredients: the Wella Elements line . These products are vegan, free of sulfates, parabens and other artificial colors. Wella Elements offers products that restore and care for your hair. This line is also suitable for damaged, but also colored hair.


      What are the best-selling Wella Professionals products?

      Wella Professionals is known for product innovation and has many bestsellers. We have therefore listed three bestsellers for you:


      Which Wella products are suitable for colored hair?

      Wella Color Brilliance Invigois a line specially developed for colored locks and makes the color of your hair even more vibrant through the Wella Triple Blend Technology formula. These products are therefore ideal if you have colored hair and protect your hair against damage and color fading.


      Which Wella products are suitable for bleaching my hair?

      Wella has designed a fine bleaching powder for bleaching the hair. The Wella Blondor Lightening Powder is a stiff free bleaching powder that lightens the hair up to 7 shades. Whether you want extreme color accents, bright highlights or a natural blonde effect, there is one bleaching system that can create it all: theBlondor Multi Blonde Dust-free lightening powder from Wella. The lightening powder lightens the hair up to 7 levels. Thanks to the anti-yellow formula, the hair always retains a natural blonde appearance. The Wella Bleaching Powder provides an ultra-pure and long-lasting result. In addition, the lightening powder is enriched with chamomile extract, making it extra mild for the scalp.


      TheWella Blondor Soft Blonde 7 Cream Blonderingis a soft blondering cream that is suitable for when you come into contact with the scalp a lot during dyeing. Despite the mild effect, the treatment is powerful enough and can make your hair up to 7 shades lighter!


      Which Wella products prevent hair loss?

      Wella Invigo Balance Serum Anti-Hair Lossis a serum that strengthens the hair roots and stimulates the scalp. The serum creates thicker hair and contains ingredients such as caffeine and menthol that give thicker and fuller hair. This new product is therefore ideal if you suffer from hair loss. If you want to give your hair more volume, theWella Invigo Volume Boostproducts may be very suitable for you.


      Does Wella Professionals also have a nourishing hair oil?

      Yes, Wella has a nourishing hair oil! TheWella Oil Reflectionsstrengthens the light reflection of the hair through the smoothing ingredients. The natural lipid layer is protected against degeneration for a smooth and reflective hair surface. The versatile, perfecting oil for smoothness and a glossy effect is enriched with macadamia and avocado oil. The Wella Oil Reflections is a leave-in oil and is suitable for all hair types.


      How do Wella Professional products work?

      Wella Professionals products are designed to treat different hair types and needs. The products contain high-quality ingredients that nourish, hydrate and protect the hair. The range includes shampoos, conditioners, hair coloring, styling products and more. The products are scientifically developed and tested to ensure they are effective and keep hair healthy. It is important to choose the right product that suits your hair type and needs.


      Which ingredients are mainly in the products of Wella professionals?

      The ingredients in Wella Professionals products vary depending on the product. All products from Wella's wide range have unique compositions. Do you want to know exactly which ingredients a certain product contains? Then we recommend that you read the extensive product description of the product in question. In general, Wella products contain high-quality ingredients such as: Keratin, Almond Oil, Panthenol and Vitamins. These ingredients nourish, moisturize and protect the hair. Wella products are scientifically developed and tested to ensure they are effective and keep hair healthy.


      Where can I ask my question about Wella?

      Do you have a question about a Wella product? Feel free to contact us without obligation. We will gladly help you further! Feel free to call us or email your question to[email protected]and we will try to respond as quickly as possible. You can come to our pick-up point in Zwolle at Ossenkamp 2N to see the products up close and to get a better feel for the products. We wish you a lot of fun shopping Wella products at Haarspullen.nl.