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      The K-Beauty brandPyunkang Yulwas founded by a skin clinic in South Korea that is known for treating various skin diseases. They have taken their philosophy and medical skin knowledge into the creation of a skin care brand. That brand has since grown into a popular, skin-friendly brand that uses minimalist formulas.

      What are the values of Pyunkang Yul?

      Pyunkang Yul believes that skin care should be minimal. Skin care offers peace and tranquility to the skin. And only the tools for the skin to repair itself and stay healthy. That's why Pyunkang Yul uses only the necessary ingredients in their products. Ingredients that are tailored to your skin type and skin condition, and will keep your skin healthy.

      At Pyunkang Yul they also leave out unnecessary and harmful ingredients such as artificial fragrance & dyes from their formulas. Our skin has to endure a lot every day due to all kinds of external factors. Our skin protects us and works hard to do so. Pyunkang Yul believes that skin care should be comfortable for your tired skin.

      Which Pyunkang Yul products are available on Haarspullen.nl?

      Our growing Pyunkang Yul range now consists of various products that are suitable for dry, oily, combination and normal skin types. Are you struggling with skin conditions such as dehydrated skin? Or can't you get your acne under control? Then the products of Pyunkang Yul offer the way out for you!

      Our current Pyunkang Yul range currently consists of the following products: 

      Toner & Essence

      Ampoule and Serum



      Are Pyunkang Yul products vegan and cruelty free?

      Pyunkang Yul's products are not tested on animals and are therefore cruelty-free! Our range of Pyunkang Yul products is also almost completely vegan friendly. That means that almost all formulas are plant-based! Only thePyunkang Yul Nutrition Creamis not vegan as the formula is supplemented with beeswax. So do you only use vegan cosmetics? Then feel free to explore the rest of our Pyunkang Yul range.

      Are Pyunkang Yul's skincare products suitable for sensitive skin?

      Pyunkang Yul creates their products from a minimalistic approach. So they do not use unnecessary, harmful ingredients in their products. That means their products are also free of fragrance, dyes, and texture-enhancing ingredients commonly found in cosmetics. By only using the necessary ingredients to take good care of your skin, the products of Pyunkang Yul offer your skin optimal peace and tranquility. The products of Pyunkang Yul are therefore the answer for your sensitive skin!

      Do you have oily, dehydrated skin that usually reacts sensitively to skin care products? Then it is useful to try out the Moisture line! This line has been specially created for your skin type and condition. And because of the minimalist formulas, these products will soothe your skin and thus reduce irritation.

      The Pyunkang Yul Moisture line contains the following products:

      Have you also become curious about the Moisture line from Pyunkang Yul? Check our range here. 

      This essence toner offers your skin hydration that is easily absorbed by your skin due to its light texture. 

      This serum will restore your skin's natural moisture-oil balance and make your skin a lot healthier again 

      This serum makes your skin glow! With no less than 90% Japanese Coptis Extract, this ampoule nourishes, soothes and hydrates your skin optimally 

      This cream will nourish your skin and protect against moisture loss without making it feel greasy or sticky.

      Where can I ask my questions about the Pyunkang Yul products?

      Do you still have a question about this beautiful K-beauty brand after reading this information? Or would you like personal advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Send us an e-mail via [email protected] or contact us by phone by calling038-4582584. Our team is happy to help you.