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      Lamazuna continues to make the world plastic free in 2010. The French brand has the goal of "Zero Waste!" aka zero waste! In addition, all products are handmade and are 100% natural, ecological and vegan. They have products from shampoos to toothbrushes. Lamazuna is the first brand worldwide to become extremely popular with this entire concept!


      What are Lamazuna's bestsellers?

      Lamazuna actually only has super good products that are completely natural and not harmful to your health. However, there are always Best Sellers that fly over the counter like hot cakes.

      1.Lamazuna Toothbrushes

      2. Lamazuna Conditioner Vanilla

      3. Lamazuna Shaving Cream Soap Block


      Soap blocks from Lamazuna, what shapes do they all come in?

      Soap blocks, shampoo bars etc. you see it more and more. It's back with a vengeance, and for good reason. Most soap blocks today are often completely natural and often contain no harmful ingredients. It is also often plastic-free and it ensures that there is less waste, which in itself is better for the environment, of course. But a soap block is a soap block, the question is of course what kind of soap blocks Lamazuna has in its range. And we have listed that for you!

      Lamazuna Shampoo Soap Blocks

      Lamazuna Conditioner Soap Blocks

      Lamazuna Facial Cleanser Soap Blocks

      Lamazuna Shaving Bar

      Lamazuna Body Soap Blocks

      Lamazuna Bodycare "Soap" blocks

      Lamazuna Deodorant "Soap" blocks


      Does Lamazuna also have Toothpaste Tablets?

      Definitely Lamazuna has toothpaste tablets, and for good reason. It is practical, easy to dose and plastic free. Incidentally, they are also incredibly popular, those tablets from Lamazuna! It might be a little bit at first

      Lamazuna Nettle Powder & Mint Flavour

      Lamazuna Ginger Powder & Lemon Essential Oil