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      Makeup for Lips

      May your day be as good as your lipstick! Complete your make-up look with a super fine lip product . Make your lips a bit thicker with a lip liner or let your lips really stand out with a nice color. Even if you don't like colored lips, you can still give your lips a boost without extra color. Beautiful well-groomed lips are very important for your Show more


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      May your day be as good as your lipstick! Complete your make-up look with a super finelip product. Make your lips a bit thicker with a lip liner or let your lips really stand out with a nice color. Even if you don't like colored lips, you can still give your lips a boost without extra color. Beautiful well-groomed lips are very important for your looks, you can't just hide them. Moreover, your lips are part of your most beautiful piece of jewelry: your smile. Fortunately, we have the finest lip products in our range, something for everyone! Curious about how you can best care for your lips and which products are suitable for you? You can read it all on this page.


      How can I take care of my lips?

      Your lips have to endure a lot, especially in winter. There are many factors that can damage your lips. Think of the weather, for example: the wind and sun, but also spicy food or medicines can dry out your lips. Your lips are more delicate than the rest of your skin. This is because your lips do not have certain functions that your skin does, for example, your lips do not have glands that secrete sweat. Below we have listed the most important do's and don'ts in the field of lip care. This way you know exactly what you can do to take good care of your lips!



      • Exfoliate -It is important to exfoliate your lips regularly (2/3 times a week). By exfoliating your lips, the dead skin cells and skins are removed from your lips and your lips feel wonderfully soft again. Tip: you can simply exfoliate your lips with a damp toothbrush.
      • Moisturize -Go for nourishing lip products. Regularly apply lip balm, vaseline or use natural oils that provide moisture. For example coconut oil and honey!
      • Protect your lips from the sun -Just as the sun damages your skin, the sun also damages your lips. Your lips might as well burn. So make sure you have SPF on your lips! One of our faves:Attitude Lip Balm SPF 15.
      • Drink enough water -So that your body has enough fluid to nourish your lips.



      • Applying too much lip balm
      • Smoking
      • Licking your lips too often
      • Pulling skins off your lips
      • Wearing too often and too much lipstick (for example, give your lips a rest 2 days a week)
      • Leave your lipstick on overnight


      How can I make my lips look fuller?

      We all long for fuller lips. Maybe you have already tried some trends, do you know the Kylie Jenner Lip challenge for example? Lip fillers or cosmetic procedures are not the only solution for fuller lips, there are a number of tricks that make your lips look fuller. For example, you can 'massage' your lips and moisturize them well, making them look fuller and more coloured. With makeup you can also achieve a good result! For example, we sell differentlip liners. With a lip liner you can give more definition to your lips and draw the line a little over the 'border'. This makes it look like your lips have more surface area.


      How do I prevent dry lips?

      The colder days, but also the hot summer days affect the condition of your lips. You can cover this well with lip makeup, but it is also important that you take care of your lips in the right way. This way you prevent dry and chapped lips. Because ooh… that is terrible! We have listed a number of solutions against dry lips for you:


      • Use good moisturizing products. Think of good lip balms, scrubs andoilssuch as coconut oil, almond oil and honey. Use these products as standard 2 times a week, unless your lips are already dehydrated, then use these products every day.
      • Drink enough water!
      • Protect your lips from the sun just like your skin byusing a lipbalm with SPF .
      • Leave the heating off at night.
      • Reduce smoking.
      • Give your lips a break from lipstick every now and then.
      • Try to touch your lips as little as possible (pull skins, etc.).


      Which types of lip make-up does Haarspullen have in its range?

      Matte, glossy, shiny, glossy, liquid, non-liquid, natural or striking. We offer a wide choice for all these wishes. We have fine brands such asMaybellineandL'Orealin our range that offer many lip products. We have listed a number of faves for you:


      MAC Matte Lipstick Velvet Teddy- Is the absolute best seller from MAC Cosmetics because of the beautiful neutral color. The lipstick has a strong pigmentation and lasts up to 10 hours.

      L'Oreal Paris Rouge Signature– This lipstick is a liquid lipstick that dries matte. It is super easy to apply, so you can accentuate your lips well. The lipstick is available in 12 beautiful different colors.

      Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner- The lip liner is super easy to apply, you can make fine tight lines with it. With the lip liner your lips look fuller with more definition! The lip liner is available in 4 different colors.

      Maybelline Lifter Gloss Lipgloss- This popular lip gloss is the lip gloss of the moment and is going pretty viral on the internet. The gloss has a beautiful shine that makes your lips look fuller and is available in 9 colors!

      Max Factor Lipfinity Liquid Color Lipstick- Want assurance that your lipstick won't transfer or fade? With this lipstick you keep the pigment without giving off for sure! Available in 10 different colours.


      Which lipstick color suits me best?

      When it comes to makeup, there are no rules. Of course you just have to wear the color that you like! Moreover, the nice thing about makeup is that you can experiment endlessly with different colors. Are you still curious about which color best suits the color of your eyes, skin, hair and the rest of your make-up? We totally understand that and it is a daily struggle for many people. Fortunately, we carefully selected it for you!


      Do you like a natural look and do you want your lip make-up not to stand out? Then it is best to choose a lip color that comes closest to your own lip color. This way you create a natural beautiful definition to your lips. For example, you can also only outline your lips with a neutral lip liner with a nude color or only use a transparent lip gloss.


      It is very difficult to determine which color suits whom. The main difference is the difference between warm tones and cool tones. It is best to first determine for yourself which colors suit you best in terms of clothing, hair color and eye shadow. Are those cooler tones or warmer tones? To help you a bit in finding the right color, we have put a small overview below:


      • Pale skin, possibly freckles, light eyes, blond, reddish or light brown hair:Warm, autumnal tones.
      • Pale sun-sensitive skin, peach skin, brown/green eyes, brown/red hair:dark red, coral, apricot, orange, peach and brownish red.
      • An olive brown, southern skin or snow white alabaster white complexion. The eye color is random, the hair usually dark:Cool blue and purple tones, deep red, pink and soft pink lipstick, such as rosewood, raspberry or mother-of-pearl.


      Tip:Youtube is full of lipstick videos where they test colors on themselves. Maybe you can find someone who has a bit of the same features as yourself in terms of appearance to see which color looks best. For example, watch this video:L'Oreal Rouge Signature Lipstick Try-Out!


      How does my lipstick last as long as possible?

      If you have purchased a beautiful lipstick and applied it to your lips, you naturally want to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible. We give you a number of tips and tricks so that your lipstick stays in place for as long as possible!


      • Good care saves a lot! Exfoliating and moisturizing is an absolute must. Taking care of your lips contributes to how long your lipstick lasts.
      • Use a lip liner. The lip liner on the edge (or over) ensures that your lipstick stays in place and fades less quickly + it is a good base for under your lipstick. It works like a primer.
      • Apply a little foundation to your lips before applying the colored lip product. This works as a base (primer) for your lipstick.
      • Using a lip primer will make your lipstick last longer and keep your lips hydrated throughout the day. A nice lip primer is theMAC Prep + Prime Lip Base.
      • Of course you have to be careful what and how you eat & drink. For example, drink with a straw and make sure you don't order a hamburger, but something that won't affect your lipstick.


      And without giving up…

      • If you bite a few times on a tissue or any other random object after applying your make-up, you have already 'released' the transferring layer of your lipstick.
      • After applying your make-up, you can apply a transparent powder over your lipstick. Just like your foundation, your lipstick stays in place so nicely!
      • Spray a little hairspray or setting spray over your lips (with your mouth closed as much as possible, of course).


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