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      Schwarzkopf Blonde Me

      Schwarzkopf Blond Me stands for confident, strong, individual, iconic. Our team believes you can be all four at once! GO, blond tiger. This is the complete color and care brand that really focuses on beautiful blonde locks. Blondes stand for their beautiful locks and therefore expect a unique result, or blonde perfection. The BLONDME was created by Show more


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      Schwarzkopf Blond Me stands for confident, strong, individual, iconic. Our team believes you can be all four at once! GO, blond tiger. This is the complete color and care brand that really focuses on beautiful blonde locks. Blondes stand for their beautiful locks and therefore expect a unique result, or blonde perfection. The BLONDME was created by Schwarzkopf Professional because the difference in hair base and delicate hair structures don't always make it easier to create that blonde perfection. If you have dark locks, it is not so easy to achieve a beautiful cool blond color. Now it doesn't have to be complicated anymore. With the BLONDME line you have everything you need. Bleaching & coloring has never been easier than now. And the eye also wants something, and there is attention there too.

      BLONDME has everything to realize, care for and maintain your beautiful, blonde locks. But what exactly does it all mean? We will now explain that to you!


      How does BLONDME's renewed Advanced Bonding System work?

      Chemical processes, heat, blondes, a hair straightener, hard water, external pollution - all kinds of things that damage your hair, making your blonde hair brittle and weak. You can notice this yourself from the outer layer: it becomes uneven and rough, perhaps a bit stiff. There are also damages in the hair fibers on the 'inside' of your hair. BlondMe's renewed 3D-Bonding Care System has a bonding technology that connects the network of hair fibers, but it also creates new strengthening bonds. This makes the hair strengthened and stronger. The system consists of 3 steps:

      1. Color Bond Protection - this protects your hair during bleaching or coloring. It binds to hair fibers to strengthen strong, structural bonds and prevent hair breakage.
      2. Care Bond Creation - this is in all care products in the salon and creates new bonds after the color treatment or bleaching. In addition, it stabilizes the hair structure, for long-lasting strength and suppleness.
      3. Care Bond Maintenance - this is included in all home care products and maintains and strengthens the bond at home between salon visits. This extends the color results and a long-lasting shine!


      How does Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME color technology work?

      Everyone knows that bleaching is actually not good for your locks. Your hair structure is damaged and you often see that you end up with a bunch of straw. Damaged strands is the breaking of the internal hair bridges. The stability of your locks decreases and your locks become prone to breakage. The BLONDME Bond Enforcing Technology has been developed so that your locks are protected from the inside out. It contains highly effective succinic acid that penetrates your hair during the oxidation process and creates a protective layer around the hair bridges, or reinforcement. This protective layer keeps most hair bridges intact, and your hair retains strength and elasticity. So no more that hair is just rope. The unique Bond Enforcing Technology with succinic acid is integrated into the high-quality BLONDME bleaching, brightening and white concealing formulas.


      How does Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Care Technology work?

      The innovative Bonding Technology balances the pH value and stabilizes the internal hair structure of your blond locks by creating new, strengthening hair bridges in the hair fiber. This Bonding Technology has also been added to the BLONDME care range. This way you keep your beautiful blonde looks between the salon sessions! The technology includes Protein Complexes that nourish and restore blonde locks. Your locks feel stronger and they glow with health.


      Is the Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ the strongest bleaching powder ever?

      BLONDME Premium Lightener 9+ Bleaching Powder is the most powerful bleaching ever! With this bleaching powder you can lighten your locks up to 9 shades. No matter how dark your locks are, you can transform yourself into a brilliant blonde, without having to worry about yellow locks or another color that does not make you happy.


      Which BLONDME hair products can I use for bleaching?

      In all BLONDME Color products, the Dual Bonding Technology has been improved by integrating the Anti-Metal Bond Protection Technology. In addition, all formulas are now vegan. The 3 bleaching powders in the BLONDME range give an unbeatable lift with minimal hair breakage:

      • BLONDME 7 Precision Lightener is specially designed for precise treatments, such as regrowth. The bleaching powder is enriched with Swell-Control Formula for minimal swelling and contains protection against metal bonding.
      • BlondMe 9+ Premium Lightener is suitable for all types of hair lightening techniques. This product provides unbeatable lift with minimal breakage. The new formula ensures less swelling.
      • BlondMe 7+ Clay Lightener is perfect for freehand techniques and lifts up to 7 levels. Become a master of balayage services with this Clay Lightener.

      For bleaching and toning in one go, the BLONDME Bleach & Tone is ideal for mixing with the Lighteners!


      Which BLONDME hair products can I use to lighten and camouflage white hair?

      With the BLONDME Blonde Lifting you create the perfect lightening and toning and/or neutralization on a natural basis of 6-0! The BLONDME Lift & Blend is the perfect combination of lightening and concealing white locks.


      Which BLONDME hair products can I use as a developer?

      The BLONDME Premium Developer colors the hair up to 9 shades lighter. The Premium Developer is available in 2%, 6%, 9% and 12%.


      Which care products does Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME offer?

      Choose the ideal care products that perfectly match your blonde locks. Schwarzkopf BLONDME care products are divided into a number of categories. BLONDME care products contain the Advanced Bonding System which protects your hair bridges and creates new hair bridges. Blonde hair that is as strong as the powerful woman you are!

      We used to have three BlondMe lines: All Blondes, Cool Blondes and Warm Blondes. But after the relaunch, these have become five great lines - with the perfect line for every blonde! Of course you can mix & match a lot - to always find the perfect regime for your hair. Do you doubt what suits your hair best? Our experts are happy to help! These are the five regimes:


      Where can I ask my question about Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME product?

      Are you not quite sure what is suitable for your locks, or are you not sure? Then you can of course always contact us via [email protected]. We are happy to help you. Contact us for free advice and let your locks shine like little rays of sunshine on a dark day.

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