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      Long hair

      If you're blessed with beautiful long locks , you may have discovered that long hair can be quite a job, especially in the morning. In addition, you may sometimes wonder which shampoo is best to use for your hair type. For curls it may be a bit obvious which products are suitable: “curl shampoo” (for example). But long hair, just like curly hai Show more


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      If you're blessed with beautiful long locks , you may have discovered that long hair can be quite a job, especially in the morning. In addition, you may sometimes wonder which shampoo is best to use for your hair type. For curls it may be a bit obvious which products are suitable: “curl shampoo” (for example). But long hair, just like curly hair, is a category in itself, with an extensive 'manual'. We will explain everything about this below, so that you will know exactly how to go about it!

      In addition to having long hair, there is of course also the desire to have long hair. So basically: stimulate hair growth. Can you make your hair grow faster and if so, how do you go about it?

      How do I care for long hair?

      If you have long hair there are two major challenges. How do you keep those long locks in top condition from crown to ends? Without hair breakage or split ends. And how do you keep your hair looking voluminous? Long hair is heavier and you naturally want to prevent your hair from hanging straight and lifeless along your face.

      How you keep long hair healthy largely depends on the products you use (or not). But there are also a number of general tips (which apply to almost every hair type) that can play a major role. We have listed these tips for you below. Some tips may be old news to you, but better safe than sorry :) :


      • If you use heat tools, it is important touse a heat protector .
      • Wash your hair a maximum of 2/3 times a week. Washing your hair more often removes important natural oils from the scalp. Is your hair getting too greasy? Then usedry shampoobetween washes.
      • Shower with lukewarm water.
      • Drink a lot of water. Hydration and a healthy diet contribute to the maintenance of healthy, long hair.
      • Be careful when your hair is wet. Only brush your hair when it is dry. Your hair is super vulnerable when it is wet and therefore breaks off a lot faster.
      • Give your scalp a massage regularly. Thisstimulates blood circulation, delivering more nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. In other words: it is healthy for the scalp :)
      • Wear your hair in a braid or a low (loose) ponytail while sleeping. In addition, it is better to sleep on a satin pillow. This prevents friction between your hair and the pillow.
      • Don't forget to have your dead ends trimmed regularly by the hairdresser!
      • Vitamins: Like any other part of your body, hair follicles need the right nutrition to function optimally. If your hair does not get enough of these vitamins, the condition of your hair will suffer.

      Which shampoo is suitable for long hair?

      You are on the page with shampoos for long hair, so all shampoos on this page are suitable for long hair. With long hair it is important that you use a lightweight (mild) shampoo. You want to prevent your hair from losing volume because your hair is weighed down and therefore hangs straight along your face. What you should pay particular attention to is avoiding heavy fats such as coconut fat, castor oil and olive oil. Below you will find two good options especially for long hair:


      Which conditioner is suitable for long hair?

      First, just like with shampoo, it is best to use a light conditioner. In addition, it is important to mention that with long hair you should only apply the conditioner to the ends. A conditioner is already quite aggravating, because it is an intense diet. Below are two good options:



      Which hair oil is suitable for long hair?

      We strongly recommend a hair oil for long hair. A hair oil or hair serum keeps the length and especially the ends of the hair healthy and prevents hair breakage or split ends. If you are injured with long locks, you naturally want to let them shine! hair oils can also stimulate hair growth. For example, you can massage your scalp with a nourishing oil before showering.



      Why can't I get long hair?

      First of all: This may have to do with genetic determination. The maximum length of your hair is genetically determined. But don't worry! This does not necessarily have to be the case. We have a checklist that you can go through to see if there is anything that will give you your long locks!

      1. Hair vitamins
      2. scalp massages
      3. Reduce stress
      4. The right shampoo and hair care
      5. Damaged scalp: You may be suffering from adry scalp . This could be a cause!



      When is the best time to cut my hair if I want to let it grow?

      If you want to grow your hair, it depends on the condition of your hair how often you have to have the ends cut off at the hairdresser. If you have naturally sensitive hair that breaks easily, you will have to have the ends cut off more often. Then you will be fine with a hairdressing appointment every 8 weeks. However, if you have strong, thick hair, you can come back every 10 weeks.



      Facts and fables about long hair

      There are many myths about hair in general, especially about hair growth. We have listed all the facts and myths about long hair for you below:



      • When you are pregnant you will indeed have a fuller head of hair. You lose an average of 50-150 hairs per day. If you are pregnant this will be a lot less, so you will have a fuller, longer head of hair
      • Hair growth supplements really work. The vitamins in the supplements certainly influence the condition of your hair and therefore also hair growth.
      • The maximum length of your hair is hereditary, like many other properties of your hair. Some people have to make a lot more effort to grow their hair long than others.
      • Your hair grows faster in the summer. Beats! This has to do with the absorption of vitamin D.



      • If you cut your hair more often, your hair will grow faster. This is not true. Hair growth is determined by the quality of the hair follicles, what the ends of your hair do has no influence on this. However, your hair can appear fuller if you cut it shorter.
      • You cannot stimulate hair growth. You can certainly stimulate hair growth. Simply a regular head massage or a few good vitamins can stimulate hair growth.
      • You can repair split ends with a good conditioner. This is not true, unfortunately. Once a hair has split, you cannot reverse it. Of course you can prevent it with the right hair products!

      Do hair vitamins really work (for hair growth)?

      Yes, we are convinced thathair vitaminsreally work. Quite logical too, the growth and condition of your hair partly depends on the nutrition you consume. That's how our whole body works, right? There are a number of vitamins that are even directly linked to your hair growth:

      • Biotin (B8)
      • Vitamin E
      • Vitamin C
      • Zinc

      These are all vitamins found in your daily diet, which is why nutrition is such an important factor when it comes to the condition of your hair. In fact, sunlight makes your hair grow faster.This is due to vitamin D that is found in sunlight and that your hair absorbs on its own. With this vitamin your hair can grow 2 times faster than it does under normal conditions.

      But hair vitamins mainly work if you are deficient in something. And we always recommend assessing the result after the first 2 or 3 months. Only then will you really see results.



      Long hair in men

      Hair care is just as essential for men as it is for women. Nowadays there are many hair care products specially developed for men. The same tips as for women apply to keeping or growing long hair for men, which you will find above. And it is of course important to use the right products. The Schwarzkopf Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is recommendedfor men with long hair .  



      Are you already familiar with Neofollics?

      Neofollics is the 'hair growth brand'. Neofollics works to high standards and that is why all products are clinically proven and use only scientifically proven ingredients.

      Neofollics shampoo:

      • Stimulates hair growth
      • Reduces the DHT hormone in the scalp
      • Improves the scalp and hair follicles
      • Improves hair growth through stimulating ingredients
      • Reduces inflammation, dandruff, itching and flaking
      • Improves the absorption of active ingredients



      Do you have any questions about long hair?

      Are there any uncertainties or doubts about caring for your long hair? Which can! Fortunately, our experts are ready to help you, so don't wait any longer and contact us! Send an email with all your questions to [email protected] or call us during office hours for urgent questions. We are available from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Happy hair care!

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