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      dry shampoo

      Scroll down if you want to know, among other things, whether dry shampoo is also harmful to you ♡ Show more


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      Dry shampoo is a spray or powder that is ideal for when you have little time to clean the hair with a normal shampoo . It is very useful between washes. The dry shampoo ensures that the hair is freed from oiliness and purified. So the hair gets a little freshening up. Dry shampoo is also an ideal styling product for shaping the hair. In most cases, a dry shampoo is suitable for all hair types, there are also dry shampoos at Haarspullen.nl that focus on dry hair, fine hair or colored hair.


      What do you use dry shampoo for?

      Dry shampoo is the solution if you don't have time to wash your hair, or to postpone washing for a day. Dry shampoo ensures that you no longer have greasy hair on your head, and it gives your locks a fresh look without having to wash it with regular shampoo.


      What does a dry shampoo do to your hair?

      Dry shampoo ensures that natural hair fat is absorbed. This makes your hair 'fresh and fruity' to the eye again. In addition, dry shampoo also removes grease from your scalp.


      Is dry shampoo bad for your hair?

      Cleansing Powder is not bad for your hair in the first place. However, you often hear that with long-term use, some problems arise. Dry shampoo naturally ensures that natural fats are removed from your hair and scalp. Repeating this too often for a long period of time means your scalp is getting too clean. Your sebaceous glands will ensure that extra sebum (fat) is produced, which ultimately results in overproduction of sebum (fat). And that's exactly what you don't want!


      Is there also a drying conditioner?

      We are all familiar with dry shampoos, but sometimes we also want to make our hair softer and naturally take care of it. A drying conditioner can then be the ideal solution, especially if you want to brush your hair afterwards. Some dry shampoos make your hair stiff, even if it is deliberately not useful if you want to create silky soft hair. That's exactly where the dry conditioner comes in. This variant is ideal for dry and dry hair, but also for people with extremely thick hair and/or unruly hair. Precisely because it makes your hair combable.


      Is dry shampoo really harmful to your hair?

      Dry shampoo itself is not harmful if you use it in moderation. Too much dry shampoo seems to be harmful with prolonged use. This has to do with the synthetic ingredients. That is why our team recommends going for a dry shampoo that contains as many natural ingredients as possible, such as the REF Dry Shampoo or the Maria Nila Dry Shampoo . These Dry Shampoos contain natural ingredients and are also cruelty free or 100% vegan! That is of course only a nice bonus. Do you occasionally use dry shampoo? Then you can go for a dry shampoo with synthetic ingredients.


      Which Dry Shampoo smells really good?

      Nowadays you can get dry shampoos in all shapes and sizes. Of course you can also get them with very nice scents. We cannot immediately say which one smells wonderful, because this has to do with personal preferences. However, Fudge Haircare is known for their products smelling fantastic, as is the Fudge Dry Shampoo . An absolute Fudge scent! Fudge lovers will recognize it immediately. The TIGI Oh Bee Hive also has a wonderful scent, just like Fudge, TIGI is also known for their recognizable and delicious scents.


      Which dry shampoo is best?

      This is not to say 123, different people have different requirements. Some find it important that the dry shampoo gives enormous volume, such as the Sexy Hair Big Dry Shampoo and the Schwarzkopf Refresh Dust Dry Shampoo. The other thinks it is extremely important that their wavy hair is preserved and that it does not get fluffed, then they are fine with the Schwarzkopf Mad About Waves Dry Shampoo . Then there is also dry shampoo that gives texture and body to limp hair such as the Affinage Revive Me Dry Shampoo .


      What is the best dry shampoo of 2020?

      Above you can read which dry shampoo best suits your needs. Which dry shampoo is the best of 2020, or of this moment? The best-selling shampoos at the moment are the following three:

      1. Maria Nila Cleansing Powder
      2. TIGI Bed head Oh Bee Hive Dry Shampoo
      3. Fudge Style Dry Shampoo

      Please note, this is not based on specific wishes! But really which one is the most sold at Haarspullen.nl or with us :-)


      Is there a dry shampoo that is Curly Girl friendly?

      Definitely there is a dry shampoo that is Curly Girl friendly! That is the vegan dry shampoo from Maria Nila. Do you have curls and are you totally unfamiliar with the Curly Girl Method? Then we recommend that you read our very extensive article " The Curly Girl Method: From A to Z ". However, you can use this dry shampoo for your curls, whether you do the CG method or not :)


      When do you actually use a dry shampoo?

      You usually use dry shampoo the second or third day after you wash it with regular shampoo. Always use dry shampoo on dry hair and not on wet locks. Many people also find it ideal to take me to a party or festival to refresh their locks in between! Dry shampoo is also extremely suitable if you have oily hair, why? If you have oily hair you want to have more and more days between washes, dry shampoo is your ideal partner in this step-by-step plan that prevents oily hair :)

      Do you want to read more about what you can do against greasy hair? Then read our " Step-by-step plan to get greasy hair back under control "


      How should you use dry shampoo?

      Dry shampoo is very easy to use, because you spray the contents of the dry shampoo on your hair with a distance of 15-20 cm from your hair. This depends on the dry shampoo you have purchased, so we always recommend reading the instructions on the canister. Do you have a dry shampoo that is not specific for dark locks? Then we recommend using the dry shampoo from the bottom up, especially if you only use it for volume. In this way there is no white / gray haze on your hair, but you do benefit from all the advantages of the relevant Dry Shampoo.


      What ingredients are in my dry shampoo?

      Dry shampoo, you can't live without it or you hardly know what it is. You're either team dry shampoo or you're not. But what exactly is in a dry shampoo? The most common ingredients are solvents, fragrances, propellants, absorbents and color. The solvents alcohol and water ensure that all other ingredients come out, except for the bus in your locks :-)

      Fragrances are in it for the nice smell, including Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal and Limonene. Propellants naturally ensure that the product comes out of the bus, such as Isobutane, Propane and Butane. Absorbents are naturally present in dry shampoos to absorb the fat and sebum. A few ingredients that you regularly find in a can of dry shampoo are Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Silica and Talc.

      And of course there are dry shampoos with a tan, ideal if you are brunette or another beautiful dark color. These colors can be found on the ingredients list that start with CI or Color Index. For example CI 77499 and CI 77491.


      How healthy is dry shampoo for my health?

      Dry shampoo is a powder spray that is usually based that generally contains the following basic ingredients: Brown algae, clay, ethanol, petroleum and alcohol. Brown algae, for example, ensures that sebum (fat) on your scalp is better regulated. Petroleum gas ensures that the powder comes out of the bottle easily and ethanol is in many dry shampoos so that the contents come out of the aerosol as one substance. Are you an avid dry shampoo user? Then our team recommends


      What is a good dry shampoo?

      This cannot be said immediately. Different people, different wishes. It is important that you have a clear idea of what you find important in a dry shampoo. Are you looking for a dry shampoo that you have purely as an emergency solution, and that you have few wishes? Then you are in the right place with a basic dry shampoo such as the Osis+ Refresh Dust or the Indola Texture Style Reviver . Do you use dry shampoo a few times a week? Then it is important that you use a dry shampoo with as many natural ingredients as possible to prevent damage in the long term. The REF Dry Shampoo and the Maria Nila Dry Shampoo are then highly recommended.


      Is there also a dry shampoo that provides volume?

      That's for sure. One of the most common wishes with a dry shampoo is of course not only the prevention of greasy hair, but also volume. Dry shampoos are therefore regularly used just for volume! Dry shampoos that give a lot of volume include Fudge Dry Shampoo , Nioxin Instant Fullness Dry Cleanser , and the Sexyhair Big Volumizing Dry Shampoo . In general, dry shampoo always gives some volume, but dry shampoos have been developed that really give a lot of volume.


      Is there also a colored dry shampoo?

      We are all familiar with the well-known white haze after using a dry shampoo. If you have darker hair, this can be quite a frustration point. Fortunately, nowadays dry shampoos have been developed especially for dark hair and brunettes such as the BOHO Rebel Dark Dry Shampoo , BOHO Rebel Brunette Dry Shampoo and they even have a BOHO Rebel Blonde Dry Shampoo . Just read the labels of the dry shampoo carefully, then you will find out fairly quickly whether a dry shampoo gives a white haze or not. Fortunately, it hardly happens anymore, a white haze was mainly something from the beginning when the dry shampoo was just invented.


      Is there also a dry shampoo without a white haze?

      As can be read above, there are not only dry shampoos with a color to prevent a white haze, but also dry shampoos have been marketed that do not leave a white haze. The Maria Nila Style & Finish Dry Shampoo is known for not leaving a white haze. And Maria Nila is of course 100% vegan and therefore cruelty free!


      Which dry shampoo is paraben free?

      The following dry shampoos are paraben free:


      Which dry shampoo can I use for dark hair?

      A white cast is definitely not what you want, or a bit of a grayish look. Yes, gray locks are in.. if you dye it or have it yourself it is very beautiful. But if you have beautiful dark hair, you don't want to have a gray cast at the roots. You can of course use a dry shampoo that does not leave a white haze, the great thing is that dry shampoos have also been developed with a color! Especially if you have your hair dyed, and that a salon visit has to be planned. For really dark locks you're in the right place with Schwarzkopf Boho Rebel Dark . If you have beautiful Brunette locks, then you're in the right place with the Schwarzkopf Boho Rebel Brunette .


      Should I use dry shampoo before or after styling?

      You can always use a dry shampoo, provided you have dry hair. You can use dry shampoo before styling, once you no longer have greasy locks. What is done a lot is to use a dry shampoo during styling. Dry shampoo is perfect for creating volume, HUGE volume that is. You can also use dry shampoo during the day, after styling your locks. That's the great thing about a dry shampoo, it's always there.


      Can I get hair loss from dry shampoo?

      Dry shampoo should not cause hair loss. However, there is something to take into account, and that is the amount and frequency during use. If you pretty much live on dry shampoo, you should realize that a dry shampoo only removes grease and not dirt. Your hair and scalp are therefore not cleaned. If you don't regularly remove product residues, things get clogged. This can have all kinds of nasty consequences, including stopping new hairs (because of all the junk that is still there). Dry shampoo is not harmful in itself, but be aware of the fact that you use it wisely.


      Which dry shampoo is best for me?

      This depends greatly on your wishes and your hair. Do you occasionally use the dry shampoo and do you have no specific wishes? Then you are in principle good with any dry shampoo. Do you have specific wishes? Then it is good to see what the relevant dry shampoo does and what the ingredients are. Of course you can always spar with one of our team members, they can help you so that you make the right choice for you and your hair :)


      Is there also dry shampoo in a travel package?

      Fortunately, there are now also handy travel packaging that you can put in your bag or suitcase. This way you are always prepared in an emergency. A travel pack is also useful if you want to try a dry shampoo, but don't want to pay full price right away. Dry shampoos that we have in travel size are:


      Is there also a dry shampoo on a natural basis?

      Yes, those are the dry shampoos from Maria Nila and REF Stockholm. The following dry shampoos are on a natural basis:


      What is the difference between the Maria Nila Dry Shampoo and the Maria Nila Invisidry Shampoo?

      The Maria Nila Dry Shampoo gives more volume and makes your locks a bit stiffer. The Maria Nila Invisidry Shampoo is a good basic dry shampoo without too much fuss.


      Which dry shampoo can I take in hand luggage on the plane?

      All dry shampoos in 100ml packs can be taken in hand luggage. We currently have 4 types of dry shampoos available in a 100ml package, which are:


      Which dry shampoo is 100% vegan or cruelty free?

      These are the dry shampoos from Maria Nila and the dry shampoo from REF Stockholm. These two lines are both completely cruelty free. Below you will find a link to the dry shampoos that are 100% vegan or grow cruelty free.

      Where can I ask my question about dry shampoos?

      After reading the above, have you not yet come to the right dry shampoo? That does not matter! Our team is happy to help you so that you can make the right choice that you can benefit from for years to come and especially enjoy ♡ Send your question or questions to [email protected] or call us during office hours. You can also visit our store/collection point in Zwolle at Ossenkamp 2N.