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      Silver shampoo

      Silver shampoo, it's a maze. In recent years, the silver shampoo has become very popular. Wherever you look, there are so many species that you can't see the wood for the trees. We thought it was time for some clarity in the world of silver shampoos.   What exactly is a silver shampoo? A silver shampoo is a shampoo with purple or blue pigments, Show more


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      Silver Shampoo
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      Silver shampoo, it's a maze. In recent years, the silver shampoo has become very popular. Wherever you look, there are so many species that you can't see the wood for the trees. We thought it was time for some clarity in the world of silver shampoos.


      What exactly is a silver shampoo?

      A silver shampoo is a shampoo with purple or blue pigments, which is used to give blonde, gray or white hair a cool tint or to neutralize unwanted yellow and orange tones in your hair.


      What does a silver shampoo do?

      Silver shampoo is used for blonde, gray and white hair. These are light shades of hair, silver shampoo is ideal if you want to give these colors a cool shade. It also ensures that the yellow and orange tones disappear from your hair, also known as warm tones. You may be wondering how the violet hues neutralize the yellow/orange hue. Opposite colors neutralize each other. The color yellow is opposite blue/purple in the color wheel.


      Can I only use violet shampoo?

      This depends on the Violet Shampoo you choose. There are silver shampoos that mainly consist of violet tones and few caring ingredients. There are also shampoos that contain more caring ingredients, so there will be less room for the violet-colored shades.

      If you want to use silver shampoo every day, we recommend one with more caring ingredients such as theMaria Nila Sheer Silver .If you really want an intense silver shampoo purely and only to neutralize your yellow / orange glow, then theFanola No Yellow is suitable, which contains almost no caring ingredients.

      Do you actually want both, so a silver shampoo with a lot of violet pigment, but also with a lot of nourishing ingredients so that you can use it every day? Then you're in the right place with theMORE Extreme Silver.


      Who is a silver shampoo intended for?

      For anyone who has blond, gray or white hair and would like to keep the cool shade. Do you have dark hair? Then a silver shampoo has been developed especially for brunettes, you can read more about it under the heading "Is silver shampoo suitable for dark hair".


      Can Silver Shampoo be used on hair extensions?

      That's certainly possible, hair extensions are a bit more sensitive than your own hair, so some extra care can't hurt in any case. We therefore recommend using a silver shampoo that contains more caring ingredients. You can also use a mask for extra care after using a silver shampoo, then close with a conditioner to close the hair scales (filled with caring ingredients of the mask) again.


      Can a silver shampoo turn your locks purple?

      If you've been a little too fanatical, your hair can get a purple glow. Don't stress... purple is an easy color to remove. Wash once or twice with a regular shampoo and you're done. However, to avoid this, if you have white hair, it is important that you choose a silver shampoo that is not too strong. You then need less of the Violet Pigments. Then go for theL'Oreal SE Magnesium Silver Shampoo , for example . The shampoo ensures that your gray or white locks get a natural radiant shine again.


      How do I best care for my blonde/gray hair after using a silver shampoo?

      The easiest thing you can do is use a set with products that match, for example theMaria Nila Sheer Silver Set. This set consists of a silver shampoo, conditioner and mask that are also free of sulphates and parabens! After washing the hair with a silver shampoo, you can also take care of your hair with a good conditioner. Take, for example, theREF Cool Silver Shampooin combination with theREF Cool Silver Conditioner. After washing the hair you can also use products such as theIndola Blonde Expert Insta Cool SprayandUmberto Giannini Flowerology Blonde Violet Sprayto maintain the hair and refresh cool tones.


      How often do you use a purple shampoo?

      Depending on the silver shampoo, your daily ritual and your hair. If you have a fanatic silver shampoo that contains almost no caring ingredients, we recommend an average of 3 times a week. However, if you have very white hair, you don't need this. Then you can go for a silver shampoo that contains fewer violet pigments. If you want to wash your locks every day with silver shampoo, we recommend a shampoo that also contains sufficient caring ingredients. However, if you do have yellowish hair, it is important that you use a strong Violet Shampoo that still contains enough nourishing ingredients such as theIndola Silver Shampoo #1 Wash. This shampoo refreshes and cleanses white, gray or light blond hair and neutralizes unwanted copper and yellow tones in the hair. The shampoo contains a special care ingredient that protects the hair structure. A good addition to not only keep the yellowish glow out of your hair, but also to take care of your locks is theFanola No Yellow Mask. Cool tones and wonderfully soft locks! The Fanola No Yellow Mask is actually a silver conditioner.


      How long should a silver shampoo soak in?

      That differs per silver shampoo and your hair. A stronger silver shampoo such as theFudge Violet Shampoocan be absorbed for 30 to 60 seconds. If you really have a big yellow glow, you can let the silver shampoo soak in for about 5 minutes. If you have very light hair, you have to be careful that your hair does not turn purple. However, if you have light, colored hair, it is better to use a silver shampoo that contains more nourishing ingredients and less violet pigments such as theMaria Nila Sheer Silver Shampooor theSchwarzkopf Professional Goodbye Yellow.


      Are there additional products that complement the silver shampoo?

      If you really quickly have a yellowish glow in your hair, then it is advisable to use products that also contain violet pigments in addition to the shampoo and conditioner. Fudge is the absolute forerunner in this field and has launched two wonderful products. TheFudge Tri-blo Violet Spraycame first. This spray, which not only protects your hair against heat from your hair dryer, also ensures that the yellowish glow in your hair disappears like snow in the sun! In addition, Fudge launched theFugde Violet Xpander Foam in August 2018 . This brilliant mousse gives your locks volume, shine and of course a beautiful cool shade. In other words bye bye yellowish glow.


      Are there silver shampoo masks?

      There are also a number of hair masks that also contain violet pigments, and also neutralize the yellow tones in your hair. Just like a good silver shampoo. The following hair masks contain purple pigments, so that they fit seamlessly with your silver shampoo:


      Is silver shampoo bad for your scalp?

      Silver shampoo is not directly bad for your scalp. However, you may get a dried out scalp if you are sensitive to it. This only concerns the silver shampoos that almost exclusively consist of violet pigments such as the Fanola No Yellow . Our team recommends using a milder silver shampoo such as the Maria Nila Sheer Silver Shampoo.


      Is silver shampoo bad for your hair?

      No, not per se. However, if you have dry hair or a dry scalp, it is better to choose a silver shampoo that contains extra caring ingredients. You can also consider taking a silver shampoo without sulfates. Sulfates remove sebum from your hair and scalp. If you have problems with a dry scalp and you still want to use a silver shampoo at all costs, we recommend that you use a mask after washing. Then you finish with a conditioner. By washing your hair with a shampoo, silver shampoo in this case you open the scales. If you then put a mask in it, it will get into your hair. The conditioner then ensures that the scales close again with the nourishing ingredients of the mask. This way the mask stays in your hair longer. This way your hair always stays well nourished, and you have a beautiful cool shade.


      Can I use silver shampoo on natural hair?

      Yes, you can use silver shampoos, silver conditioners and silver masks on natural hair. This is no problem. Silver shampoo was initially made for natural, gray hair. Later, of course, the hit followed to dye your hair in a cool shade. The popularity of silver shampoo started in the early 1990s, when dyeing hair in a cool blonde shade was not 'fashion'.


      Can I use silver shampoo on dyed hair?

      You can certainly use silver shampoo on dyed hair. Silver shampoo is currently mainly used by people who have dyed their hair beautifully cool and want to keep it.


      Is silver shampoo free of sulfates and parabens?

      Nowadays we of course pay attention to whether there are anything harmful in products, that is also the case with hair stuff. Silver shampoo generally contains sulfates and parabens, but it is increasingly common that these are also omitted. TheMaria Nila Sheer Silver Shampoois not only 100% vegan, the silver shampoo is also free of sulphates and parabens. If a silver shampoo is free of sulfates and parabens, this is always indicated in the product description.


      Is silver shampoo suitable for dark hair?

      The regular silver shampoo doesn't do much for dark hair because of the following: If you have dark hair, it is often the case that you have more red and copper tones in your hair. Silver shampoo has really been developed to counteract the yellow tint, hence the violet pigments. However, a silver shampoo has been marketed especially for people with dark hair, namely the following:

      These shampoos ensure that the red and copper tones from your dark locks are neutralized. The Fanola No Orange and the Fudge Cool Brunette therefore contain blue pigments instead of purple pigments, this has to do with the color wheel.

      As you can see, purple is opposite yellow and blue is opposite orange. Colors on the color wheel that are opposite each other neutralize each other.


      Is there Silver shampoo for black and red hair?

      If you have dark hair then you are not so familiar with a yellowish glow, but a red and copper glow. The silver shampoos with violet pigments then do not work as they should, violet neutralizes yellow and not orange/red/copper. TheFanola No Orangecontains blue pigments, which is opposed to orange tones in the color wheel. That is why the Fanola No Orange is the best choice when it comes to silver shampoo. Fudge also has a silver shampoo for dark hair and that is theFudge Cool Brunette.


      Can you put Purple Shampoo on dry hair?

      It has no added value to put silver shampoo on dry hair. Silver shampoo is made to use on wet hair. It is of course also a shampoo that also cleans your hair. You should then start working with a silver dry shampoo. This doesn't exist yet. Our team therefore recommends not to put silver hair on dry hair, but on wet hair. This for the best result.


      What is the best silver shampoo?

      There is no such thing as a best silver shampoo. This depends on your wishes and every hair type is different. If you want a silver shampoo that really gives your locks the cool shade and therefore contains the most violet pigments, then you were always right with theFanola No Yellow,however, a new silver shampoo was launched in 2020 and that is actually a cross between the Fanola and Fudge. At least as much pigment as the Fanola, okay actually more and even more nutrition than the Fudge! Yes really! We are all a huge fan of this brand ♡ It is theMORE Extreme SilverHowever, if you also want your silver shampoo to contain caring ingredients because you want to use the silver shampoo daily, we recommend theFudge Violet Shampoo. We have made a top 5 below with the most sold silver shampoos.

      1. Fanola No Yellow Shampoo- most pigment
      2. Fudge Clean Blonde Shampoo- lots of pigment + nourishment
      3. MORE Haircare Extreme Silver Shampoo- most pigment + nourishment
      4. Schwarzkopf Blond Me Cool Blondes Neutralizing Shampoo- nourishment + sulfate free + pigment
      5. Ref Cool Silver Shampoo- nutrition + vegan + pigment + sensitive scalp


      Are there any experiences and reviews about silver shampoo?

      There are many experiences and reviews about various silver shampoos. Of course you can find the experiences of our valued customers under our products. However, it is sometimes nice to have an image of it, and we fully understand that! That is why we have selected some inspiring videos for you so that you can actually see the result. Below you will find two inspiring videos:

      Fanola No Yellow Review

      Fanola No Orange Review


      Where can I learn more about silver shampoos?

      Read our silver shampoo blogs to learn more! 


      Where can I ask my question about Purple Shampoo?

      If, after reading the above, you are still unable to find a solution, you can of course always contact our team without obligation via [email protected] . We are happy to help you! Would you rather call, you can! You can also visit our collection point in Zwolle to get silver shampoo advice.