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      Naive Grown Ups

      Naïf Grown-Ups is Naïf's product line for adults. Initially, Naïf developed natural baby products. But these became so popular that the mothers could no longer do without them. There is now also a product line for adults! The Naïf Grown Ups products are fantastic for your daily routine and do a great job. Naïf makes your hair & skin clean, Show more


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      Naïf Grown-Ups is Naïf's product line for adults. Initially, Naïf developed natural baby products. But these became so popular that the mothers could no longer do without them. There is now also a product line for adults! The Naïf Grown Ups products are fantastic for your daily routine and do a great job. Naïf makes your hair & skin clean, healthy and radiant! Naïf stands for 'as natural as possible, without nonsense', so no harmful, unnatural ingredients. Naïf also develops 100% vegan, animal-friendly and bioplastic packaging. For example, Naïf became a B-Corps in 2020 ( do you want to know what this means? Check this blog!) . Maybe 100% vegan with natural ingredients is normally not the first thing you pay attention to, but for your skin and body it is a must (not just for babies)! Harmful chemicals can really affect your skin. Do you want to give your skin & hair the ultimate healthy care? Then get acquainted with the Naïf Grown Ups product line and be surprised!


      What are the important features of Naïf Grown Ups?

      Naïf is very much: vegan, animal friendly, dermatologically tested and so on. To make it all clear for you, we have listed all the features and benefits for you:

      • Dermatologically tested
      • B Corp
      • Contains allergen-free perfume
      • 100% vegan
      • Free from harmful ingredients
      • animal-friendly
      • Bioplastic packaging
      • Contains nourishing natural ingredients
      • 100% recyclable
      • Hydrating and soothing
      • Also suitable for acne and eczema


      What nourishing ingredients are in the Naïf Grown Ups line?

      Naïf Grown Ups products do what they should do due to the particularly good ingredients and formulas. Naïf uses a lot of nourishing natural oils and extracts that make your hair soft and shiny. The ingredients make your hair wonderfully soft and nourish your hair and skin intensely. Are you curious about which natural ingredients the Naïf Grown Ups line contains? We have worked out a number of ingredients and their effect for you below:


      Tomato extract- Tomato is a powerful antioxidant, protects against UV radiation and contains a lot of biotin and vitamins C, A and K. Tomato extract is good for skin metabolism and maintenance of hair growth. Tomato extract is good for your hair in many different ways and especially the condition of your hair.

      Avocado oil - Avocado oil comes from the flesh of the avocado. Avocado oil is packed with vitamins (A, B1, B2, E and D). Avocado oil also contains unsaturated fatty acids, this contributes to the prevention of dry skin & hair. Avocado oil is an oil that absorbs very well into the skin, so no greasy layer remains.

      Flaxseed Extract - Flaxseed is full of omega-3, omega-3 is known for its soothing effect on the skin. It works well against itching and skin rashes.

      Rice Powder - This ingredient is used in the scrub. Scrubs often contain micro plastics, the natural solution for this: rice grains. The rice extracts are moisturizing and contain many peptides and antioxidants.

      Sweet almond oil - Sweet almond oil is the perfect ingredient for super soft smooth skin. The oil softens and relaxes the skin. Also good for preventing and/or recovering from drought.


      What does the Naïf Grown Ups product line look like?

      The Naïf Grown Ups product line consists of products & bundles that you can easily add to your daily beauty routine. The products are suitable for every skin type and every hair type! The products are for the shower and personal care. We offer:

      Naïf Shampoo & Conditioner - The Shampoo & Conditioner from Naïf Grown Ups gently cleanse the hair and give the right nurturing boost to the hair and scalp. The caring oils make the hair wonderfully soft and supple. The shampoo & conditioner prevent dryness, fluff and static hair. Of course they are free of ingredients that can harm the hair, such as parabens and silicones.

      Naïf Day Cream & Night Cream - The sensitive skin of your face deserves proper care without harmful ingredients! The creams protect the skin against external influences and maintain the moisture content. The face creams are perfect for the daily routine to keep your skin wonderfully soft & smooth!

      Naïf Face Wash - Cleaning is very important to take good care of your skin. The face wash gently cleanses the skin and removes all other make-up residues. The face wash is also suitable for sensitive skin and nourishes the skin in addition to cleansing. The face wash contains Omega-3 and vitamin E, super good for the condition of your skin!

      Naïf Face Scrub – The scrub is developed with very fine rice grains. The fine rice grains in the scrub remove impurities and dead skin cells. Together with the natural oils that moisturize your skin, the fine rice grains make your skin wonderfully soft and clean. The scrub is really suitable for all skin types, because of the super fine ingredients formula, the product is also suitable for sensitive / dry skin.

      Naïf Shower Foams:Bloom , Ocean & Linen – Naïf has developed 3 types of shower foams. The difference is in the smell. The shower foam is a foaming shower gel that cleanses and moisturizes the skin with natural ingredients. The fantastic shower foam contains no harmful ingredients, such as SLS / SLES. Instead, the foaming shower foam contains a mild variant made from coconut fibres. The Naïf shower foams are friendly, pure and honest. This is due to the nourishing natural oils that make your skin feel soft. Due to the mild formulation, they are suitable for every skin.

      Face Sunscreen & Body Sunscreen – Both sunscreens are SPF30. The sun creams protect against harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation. Due to the natural, mineral UV filters based on zinc oxide, Naïf sunscreens are also suitable for sensitive skin.

      After Sun – The after sun from Naïf is a wonderful after sun to rub into your body after sunbathing. The after sun soothes and cools your skin. The aloe vera soothes your skin - a whole day in the sun is not nothing for your skin. The aftersun is always nice and good to use after sunbathing, but especially if the skin feels a bit burned, the aftersun is a must!


      Does the Naïf Grown Ups line also have gift sets?

      Yes, no less than 4! Besides the fact that the products of the Naïf Grown Ups line are wonderful for your own personal nursing routine, the products are also a great gift for your environment. In total, four beautiful gift sets have been developed for grown ups:


      Are the products of the Naïf Grown Ups line free of perfume?

      No, the products are not free of perfume, but the products arefree of harmful perfume! The perfume is allergen-free and synthetic without phthalate. This means there is a very, very small chance of any allergic reaction or irritation. Naïf's perfume cannot be compared to the 'normal perfumes' in care products. Incidentally, the well-known popular scent of Naïf is fantastic!


      Where can I ask my question about the Naïf Grown Ups line?

      Our goal is to inform our customers as well as possible and to guide them through the process of finding the right products for you! That is why we try to provide you with as much information as possible. There are several blogs on our site, so be sure to check them out. For example, would you like to know more about the Naïf brand? Then check out this blog about Naïf . Do you have other questions? Please feel free to contact one of our team members. You can send an email to [email protected] or give us a call!