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      MAC Cosmetics , many ladies are very happy with this brand. Rightly so too! MAC is quality, super nice to use and stays in place. That they stand out above many other brands is not entirely strange. The popularity comes from somewhere, and that's just because they're really good. It definitely costs more than the average makeup, but it's totally wo Show more



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      MAC Cosmetics , many ladies are very happy with this brand. Rightly so too! MAC is quality, super nice to use and stays in place. That they stand out above many other brands is not entirely strange. The popularity comes from somewhere, and that's just because they're really good. It definitely costs more than the average makeup, but it's totally worth it. 



      What is the best selling MAC Foundation?

      Foundations, there is a lot to tell about it. What one is completely lyrical about, the other is absolutely not happy with it. This of course has to do with our skin, our wishes for a foundation and of course how the foundation matches your skin and what you do daily. MAC foundations are often a big switch to the right product for your skin. Many ladies have tried everything, and after all these years they decided to go for a MAC foundation. If only they had done this sooner, the difference is bizarre! There are of course  absolute best Sellers under MAC in foundations, but it is important that you know how your skin is, what it needs and what you like. Only then can you choose the right one from MAC's toppers! 

      1. MAC Studio Fix 

      Of course, MAC has many more foundations, such as the Body and Face, but these are the most popular foundations from MAC. 



      Which MAC Foundation is best for my skin?

      This is different for everyone. The Studio Fix is ideal for someone with oily skin, but another lady with dry skin can better use Studio Waterweight. That is why we know below which MAC Foundations we have and for whom they are all suitable. Keep an eye on our webshop, because the MAC Collection is constantly being expanded, so you will also find more and more different foundations in our shop! 

      MAC Studio Fix Foundation is ideal for oily skin and normal skin. If you have dry skin, you should not go for the Studio fix. This best-selling MAC Foundation is so very popular thanks to its long-lasting, opaque finish, which is therefore extremely suitable for different skin types. The foundation has a long-lasting and opaque finish. It also gives full coverage that is neither too matte nor too glossy. The Studio Fix Foundation is a sebum-controlling foundation, which is exactly why it is so ideal for oily skin. Of course you don't want a shiny head an hour after you put on your foundation. In addition, for the enthusiast, this foundation is called a factor of 15. Reduces the appearance of the pores and imperfections, giving you a smoother appearance and finish throughout the day.



      Which caring ingredients does the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation contain?

      A foundation is all over your face, on your skin. The largest organ of your body, so it's nice to know what ingredients are in the MAC Studio Fix Foundation. They say that it contains caring ingredients, but which are they? And what do they do?

      Lecithin and Hydrogenated Lecithin are humectants. It absorbs moisture, so your skin stays hydrated. The water-attracting property of lecithin intensively hydrates the skin, it also helps your skin to retain moisture thanks to the linoleic acid content. 

      Algae Extract is a combination of various algae. This ensures that your elasticity of your skin is promoted. It also contains vitamins and minerals that make your skin very happy. It ensures that your skin is protected, it repairs skin damage and prevents wrinkles and other signs of aging. 

      Sodium Hyaluronate ensures that your skin becomes smooth and hydrated, and this exact ingredient does this at a deeper level in your skin than, for example, Hydrolyzed Hyalyronic. It prevents signs of aging. It also helps to heal wounds. 

      Laminaria Saccharina Extract ensures that your skin is protected. It has an antioxidant effect, which counteracts free radicals. Laminaria Saccharina is a brown algae used to fight inflammation and bacteria. 

      Tocopherol and Tocopheryl Acetate is actually Vitamin E. It prevents skin aging, this ingredient is isolated from plant oils and is also used as an antioxidant against free radicals. 



      Are all foundations also free of parabens and sulphates?

      A very good question, because parabens and sulfates are ingredients that are increasingly known to be harmful to your health. That is of course not what you want, especially if you put it on your skin. Not at all if there are better and especially healthier alternatives. We have sorted it all out for you, and all MAC foundations are free of both parabens and sulfates, even the powder and powder / cream variants are free of parabens and sulfates.


      Which foundation is Full Coverage?

      One would like a more natural look with a mild coverage, the other would like a full coverage. MAC Studio Fix is known for its full coverage, it is the foundation used in studios, for TV etc. The advantage of the Studio Fix Foundation is that it has medium to full coverage. The more you use, the more coverage you have on your face :) This is an absolute must if you are looking for a good foundation that gives full coverage that is suitable for normal to oily skin. 


      Is there also a factor in the MAC foundations? 

      You may find it important that there is a factor in your MAC Foundation. You don't want to lubricate twice, and logically that is of course unnecessary and it is a waste of money. Let's be honest. There is a factor in every foundation from MAC. All MAC foundations have an SPF of 15, which is great for daytime use. A beautiful shade during the day that also protects your face against the sun, or two in one.


      Which foundation is a replacement for the Matchmaster?

      Perhaps you are an avid MAC Cosmetics user and have always used the Matchmaster. Unfortunately, this one has been removed from the range, a shame for many ladies! You finally found your ideal foundation and now it's gone. If you are looking for a good replacement, you can look at Studio Fix Fluid. Matchmaster 1.5 was a top seller, you could now look at Studio Fix Fluid Foundation N4 or N4.5. It will never be quite the same as the Matchmaster, of course, but the team at MAC Cosmetics recommend this shade as the one that comes close to the Matchmaster 1.5.


      Where can I ask my question about MAC Foundations?

      You may still have a few questions after reading the above information. Of course you can! We also have a general foundation page with extensive information about foundations in general. You can find this information on foundation. If you are still not completely sure after reading this information, you can always speak to one of our team members. You can send us an email at [email protected], you can call us during office hours or you can of course drop by at our pick-up point in Zwolle at Ossenkamp 2N. We recommend that you come during office hours, because then the specialists are present who can help you further.