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      MAC Cosmetics

      MAC Cosmetics is one of the largest and most popular make-up brands in our country. The products are sold in more than 105 countries and they have already launched more than 50 collections. The make-up brand is known to both consumers and well-known make-up artists. One of the brand's great success factors is the collaboration with some of the lead Show more


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      MAC Cosmetics is one of the largest and most popular make-up brands in our country. The products are sold in more than 105 countries and they have already launched more than 50 collections. The make-up brand is known to both consumers and well-known make-up artists. One of the brand's great success factors is the collaboration with some of the leading talents in the fashion, art and pop culture world.


      How did MAC Cosmetics come about?

      Make-Up Art Cosmetics was founded in Toronto, Canada. Makeup artist and photographer Frank Toskan along with hair salon owner Frank Angelo. The men were very frustrated because they couldn't find makeup that they could photograph well. So they decided to create their own make up product. In the beginning, they made the makeup in their kitchen and sold the products in the salon to other makeup artists, models and photographers. It didn't take long for the brand to get bigger and bigger. MAC Cosmetics became more popular through various magazine articles and strong word of mouth. This is how the duo brand MAC was created in 1984 with its own shop in a department store in Toronto.


      What does MAC Cosmetics stand for?

      MAC Cosmetics has been at the forefront of professional makeup for years, thanks in part to its expertise in the art of makeup. According to the MAC Cosmetics website, they stand for many more things besides ART:

      MAC believes in diversity and INDIVIDUALITY - they are for all ages, all races and all genders.

      MAC is made up of a proud COMMUNITY of professional makeup artists who share the MAC vision together.

      MAC is a forerunner in fashion TRENDSETTING, collaborating with the most prominent talents in fashion, art and popular culture. The make-up artists create the latest trends backstage during fashion weeks around the world.

      MAC believes in SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, with initiatives such as VIVA GLAM and the MAC AIDS Fund being the foundation and core of their unique culture.


      What do the letters M, A, C stand for?

      MAC stands for Make-up and Cosmetics!


      What kind of makeup does Mac Cosmetics have?

      MAC Cosmetics, one of the most loved brands in the makeup world, offers an extensive range of products for every makeup enthusiast. From radiant skin to seductive lips and beautiful eyes, MAC Cosmetics has it all. Their concealer , available in a variety of shades, helps camouflage imperfections and even out the complexion. For perfectly defined eyes, MAC Cosmetics offers a range of eyeliners , both liquid and pencil, to create any look you want. Mac foundations , in different coverages and textures, give you a flawless base. For a glossy finish, Mac has lip glosses in different colors and a lip liner to define your lips and give them long-lasting shine. And let's not forget the lipsticks - MAC Cosmetics is known for their extensive collection of lipsticks in a variety of finishes, colors and formulas to complement every mood and occasion. Finally, Mac Cosmetics offers a wide range of eye shadows , from matte to shimmer shades, that allow you to create endless eye looks.


      Does MAC Cosmetics also have skincare products?

      Perhaps you are completely lyrical about MAC Cosmetics, and you would also like to use the MAC skincare line. These certainly exist. We also sell care products from Mac Cosmetics. This way you not only look beautiful with the make-up, but you also give your skin the best care:

      •  MAC Cleanse Off Oil - Is an oil-based make-up remover that is gentle on your skin. The formula contains vegetable products such as: olive oil, jojoba seed and evening primrose. The cleansing oil contains no mineral oils. You can use it for all your makeup, from mascara to foundation!
      • MAC Gently Off Eye & Lip Makeup Remover - Is a two-phase remover with a formula that also removes stubborn waterproof mascara. It is a mild, non-irritating remover with cucumber extract that cares and refreshes. A real must-have for your skin!

      What is the style of MAC Cosmetics?

      Branding, you see a brand in a store or of course a webshop and they all have a certain look. A landmark. What exactly is MAC's style? MAC Cosmetics style is black and chic. The make-up is sold in black jars instead of traditional powder compacts. In the past, the most famous make-up brands mainly focused on skin care. MAC chose to make a name for itself as the ultimate color expert. The counter was operated by professional make-up artists. One of the most sought-after products was an intense red matte lipstick.


      How do I know which MAC foundation color best suits my skin?

      Perhaps you are looking for a nice MAC Foundation, and you don't know which one to choose. That is why we have listed the most important features of the best-selling MAC Foundation for you below. For more in-depth and extensive information (ingredients explanation) about the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, we would like to forward you to the MAC Foundation page. If you want to know what to look out for when choosing the right color for your skin, we would like to refer you to the Foundation page.

      MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundations are very popular for a reason, below you will find the characteristics of this brilliant foundation:

      • Stays on for a long time, up to 24 hours
      • Gives a matte finish
      • Gives full coverage
      • Contains factor 15
      • Does not settle in the pores
      • Also ideal for oily skin - controls sebum and shine for up to 6 hours!
      • For all skin types, including oily skin
      • Keeps the hair color for 24 hours
      • Stays on for 24 hours as if you just applied it to your face
      • 8 hours of hydration that is immediately activated when you apply it to your face
      • Is resistant to sweat and moisture, ideal for sports!
      • Sebum-free foundation
      • Contains Laminaria Saccharina Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Algae Extract, Lecithin, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Tocopherol and Tocopherol Acetate.



      Which lipstick color from Mac Cosmetics suits me?

      Finding the right lip color for your lips can sometimes be quite difficult. You have probably bought a lipstick color only to find out that this color did not suit you. Many colors often look good on you, but the trick is choosing the right shade of lipstick that matches your face color. That is why we have listed everything for you!


      Cold undertone
      Do you have a rather cold undertone? Then it is best to go for nude colors, beige shades and pink shades. These are cool shades, that's because they have a pink base. If you have fair skin, it is extra important to look at the undertone of your skin. For example, if you have a warm undertone, it is better to avoid pink shades with a blue undertone. Check out these colors:  


      Beige skin color
      With a beige skin tone, red tones with a blue undertone or deep red tones fit your lips very nicely! Light pink and deep pink shades can also look very nice on you. Bright pink, light pink, peach pink - a pink lipstick is classic and extra feminine. Pink lipstick remains popular year after year. The classic among lipstick colors is red. It makes you powerful and is a must for your makeup look. The following products are some faves that suit your skin tone:


      Dark brown skin color
      If you have a dark brown skin color, you can be super happy! Every color suits you beautifully. This can be from nude to bright pink. Deep chocolate colors will give a more neutral look, but you can also step out of your comfort zone and go for extreme colors such as purple, orange or bright red. Check out these lip products:


      Which MAC Lipgloss is extremely popular?

      For example, every category of MAC has a very popular make-up product, which is of course not just like that. Actually, everything is used together, logically too.. it's make-up ;) The MAC Lipglosses are therefore ideal to combine with lipsticks and lipliners, of course you can also use a MAC Lipglass on its own, especially with the strong pigmentation and long-lasting sits it has on your lips.

      An absolute bestselling MAC Lipgloss is the MAC Lipglass Spite Lip Gloss. This unique MAC Lipglass Lip Gloss has a glassy finish, is deeply glossy and a shiny finish. In addition, it has a strong pigment Nude, which is really amazing with a light skin tone. Your absolute GO TO Nude Lipgloss! In addition, this MAC Lipglass intensively cares for your lips thanks to Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Carnoube Wax and Apricot kernel oil! Absolute must-have!

      A best seller among the red MAC Lipglosses is the Ruby Woo, just like the lipstick. TheMAC Lipglass Ruby Woo Lip Gloss has a deep red color that gives a beautiful glassy deep shine. Your red Lips stand out! Thanks to the caring ingredients Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Carnoube Wax and Apricot kernel oil, your lips are nourished all day long.


      What is MAC's bestseller?

      The absolute bestseller lipstick from MAC is the Velvet Teddy Lipstick . This lipstick feels mega soft on the lips and has a beautiful cream texture. What makes the lipstick so nice is that it is nourishing and makes the lips fuller. Velvet teddy is a beautiful brown-pink color that stands out beautifully with every skin in its own way.

      The absolute best selling red MAC Lipstick is the MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick. Red lips have been popular for centuries, as it represents power and strength. You have ladies who wear red lipstick when they have a special occasion or ladies who wear bright red lipstick every day. The Ruby Woo is therefore an absolute bestseller!


      Where can I ask my questions about MAC Cosmetics?

      You may have questions about MAC Make-up or skincare after reading all the above information, of course you can! That is exactly what we have our lovely team for, because they can help you further in the process to your ideal MAC Cosmetics products. Whether it's about the right foundation from MAC, your ideal blush color or which MAC makeup products match best. Everything is possible. You can ask your question to our team via [email protected]. Of course you can also reach our team by telephone during office hours or you can visit our pick-up point in Zwolle for MAC advice. Again, we recommend that you only come by during office hours, at least for advice, because then our team is ready for you!