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      Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo

      The shampoo for thinning hair! Show more


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      System 1 - Shampoo
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      System 2 - Shampoo
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      System 3 - Shampoo
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      System 4 - Shampoo
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      System 5 - Shampoo
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      Scalp Recovery Cleanser
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      Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo effectively removes sebum, styling residue and dirt, and it also cares for your scalp and your locks. With the help of the overview below you can best determine which Nioxin System is best suited for your locks. This way you know for sure that you choose the right Nioxin Cleanser that will make you and your locks completely happy. In addition to the Nioxin shampoos, we also have the Scalp Revitalizer conditioners and treatments available. This way you can always give your locks a full treatment, from A to Z.


      Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo Systems Explained

      • System 1 is suitable for normal to thin hair
      • System 2 is suitable for fine, thinning hair
      • System 3 is suitable for chemically treated hair
      • System 4 is suitable for thin and chemically treated hair
      • System 5 is suitable for thinning hair, of medium to thick texture, that has been natural or chemically treated
      • System 6 is for normal to thick hair that has been chemically treated and is visibly thinning


      Operation Nioxin

      Nioxin tackles 3 causes of thinning hair.

      • Derma (unhealthy scalp) - Nioxin removes sebum that can clog hair follicles
      • Density (less hairs) - Nioxin reduces hair loss due to hair breakage
      • Diameter (thinner hairs) - Nioxin increases hair texture


      Background Nioxin

      Eva Graham is the founder of Nioxin. After many studies, Eva learned that “the scalp is an extension of the facial skin and needs mild ingredients to breathe and function”. Nioxin Research Laboratories was founded in 1987. Formulas have been developed to cleanse, repair and activate the hair and scalp. Between 1999 and 2000 people really started to discover Nioxin. They are still seen to this day as a drug-free alternative thanks to innovative anti-aging technologies for hair and scalp that they discovered themselves in the Nioxin Research laboratories. In March 2015, Nioxin again won the prize for Favorite product line for fine/thinning hair. This is already the 14th! year in a row at the 2015 Stylist Choice Awards.


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