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      Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts

      Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts -> Beautiful long locks, you should cherish them! Not everyone is said to have beautiful long hair. The Schwarzkopf Professionel team drank coffee and thought together, and that's where the brilliant idea came. Specially develop a line that meets the needs of beautiful, long hair! Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts! Yes Show more


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      Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts -> Beautiful long locks, you should cherish them! Not everyone is said to have beautiful long hair. The Schwarzkopf Professionel team drank coffee and thought together, and that's where the brilliant idea came. Specially develop a line that meets the needs of beautiful, long hair! Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts! Yes yes yes, not just Mad About Curls anymore. Which is also a very grandiose line with rock-solid hair products.

      Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths is a holistic hair care routine that intensely hydrates your hair from the roots with lightweight formulas. Long hair that feels heavy will be a thing of the past. It is now time for brilliant long hair that falls smoothly, and radiates enormous health. This means you don't have to calculate a big haircut as often, and that's what you want! Let your long hair grow even longer through proper care and naturally satisfy the needs of your hair.




      What is the Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths philosophy?

      You don't just get long hair from one day to the next, you need patience for that. So why not make the journey to long locks one to enjoy? The process is ultimately more fun than the destination, the destination is suddenly there. The process is every day, day in and day out…that's where Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths comes in. hello then!

      No more days when your hair seems to grow slowly, and you get sad that your lengths are getting dry and stiff…not to mention breakage and split ends. That makes the process to long hair just not fun, worthless even sometimes. However, this is the reality and it happens. Styles, forgotten haircuts or mechanical influences..


      How does Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths technology work?

      Source: www.schwarzkopf-professional.nl

      Just like the Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls line, Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts also contains the Aquarine Complex. However, they have not been idle at Schwarzkopf and have improved the Aquarine Complex with Biotin and Length Maximisich Tech. Aah, sounds very cool but what exactly does it do? Correct. It ensures that your hair follicles are activated and split ends are immediately remedied! And that's exactly what you want when you have long hair, let's face it.

      The Aquarine Complex intensely hydrates and strengthens your locks. In addition, the Aquarine Complex ensures that your hair gets a protective shield and is protected against breakage and heat. Just for information and to throw some numbers so you know how well this product works: compared to untreated locks that do not use this line, this series of Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts ensures that there will be up to 96% less hair breakage and 94 % less split ends! hello then! The Schwarzkopf Professional team is also top notch!

      It is of course important that you use this entire line as a holistic regimen to experience these numbers. Continuity is an important factor here.


      In short:

      The Mad about Lengths products combine gentle cleansing recipes with the revolutionary Aquarine complex. Our new formulas with Aquarine Complex are upgraded with Biotin and the Length Maximizing Technology to activate hair follicles and instantly fix split ends


      What are the 5 secrets of long hair?

      Secret 1: Finish your shampoo with a cool rinse. This ensures that the hair cuticle closes properly and results in less frizz and more shine.
      Secret 2: Avoid elastics or rough hair accessories. This is of course an easy way to pimp your hairstyle or secure locks, but hair accessories can have sharp edges and cause hair breakage. Trendy tip: use a scrunchie or a headscarf.
      Secret 3: Treat your hair once a week. This improves combability, manageability, softness, bounce and shine!
      Secret 4: Go to the hairdresser regularly, now that you can! Your hair grows about 1 cm per month. So if you go to the hairdresser once every 8 weeks (0.5 cm off can sometimes be enough) your hair will grow longer and it will stay beautiful!
      Secret 5: Be careful when combing (wet) hair. When hair is wet it absorbs water, about 30% to 40% of its own weight. Wet hair is therefore weaker than dry hair, so combing or brushing can damage the hair lengths.


      Which Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths match my hair best?

      Long hair is long hair, but there is a difference in the needs of long hair. Perhaps your hair needs daily intense nutrition, while someone else does not need it at all. The team has made a very clear schedule for this.

      Source - www.schwarzkopf-professional.nl

      As you can see in the beautiful diagram above, you can see that the holistic regimen is divided into two options. Namely light care and intense care. Which hair products from the Mad About Lenghts line suit you best? You will discover that now, so read on quickly :)


      Which hair products from the Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts are suitable for light care?

      For light care of your beautiful long hair, the following hair products from the Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths line are suitable for you:

      To cleanse your beautifully long hair, start with the Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts Shampoo .

      Then you can add the Mad About Lenghts embracing treatment to intensely nourish your hair.

      Then use the Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths Split Ends Fix Spray to condition your long hair.



      Which hair products from the Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts are suitable for intensive care?

      Do your beautiful long hair need intensive care? Then the following holistic regimen is ideal for you and your locks!

      You start your routine with the Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts Shampoo , your hair is gently cleaned. As a result, your hair will not be damaged unnecessarily. Once you have rinsed out the Mad About Lengths shampoo, you can get started with the Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths Embracing Treatment . Our team specifically recommend doing this in this order and not after the conditioner. Shampoos open your hair cuticles and conditioners close them again. If you use the treatment after the shampoo, it can get all the way into your hair. The conditioner closes it off and ensures that it really stays in your hair. This way your hair remains intensely cared for and protected for up to 10 days after using the Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts Embracing Treatment.

      Then you get started with Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths Split Ends Fix Spray . If you have sprayed this two-phase leave-in in your hair, you can conclude your holistic regimen with the Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts Scalp Serum that contains biotin. Of course we all know what biotin does, let your hair grow! whoop whoop!


      Does Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts make my hair grow?

      The Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths has been specially developed for your long hair, but does it make your long hair even longer? Good question! Biotin is used in the products, and it has been proven that your hair grows longer from biotin. However, there are a few hooks and eyes here, why? It's also about how you treat your hair. For example, do you style your long hair every day and do you not take good care of your hair? Then your hair can grow faster, but you will hardly notice this. Styling, dead ends and sanding over your clothes simply doesn't make your hair any better. If you don't get started with this, and use a correct holistic regimen, your hair will not grow longer.

      If you do all this, and you think about everything, your hair can certainly grow longer. How much that is, of course, depends on your own hair. If you also eat a good and healthy diet with a lot of good fats, your hair will certainly grow longer. The more natural you eat, and the less junk food .. then your hair will grow longer.

      As you read, growing your hair longer is not something you just do, with exceptions. But it is certainly possible. In the process you will discover what works for you and what doesn't. Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts is definitely something that will help you :)


      Will my hair become healthier by using Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts?

      You have beautiful long hair, and it must be healthy or grow. Our team obviously does not know what kind of holistic regimen you are using, or if you are using it at all. What we do know is that if you wash your long hair with the Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts, your hair will certainly become healthier, or stay healthy. This is due to the technologies used in Mad About Lenghts hair products. If you want to know exactly what this technology does, we recommend scrolling up to the question "How does Schwarzkopf's Mad About Lenghts technology work?" .


      Can I combine Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths with hairvitamins?

      If you are busy with your long hair, and to get it even longer, chances are that you are now also taking hair vitamins. And the question of whether you can combine this with the Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts line is therefore not so strange. The Mad About Lenghts line also contains biotin, which ensures that your hair grows longer. Hair vitamins are then an ideal combination with the Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts line, in this way you are working on your hair from the inside and out.

      Are you not yet taking hair vitamins and do you actually want to do this, or does this sound like a good idea? Then our team recommends the Isza Beau Hair vitamins . These are 100% vegan hair vitamins that contain Biotin, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Flicic Acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc and Selenium.


      Is Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths sulfate and paraben free?

      It has been discussed a lot in recent times, sulfates and parabens. Scientific research has shown that it is and can be harmful in certain amounts. However, you have aggressive variants and mild variants. One does not suffer from it and the other does.


      Is Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths cruelty free?

      In an ever-improving world where everyone is becoming more aware of their surroundings, it is wonderful to see that people also dare to ask questions. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths is cruelty free. Schwarzkopf is part of Henkel Corporation and they produce in China, among others. In China, it is required by law to test on animals. Although it may well be that Schwarzkopf Mad About Lenghts was not produced there, we cannot rule it out. If you really want to be sure that you have hair products that are cruelty free, our team recommends one of the following brands: REF Stockholm , Maria Nila and Insight .


      Where can I ask my question about Schwarzkopf Professional Mad About Lenghts?

      Perhaps you are not quite sure whether the Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths is suitable for your hair, or that you have another question about this fantastic line? Then contact our team without obligation! We are happy to assist you in making the right choice, because the right choice ensures that you enjoy your hair products for years to come. Trying again and again isn't just a waste of money it's just frustrating ;) Contact our team at [email protected] or call our team during office hours.