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    Fanola No Yellow Set - 2X350ml

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    Fanola No Yellow Set - 2X350ml

    Product description

    Fanola No Yellow Set contains the well-known No Yellow Shampoo 350ml and a matching Nutri Care Conditioner 350ml. Fanola is the most popular shampoo used in blonde (bleached), Highlights, Coupe soleil, Balayage or gray hair and is intended to keep those beautiful cool colors (ice, ash and gray tones) longer. For various reasons, there can sometimes be a yellow glow in your colored hair. Discoloration can be caused by the environment or because you have bleached it. If your hair contains yellow pigment (from dyeing or from yourself) and you want to dye your hair blonde, you may get orange, yellow or blonde hair with a too warm yellow glow. It's a very common problem. You want a nice cool blonde shade but it will be warmer or more yellow than you want.

    Fanola 'No Yellow' contains purple pigments which suppress yellow and copper pigments, give your hair a cool, silvery blonde tone and the yellow disappears. Fanola No Yellow provides a natural lightening of color nuances. This keeps your desired color tone and accents such as highlights get a natural look.

    How do I use the Fanola No Yellow Set?

    Apply a small amount of Fanola Silver Shampoo to wet hair and massage it in gently. Leave the shampoo on for 30 to 60 seconds or up to 5 minutes for an even more intense result, then rinse the hair thoroughly. For best results, use the closing Fanola Nutri Care Conditioner after washing.


    Which No Yellow Styling products fit seamlessly with the Fanola Set?

    Looking for good styling products that also work Anti-Yellow, in other words that contain a lot of violet pigment? Then read on quickly, because Fanola has a few very strong styling products that you just have to have at home as a blonde!

    TheNo Yellow Care Shield Mist Scented Protective Spray is the ideal hair spray that protects your hair against harmful external influences thanks to the 'Shield Technology'. For example, your already brassy blonde hair is extra sensitive to 'wind and weather', the condition of your hair is of course not improved by bleaching. Thanks to the No Yellow Shield Mist, your hair is protected and it gets a delicious scent!

    The No Yellow Care Thermo-Protective Cream is the ideal heat protectant. It not only protects your hair against heat from heat tools, but also ensures that split ends are a thing of the past and of course the violet pigment counteracts unwanted yellow tones. Must have!

    The No Yellow Care 2-Phase Potion Leave-in Conditioner Spray ensures that your hair is intensely hydrated and they combat fluff! No more lion hairstyles as soon as you step out of the door! Of course the Leave-in Spray also contains violet pigment!

    Looking for a good mousse for your hair that is also No Yellow proof? The Fanola Incredible Foam is the way to go!

    The Fanola No yellow Shampoo ensures stiff hair, which is logical because it is not intended to nourish but to give your locks a beautiful cool shade. in addition to the Nutri Care Conditioner, we also recommend the Fanola Nutri Care Re-constructing Mask . Do this once or twice a week and your hair will not only shine because of the cool shade but also shine with joy because of the intense nourishment you give it!


    Fanola No Yellow Power

    Fanola owes its fame to the Fanola No Yellow. The purple pigments in Fanola silver shampoo are so powerful that they transform your warm blonde hair into cool, ash blonde locks without too much effort! Your locks are literally toned, without the use of demi- or semi-permanent coloring. And that is of course unprecedented! And that only with a silver shampoo. So you understand that Fanola quickly conquered the Dutch market. This shows that Fanola is a quality brand.


    About Fanola

    Fanola is a very popular hairdressing brand from beautiful Italy. It was founded in 2004 by a group of entrepreneurs. They saw various needs in the industry and wanted to provide the solutions for this. And that worked! In just a short space of time, Fanola became one of the largest and in-demand hairdressing brands in Italy. Currently they are building hard to create popularity in other countries, and they are doing well. This success is partly due to the Fanola No-Yellow Shampoo.


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    Super goede zilverhampoo die je haar ook verzorgd. De shampoo is sterk dus de inwerktijd is kort. De conditioner doet echt zijn werk. Voorheen altijd de zilvershampoo van Fudge gebruikt maar die droogt je haar meer uit.
    Posted by: Suzanne on 24 April 2021
    5 from 5
    Fijne producten! Doet wat het belooft.
    Posted by: d.menten on 15 March 2021
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