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      ARTDECO - luxury make-up products for an affordable price, now for more than 35 years. The brand now sells its products in 78 different countries. Anyway, we love it! Artdeco has a varying cosmetics line that consists of make-up, make-up tools and facial care for after wearing the make-up. Both classic make-up products and new innovative products such as eyeshadow base, lash booster and the Magic Mix. The Artdeco range is a perfect combination of these products. “Beauty should be within everyone's reach”, quality and sustainability are paramount at Artdeco. Artdeco's motives are individuality, inspiration and 'the art of make-up'. Whether you go out for a night or go to work, with Artdeco products the perfect appearance succeeds in every situation. Below you will find everything you need to know about the ARTDECO brand.


      “My goal is to create extraordinary products with the best possible price-quality ratio and to generate new ideas.” -HELMUT BAURECHT, OWNER & COMPANY FOUNDER


      What kind of brand is Artdeco?

      Artdeco has been developing high quality cosmetics since 1985. Artdeco products can also be described as 'affordable luxury'. Artdeco has an eye on the latest trends and mixes classic with modern. Sustainability is in Artdeco's DNA. For years, sustainability has been paramount in the development of make-up products, from production to packaging. In addition to 'classic' make-up products, Artdeco also develops products that speed up and simplify the make-up routine. You can think of an eyelash booster, skincare, lipstick sealer and eyeshadow base. With this, Artdeco wants to stimulate self-confidence in women.


      What are the important features of Artdeco?

      We have listed all the important features of ARTDECO for you:

      • Luxury products
      • Affordable
      • Innovative & Classic
      • animal-friendly
      • Good quality
      • Sustainability first
      • Varying assortment
      • Keep an eye on the latest trends
      • Easy to use
      • Suitable for everyone
      • Succeeds the perfect appearance for every situation
      • Long-lasting products
      • High quality ingredients


      What are Artdeco's bestsellers?

      Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation- A powerful foundation that naturally covers impurities and dark circles for a long time.

      Artdeco 3 in 1 Make-up Fixing Spray- An all in 1 fixing spray that you can use before your make-up (primer), as a finish spray after doing your make-up or as a refresher in between. The spray ensures that your look lasts longer.


      Is Art Deco right for me?

      Fortunately, Artdeco's range is very versatile. Artdeco products are very easy to use and specially developed for everyone. Are you not very good at applying make-up or do you not have much time in the morning? No problem, Artdeco is fast and simple. But do you like an extensive make-up routine? Then Artdeco is also perfect for you!


      What kind of products does Artdeco have in its range?

      Artdeco has cosmetics for lips, eyes, eyebrows, face, beauty accessories, basically everything you can think of. We cannot list them all. So we have some interesting products that will simplify your makeup routine:

      Artdeco All In One Eye Primer- is a primer for your eyelids. The primer makes applying eyeshadow easy and the result stays beautiful longer!

      Artdeco Lash Booster Volumizing Mascara Base- A nourishing balm for the lashes that gives the lashes a strengthening boost.

      Artdeco 3 in 1 Make-up Fixing Spray- An all in 1 fixing spray that you can use before your make-up (primer), as a finish spray after doing your make-up or as a refresher in between. The spray ensures that your look lasts longer.

      Artdeco Adhesive For Permanent Lashes- For applying permanent lashes.

      Artdeco Fixing Powder- A loose powder for fixing your make-up, so everything stays in place! :)


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