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      Twisted Curls Hibiscus & Shea Butter

      Urban Care Twisted Curls Hibiscus & Shea Butter is ideal for wavy and curly hair. This line has been specially developed for hair that is frizzy and needs extra definition; it embraces and enhances the curls. Twisted Curls softens, nourishes and hydrates the hair using its unique formula. This formula is enriched with hibiscus flower and shea b Show more


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      Urban Care Twisted Curls Hibiscus & Shea Butteris ideal for wavy and curly hair. This line has been specially developed for hair that is frizzy and needs extra definition; it embraces and enhances the curls. Twisted Curls softens, nourishes and hydrates the hair using its unique formula. This formula is enriched withhibiscus flower and shea butter that completely transform your locks.It repairs and renews damaged curls, while it contains no harmful substances. Complete your haircare routine with Twisted Curls Hibiscus & Shea Butter!


      What does the Twisted Curls range consist of?

      Urban Care's unique line, which is especially for curly and wavy hair, has a wide range consisting of 6 different products! These products are: 

      • Micellar Shampoocarefully cleanses your scalp. With its special formula, it helps moisturize dry scalp and remove flaky skin.
      • Oil-In Creamis a unique leave-in cream that is perfect for shaping your curly or wavy locks.
      • Hair Care Shampoois a cleansing and refreshing shampoo that does not weigh the hair down. It gives you the perfect curls that are hydrated, styled and beautifully defined.
      • Pre-Wash Hair Maskis a nourishing hair mask that you apply before washing your hair. It helps restore your curls and gives your haircare routine an extra nourishing boost!
      • Hair Care Conditionerprovides softness and shine without weighing the hair. With Twisted Curls Conditioner, your curly locks are super easy to comb.
      • Leave-In Conditionerprovides protection, hydration and ensures less frizzy hair. Moreover, this conditioner is a leave-in, which means you don't have to wash it out.
      • Intensive Hair Maskis a powerful hair mask that gives your locks an extra hydration boost. Curls need all the hydration they can get, so with Intensive Mask you're in the right place!
      • Treatment Mousseis a very handy mousse to use for styling your curls. It lasts a very long time and nourishes your locks at the same time!

      What are the main features of Urban Care's Krullen line?

      Twisted Curls gives your curls a lot of benefits. These consist of:

      • Specially for curly and wavy hair
      • Anti-frizz and de-electrifies the hair
      • Gives an extra definition boost
      • Enriched with hibiscus flower and shea butter
      • Softens, nourishes and hydrates the hair
      • Lasts for up to 24 hours
      • Repairs and renews damaged curls
      • 100% vegan and not tested on animals
      • 0% silicones, parabens and sulphates

      Can I combine Twisted Curls products?

      Twisted Curls' unique hair products are super easy to use and deliver even better results when you combine them! That's why Urban Care has put a lot of thought into giving your hair routine the perfect makeover. The step-by-step plan goes as follows:

      1. Start by applyingPre-Wash Hair Mask. Do this on dry hair before showering.
      2. Leave this on for 5 minutes and rinse.
      3. Then use theMicellar Shampooor theTwisted Curls Shampoo. Apply a good amount of shampoo to your hair roots.
      4. Let this foam well with your hands or with aShampoo Scalp Brush.
      5. Apply the foam to the ends of the hair and rinse well.
      6. Then it's time to use theTwisted Curls Conditioner. Massage this gently into the hair.
      7. Let this work for about 2 to 3 minutes and rinse.
      8. As a next step, apply theIntensive Hair Maskand distribute it over the hair lengths and ends.
      9. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes and rinse with warm water.
      10. Then use theLeave-In Conditioneror theOil-In Cream. Apply an equal amount to your wet or damp hair ends before you start styling your hair.
      11. Distribute the product over the hair with awide-tipped comb. 
      12. Do not rinse this out. You can apply it additionally to dry hair during the day.

      Now your curls are completely fresh to be styled!

      What is the result of Twisted Curls?

      After using Twisted Curls products, you will immediately notice a difference. This gives your hair a silky shine and you will never suffer from electrified hair again! This will last for up to 24 hours. With its rich and moisturizing formula, you can be sure that your damaged curls will be repaired. Ultimate define your curls with Twisted Curls!

      What are the main ingredients of Twisted Curls?

      All Twisted Curls products containhibiscus flower and shea butter.Hibiscus flower is an ingredient that is enriched with high antioxidants and vitamins A and C. This gives your hair intense nourishment, so you can enjoy stronger and shiny locks! Shea Butter is packed with fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E. This ensures that your frizzy and dry curls are completely renewed and nourished. With Shea Butter, anti-frizz takes on a whole new meaning!

      Is Twisted Curls from Urban Care vegan?

      Urban Care's Krullen line is definitely vegan! This unique brand is very concerned with sustainability. All Twisted Curls products are 100% not tested on animals and vegan, the packaging is 100% recyclable and last but not least: there are 0% sulphates, silicones and parabens in Twisted Curls! This way you can be sure that you are taking the ultimate care of your curls and at the same time contributing to improving the environment. :)


      Where can I go with my questions about Urban Care?

      Do you have doubts about Twisted Curls or a question about another product inUrban Care's range? Which can! The Haarspullen team finds it very important that you can make all your hair and beauty purchases with confidence. Please contact us, without obligation, at[email protected]or call us during office hours. Happy hair care!

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