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      The ideal hair dryer   Do you not want to spend a lot of time drying your locks, but do you want to significantly shorten the drying time? And do you also want your locks to look beautifully healthy and not frizz? Then choose a quality hair dryer. If you're an avid hair dryer user, invest in a good one that's kind to your locks. Soft and shiny l Show more


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      The ideal hair dryer


      Do you not want to spend a lot of time drying your locks, but do you want to significantly shorten the drying time? And do you also want your locks to look beautifully healthy and not frizz? Then choose a quality hair dryer. If you're an avid hair dryer user, invest in a good one that's kind to your locks. Soft and shiny locks after blow drying with a hairdryer is now possible for everyone!


      Which hair dryer should I buy?

      There are so many types and sizes of hair dryers and hair dryers these days, that it is not very strange that you no longer know which one to get. Know that there is an ideal hair dryer for your hair type and your needs. With the following questions you will know which hair dryer suits you best!


      What's your plan with the Hairdryer?

      Do you only want to use the Hair Dryer to dry your locks after an early morning shower or do you want to be able to do more with the hair dryer? If you only use the hair dryer to dry your locks, a hair dryer with 2 heat settings and one blowing setting is actually perfect. Get started quickly in the morning and you'll be ready in no time! The lower temperature is for fine, damaged, dry and/or chemically treated locks. This type of hair can take less and also doesn't need as much strength to get dry. A heat protectant is therefore really recommended in these cases, such as the CHI 44 Iron Guard. If you have normal locks or thick/unruly locks, the higher temperature is better, because they can have a little more. As you can see, your locks don't dry quickly either, so you can use some extra horse power.

      If you want to do more than just blow dry your locks with your hair dryer, and if you really want to style with it, there are hair dryers that have more extensive functions. Do you want to create a beautiful stroke, give your locks a big volume boost or create something else brilliant, then all this is possible with the right hair dryer. The hair dryer contains multiple heat settings, blow settings and even attachments. In this case, take a good look at the functions of the relevant hair dryer. You can then go completely loose and style your locks in such a way that it makes you intensely happy.


      Which Hair Dryers and Hair Dryers are of good quality?

      Create your masterpiece with your buddy - the hair dryer. Find the ideal hair dryer here that will always be there for you. Whether it's the Moser Edition Pro 2100 , CHI Lava Ceramic Hair Dryer , or the GAM.MA Professional iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer for every hair type, there is something in between. With today's technology, you're guaranteed to get healthy hair and locks that glow like rays of the sun. In the summer it is of course ideal to let your hair dry naturally, but during the cold or the evenings when you want to transform your hair into an extra enviable forest, we would like to be prepared. Here at haarspullen.nl the choice is huge!

      Just a little tip - to prevent static hair, it is best to choose a hair dryer with ion technology. It is also important that you look at your hair type when choosing a new boyfriend. If you are planning to buy a hair dryer for your own use, all you really need to know is your own hair type. If you plan to use the blow dryer for your work as a hairdresser or hairstylist, you simply need to be able to blow-dry all hair types. Below you will discover which hair dryer or hair dryer suits you best!


      Which hair dryer is right for my hair type?

      There are 3 factors that determine which hair type the hair dryer is suitable for. Wattage, Ionic technology and ceramic technology.

      The Wattage determines how hard and how hot the hairdryer can blow. The higher the wattage, the harder the hair dryer can blow and the higher the temperature with which the hair dryer can blow. Thin locks naturally dry faster than thick locks. A lower wattage hair dryer is great for thin locks, and a high wattage hair dryer is ideal for thick locks.

      Today many hair dryers have Ionic Technology. This is ideal for preventing frizzy and static strands. Negative ions are dispersed during blow-drying. These transform water droplets into microscopic water molecules, which are then absorbed by your locks. This also closes your hair cuticles and makes your locks beautifully smooth. Closing your hair cuticles keeps moisture levels in balance, and hydrated locks are exactly what you want. Beautiful locks glowing with health shine towards you.

      The Ceramic Technology has two advantages, on the one hand ceramic has an anti-fluff effect when it comes into contact with your locks. On the other hand, it helps to distribute the heat evenly, so that the heat is distributed in a balanced way over your locks. This also allows you to style without damaging your locks. Now it is true that during blow-drying your locks do not come into contact with ceramics as with a flat iron, but the ceramics do help to spread the heat evenly. That means the heat that comes out of the hair dryer is the same temperature everywhere. This is of course super nice if your locks are damaged or chemically treated. This is also ideal if you have beautiful, fine locks.

      You can see below which wattage hair dryer or which technology you need for your hair type:

      • For thin locks , a hair dryer of 1200W - 1500W is sufficient.
      • For locks with normal thickness , a hair dryer of 1300W - 1800W is sufficient
      • For thick locks you need a hair dryer of 1600W - 2200W such as the GHD Air Hair Dryer
      • For dry and frizzy locks it is best to choose a hair dryer with Ionic Technology such as the Balmain Infrared Hair Dryer .
      • For damaged and chemically treated locks it is best to use a hair dryer with Ceramic Technology.


      Should I use a heat protectant when using a hair dryer?

      When using a hair dryer, it is important that you use a heat shield for your locks. Of course, you don't want to fall under the damaged locks category in a few weeks. At the bottom of the heat protection page you will find more information about the different heat protectants. The runners that are suitable for everyone are the CHI 44 Iron Guard Spray , the 100% vegan Maria Nila Cream Heat Sprayand theBiosilk Silk Therapy Thermal Shield .


      Service of Haarspullen.nl

      At haarspullen.nl you can buy hair dryers online in our online shop. We ensure that your order, which you place before 11 p.m., is sent to you the same working day. With an order from € 35, - you benefit from free shipping. In addition, we offer you the post-payment service.

      Do you have a question about one of our products or our service? You can expect us to answer all your questions by e-mail very quickly. Often also outside office hours. You can also reach us by phone. Do you want more information? Then take a look at our frequently asked questions. We wish you a lot of fun shopping for a Hair Dryer at haarspullen.nl.