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    More Haircare Extreme No Yellow Shampoo #4 - 250ml

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    More Haircare Extreme No Yellow Shampoo #4 - 250ml

    Product description

    More Haircare Extreme Silver Shampoo is a professional silver shampoo made accessible to you! This extreme silver shampoo with a high concentration of pigment mattifies and neutralizes the surface color and ensures a deep cleaning of the bleaching residues. This nourishing silver shampoo is great for refreshing white, gray or blond hair. No nonsense, just More for less ;)


    What are unique features of the More Silver Extreme Shampoo?

    This silver shampoo contains even more pigment than the More Silver shampoo, which also has a great result! The Extreme Silver Shampoo creates a beautiful cool shade in your hair. Check out more features about this product here:

    • Recommended: in our opinion the strongest silver shampoo!
    • Highly pigmented
    • No nonsense
    • Good quality
    • Nourishing silver shampoo
    • Extracts yellow pigments
    • Suitable for highlights, coupe soleil, balayage, blond and gray shades
    • Ideal as an intermediate treatment after a complete blonding
    • For a cool look
    • Smells good


    How do I use the More Extreme Silver Shampoo?

    The More Extreme Silver Shampoo is great as an intermediate treatment after a complete bleaching. In addition, the shampoo is also suitable for highlights, coupe soleil, balayage and blond or gray tones. Apply a generous amount of shampoo, trying to massage the scalp as little as possible. Leave the silver shampoo on for a maximum of 5 minutes, depending on the condition of your hair and the desired result. Then rinse the silver shampoo thoroughly. For best results, we recommend using the More Haircare Silver Conditioner after the silver shampoo. This is a pigmented silver conditioner that cares for your hair and makes it wonderfully soft, while neutralizing your hair from yellow tones. Enjoy beautiful cool locks ♡♡


    Does the More line have any other products?

    Yup, there is more choice! You can also go for the More HairCare Silver Shampoo . Both shampoos take good care of your hair and do not dry it out. The only difference is that the Extreme Silver has more pigment. Did you check out the most powerful silver shampoo? Then the Extreme Silver Shampoo is perfect for you. Otherwise you can go for the Silver Shampoo :). And of course the More Haircare Silver Conditioner , which you can use with both silver shampoos.


    Is the More Extreme Silver Shampoo available in multiple sizes?

    Whether you want normal or travel-size packaging: the choice is yours! Maybe you want to try the product out, are you going on holiday or you find it useful to have a normal size in the shower. Choose what you find most useful:


    Is the Extreme Silver Shampoo better than the Fudge silver shampoo?

    Everyone knows the Fudge silver shampoo, it has been fighting for the first place for years with the Fanola silver shampoo. However, now there is a new silver shampoo on the market and it is the ideal combination of both silver shampoos. The Fanola is by far the number one when it comes to the most violet pigment, followed by Fudge. Why? Because it contains slightly less pigment, but therefore more caring ingredients. That's why they always compete for first place. There is something to be said for both, to be honest. Both are great silver shampoos! However, it depends on what your hair needs!

    But now you don't have to! The MORE Extreme Silver Shampoo has the best of both words. It has the most violet pigment and it takes care of your hair intensively! That they have realized that is of course really brilliant! So an ode to MORE Haircare for, in our opinion, the best silver shampoo of 2020 that surpasses our favorite! And the price,'s really great. It is lower than both the Fudge and the Fanola!


    Where can I ask my question about the More Extreme Silver Shampoo?

    Are you still in doubt between this Extreme Silver Shampoo or the other silver shampoo from More? Or do you have another question about, for example, the More line? We are happy to help you further, so feel free to contact us! You can reach us in different ways: by phone, by mail or come and have a look at our pick-up point. Near Zwolle? Come and have a look at our pick-up point. Then we can show you the products of More up close! If you like it, you can immediately purchase, how convenient! Of course you can also reach us online. Call us during office hours or email your question to [email protected], and we will try to respond as soon as possible! We wish you a lot of fun shopping More at

    The More Haircare Extreme Silver Shampoo is available in a 100ml package.

    The More Haircare Extreme Silver Shampoo is available in a 250ml package.

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    5 from 5
    Ik ben fan. Lange tijd Fanola no Yellow gebruikt, maar deze shampoo geeft meer pigment af. Daarnaast voelt mijn haar veel zachter aan na het wassen. Ik vind het een echte aanrader. I, ben in een tussen fase van blond naar grijs. Zie na het gebruik van deze shampoo bijna geen verschil meer tussen mijn grijze en blonde haar. Echt super.
    Posted by: Marjan on 21 July 2021
    5 from 5
    Heerlijke shampoo en droogt je haar veel minder uit dan fanola . Veel pigment. Doet zeker wat ie beloofd. Aanrader
    Posted by: Carla on 18 April 2021
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