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      Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Color Cream - 60ml

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      Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Color Cream - 60ml

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      Product description

      Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Color Cream is a permanent hair color with optimal performance. Igora Royal is the ultimate professional permanent hair color, guarantees complete coverage and perfect leveling, even on porous hair. The coverage is long-lasting and the color possibilities are endless because all colors can be mixed. In addition, Schwarzkopf Igora Royal is also caring for the hair. This innovative combination gives intensive colors and a beautiful, healthy shine. Moreover, it also has an ultimate gray coverage. Schwarzkopf Igora Royal is made by and for colourists.

      The Igora Royal products will have a new, modernized packaging from March 2021. The range has been tightened up and given a new look, but with the same formula. The packaging is now made from recycled material, which saves a lot of plastic. The content is exactly the same, but the new packaging saves per year:

      • 80 tons of plastic
      • 350 tons of aluminum
      • 340 tons of paper

      Professional colors with a sharpened and modernized brand character. Be the colorist you want to be! View the color chart here: Color chart Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Color .


      What are the main features of the Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Color Cream?

      Below you will find an overview of the main features of the Igora Royal Color.

      • Covers gray hair 100%
      • Maximum color intensity
      • Perfect leveling even on porous hair
      • Improved care
      • Sustainable packaging made from recycled material


      Is there also a matching Developer with the Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Color Cream?

      There certainly is. Mix the paint withIgora Royal Oil Developer3% , 6% ,9%or12%, depending on the color diagnosis and desired color choice. We recommend that you also use this Igora Developer, because hair color products from the same line feel each other just a bit better.


      Does the Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Color Cream Hair Color cover gray hair?

      Do you have gray locks and do you want to get rid of it or do you want something different? Our team understands that completely, then it is good to know whether the Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Color Cream covers your gray locks for the full 100%. Not all hair colors do this, of course. With the Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Color Cream you are in the right place, because it covers your gray hair for 100%!


      What colors are there from the Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Color Cream?

      Looking for a different color? Check out this color chart to find your favorite:

      View color chart.

      Is it the first time that you dye your hair? Then view one of our blogs and learn all about it:


      Where can I find more information about the new mixing ratios of the delisted products?

      Due to the tightened range, some colors will no longer be available in the Igora color range. In this file you can find all the recommendations with mixing ratios to still create the deleted colors. View the file here .

      Curious about what else has changed in the Igora color range? You can find it here .


      Where can I ask my question about the Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Color Cream?

      Do you have a question about the Schwarkopf Igora Royal Color Cream, or are you not quite sure? Please contact our team via [email protected] or call us during office hours. Our in-house experts are happy to help you!


      What colors are there of the Igora Royal Color Cream?


      Disclaimer of our team:
      We want to emphasize that dyeing hair is a specialist job and that is one of the reasons why we do not take any responsibility for unsuccessful dyeing.

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