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      Mom to be

      Mom to be's, pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mums, beautiful and indescribable moments in your life. A moment when you become aware of everything around you. You are going to pay attention to what you eat, you are going to pay attention to what you drink and you are also going to pay attention to what you put on. From make-up to daily Creams for Show more


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      Mom to be's, pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mums, beautiful and indescribable moments in your life. A moment when you become aware of everything around you. You are going to pay attention to what you eat, you are going to pay attention to what you drink and you are also going to pay attention to what you put on. From make-up to daily Creams for your body. You don't want what you put on to have harmful effects on you, but especially on your little miracle. Or that your little one ingests while breastfeeding because of a Nursing Cream that you use. Here you can read everything you need to know + more! Better well-informed than a choice that you would have liked to do differently afterwards. Of course we cannot do everything, but we can do a lot. Let's go!


      What ingredients should I absolutely avoid during my pregnancy?

      A first step towards more awareness of what you actually put on your body is to avoid certain ingredients. You can put this in your phone and when you are in the store, you always have the ingredients with you! What you absolutely want to avoid are hormone disruptors. Why? These can affect your little miracle. An endocrine disruptor is an exogenous substance that changes the functions of the endocrine system and, as a result, causes adverse health effects in your little miracle. This according to the WHO, now a simple translation of this. Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that can directly disrupt your and your baby's normal hormonal functions and potentially cause developmental and health problems in babies, as well as disabilities, illnesses and conditions later in life. Something you absolutely don't want!


      Okay, which ingredients should you absolutely avoid?

      Bisphenol A (BPA) - This is mainly found in plastic packaging and food cans. Do you want to know more or a guide how you can tackle this conveniently? Then we would like to refer you to EWG's guide to BPA .


      Phthalates are mainly found in plastic containers, toys, hair spray, nail polish, perfume and cleaning products and hair care care. This chemical ingredient can be dangerous to the baby in your tummy. It can affect his or her brain and organs. It can also trigger several things in your body such as hormonal changes, birth defects, diabetes, obesity and a number of things that you do not want. Avoid plastic packaging that contains food, transparent foil paper to cover food and certain products that contain "fragance" on an article.


      Chemical UV filters found in sun creams, cosmetics and many lip balms and moisturizers.


      Oxybenzone can be found in almost all non-mineral sunscreens. This ingredient can go deep into your skin and can get to your little one as it can also pass through the placenta. Oxybenzone can disrupt the hormonal system and there is already a link to lower birth weight.


      Octinoxate is also a substance that you see a lot in sunscreens and mimics hormones. Therefore, always choose natural sunscreen.


      Parabens and Methylisothiaizolinone (MIT) can be found in many pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care products, including sunscreens. These ingredients are used so that the products have a longer shelf life. However, these ingredients have been linked to developmental, immune and reproductive disorders. Check the ingredients list and look for ethyl, propyl, isopropyl, butyl and isobutyl parabens.


      Triclosan is an ingredient commonly found in antibacterial soaps / hand soaps, toothpaste, deodorant and facial wipes to remove makeup. Triclosan is an antibacterial substance that can disrupt thyroid hormones and may be linked to emotional problems and hyperactivity in children between the ages of three and five. This mainly concerns large quantities and whether the products are used a lot. Better to prevent than to cure.


      BHA and BHT are commonly used preservatives in lipstick, lip balm, make-up, deodorant, chewing gum and food packaging.


      Phenols are often found in disposable wipes, cosmetics, plasticizers, detergents, emulsifiers, hair dyes and medications. Phenols such as Alkylphenols and Alkylphenols-ethonylates are known to have an estrogenic effect on the body. How can you avoid this ingredient, pay attention to ingredients ending in -phenol.

      Glycol ethers found in cleaning products, certain cosmetics and paints. This substance is known to damage the fertility of the unborn child. Avoid products containing 2-butoxyethanol (EGBE) and methoxydiglycol (DEGME), check the ingredient list on the back of the product.


      What can I do about stretch marks during pregnancy?

      Although we cannot do everything about welts on the stomach, because some are hereditary, we can indeed reduce the welts. When you are pregnant your body undergoes a true transformation, it creates a small miracle. Your body changes inside and out, including your skin. Not only the composition of your skin (the glow!), You also grow and your skin grows with it. What is important is that you support your skin in its elasticity and moisture content. By lubricating natural and completely safe creams and oils you support your skin. So you ensure that your skin gets everything it needs. Of course you also pay attention to your diet, you eat healthy and you ensure that you mainly consume your healthy fats. Your food has an effect on your body and therefore also your skin. This in combination with the right natural creams you do everything you can do about it :)

      We have two variants that have been specially developed for your stomach.

      How do I know if the Nursing Cream is safe for my baby if they swallow it?

      When breastfeeding, it is always wise to take good care of your nipples, especially in the beginning. After feeding you immediately take care of your nipples with the right nipple cream. However, do realize that your little one can get this, this is exactly why you should have natural and 10% safe Nursing Cream at home. If you have left over you can always use this nourishing cream for your own body, it is never a waste of money :) An absolutely safe and completely natural Nursing Cream is that of Attitude, the Attitude Nursing Cream .
      The Attitude team not only has independent labs tested, they also have it extensively tested by their dermatologists. They also look for natural ingredients that could potentially be harmful or irritating to the most sensitive people. So they really go that step further than the rest, and that is beautiful to see. Just a quick background check from Attitude, they started as a company that makes safe home cleaning products so that the little ones who crawl around and lick their hands or the ground don't ingest dangerous ingredients. Truly a special brand that every household should discover!

      Can you also do something about swollen legs, ankles and feet?

      You may not have much to do with this yet, but a common ailment during pregnancy is swollen legs, feet and ankles. Some experience it quite early in pregnancy, and many at the latest during the 3rd trimester. Swollen legs is absolutely not pleasant, a relief from this is therefore very welcome. Some things you can do are:

      1. Keep drinking, hydrating is absolute key.
      2. Reduce constant pressure on your feet, aka on the bench with your feet up.
      3. Limit caffeine intake if you drink this.
      4. Eat more protein. If you eat too little protein, it is possible that this will help you retain more water. Think of cottage cheese and meat.
      5. Wear loose and comfortable clothing that does not reduce your blood circulation. You want to prevent this so that the moisture increase does not increase in your legs and feet.
      6. Swollen feet are warm, cooling your feet in a cold bath or a bag of ice / frozen vegetables / fruit on the swollen areas is a relief.
      7. Don't cross your legs, avoid this if you could;)
      8. Stay active. Sitting on the couch all day is not good for your health, even when you are pregnant. Keep moving, for example, go for a nice walk outside.
      9. Buy new shoes that fit your feet right now. Go for supportive shoes that are also good for your posture.
      10. Take good care of the skin of your legs and feet. Keeps the condition optimal and ensures that your skin remains hydrated. You don't want your skin to be so dry that wounds or infections can develop more quickly.

      The Attitude team has also come up with something that relieves swollen and tired legs, and that's the Attitude Tired Legs . Truly a godsend for every pregnant woman!


      Is there a safe Body Lotion for pregnancy?

      During your pregnancy so much changes for you. Not only in your body, everything changes on the outside as well. It is a wonderful process that you are in, but you also wonder whether the care products you normally use are actually safe for your little one in your stomach. And a valid question, because nowadays so many harmful ingredients are used in the care products. The reason is that it's cheap, but that doesn't mean it's good for you. Now it is important for the Attitude team that they mainly make safe care products for the whole family that are also affordable. They also looked at what is in high demand among pregnant ladies, and body lotion is one of them.

      Many body lotions contain Mineral Oils extracted from petroleum, Benzyl Alcohol and Dimethicone. These are all substances that you actually do not want to put on your body at all, let alone when you are pregnant. That is precisely why the team developed a completely safe and wonderfully smelling body lotion especially for pregnant ladies. Which is not only safe for you, but also for your small wound in your stomach. That is the Attitude Blooming Belly Natural Nourishing Pregnancy Body Lotion


      How do I know for sure that I have bought safe babycare?

      Mom to be, you are awesome! You are doing great, you are in one of the most special times of your life. You want to do everything right, and that makes sense. Also give yourself some rest, and don't grind. We have helped you to make it easier for you. We do this of course through all the informative content that we write. We have written a 2-part series especially for you that goes deep into the material in an easy way, and then made a short and informative overview so that you are properly prepared. You can also immediately buy the safest babycare, of which you are really sure that it is safe!

      Start today with part 1:

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