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    Attitude Super Leaves Natural Deodorant Lemon - 85gr

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    Attitude Super Leaves Natural Deodorant Lemon - 85gr

    Product description

    Super Leaves Natural Deodorant Lemon Leaves is a natural deodorant enriched with lemon leaf extract, known for its purifying properties. The delicious aroma is reminiscent of Earl Gray tea and fresh cucumber.

    Attitude Super Leaves deodorant is a plastic-free natural deodorant that uses an innovative biodegradable full paper packaging. A great design that focuses on plastic reduction. Taking care of the earth and taking care of your body is something you come into contact with every day. The aluminum-free deodorant from Super Leaves Natural is made from natural ingredients such as arrowroot and cornstarch that ensure that moisture is absorbed and unpleasant odors are eliminated naturally. The deodorant is EWG verified and offers long-lasting protection, without clogging the body's natural temperature-regulating sweat system.


    What are the main characteristics of the Deo Lemon Leaves

    In your search for an aluminum-free deodorant without other junk, you ended up with the Lemon Leaves. To be sure whether this is the right variant and meets your requirements for a good deodorant, we have listed a number of important characteristics for you.

    • The packaging is plastic and aluminum free
    • The packaging is biodegradable
    • Based on ARROWROOT
    • EWG verified
    • Provides long-term protection against unpleasant odors
    • Aroma of Earl Gray Tea and fresh cucumber
    • The deodorant is enriched with lemon leaf extract, known for its purifying properties
    • Handy take-away format
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Cruelty-free
    • Vegan


    Is the Attitude Deodorant natural?

    EWG started to push companies to make healthier and safer products. The Super Leaves Deo meets the EWG certificate. That is to say that it is a safe product; it meets EWG's strict standards and is free from harmful chemicals. Complete transparency is created. A product with an EWG approval provides certainty and confidence.


    Is the natural Deodorant with Lemon Leaves vegan?

    In your search for a deodorant without mess, you ended up on the deodorant of Attitude. You may find it important that the deodorant you use has not been tested on animals, in other words cruelty free. We can reassure you because the Lemon leaves is completely vegan. Would you like to go a step further and do you also want no animal ingredients such as beeswax to be used? Even then you are completely fine with this natural deodorant. Yes, it sure is. It is also cruelty-free! :)


    Is the natural Deo from Attitude free of aluminum and aluminum salts?

    More and more is known about ingredients that are harmful to our health. Similarly aluminum and aluminum salts, although there was some vagueness at first, it is becoming increasingly clear. There is a link with cancer, something you naturally want to avoid. You will be completely delighted with this Deodorant from Attitude, because yes it is completely aluminum and aluminum salt free.


    How do I use the Super Leaves Deodorant?

    The packaging is biodegradable and when you take the lid off, you can gently press through the bottom to use the deodorant, it will pop up. Then warm it up briefly on the skin, then the deodorant is easier to use.


    Are there more care products that match the scent of the Regenerating Shower Gel?

    You may enjoy using care products that have the same wonderful, natural scent. So there are absolutely other fine care products from Attitude that fit seamlessly with this completely free deodorant based on arrowroot? In this way you create the all-encompassing conditions for your skin. Below several care products that have a regenerating effect:


    Do you have any questions after reading about the Super Leaves Deodorant?

    Or do you doubt whether the product is something for you? No problem! We at Haarspullen are happy to provide you with professional advice. We stand for quality and grant you the best product we can offer you. Please feel free to contact us, we can be reached by phone and email during office hours; [email protected]

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