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    Attitude Blooming Belly Natural Nourishing Lotion - 473ml

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    Attitude Blooming Belly Natural Nourishing Lotion - 473ml

    Product description

    Attitude Blooming Belly Natural Nourishing Pregnancy Body Lotion has been specially developed for expectant mothers. A carefree body lotion that is 100% free of harmful ingredients and any harmful ingredients. This fast-absorbing cream is hypoallergenic and helps to support the skin in the changes that your body goes through during pregnancy. Argan oil and Shea butter keep your skin soft and moisturized, and that is of course exactly what you want! The cream absorbs quickly, so no greasy body lotion that you have to wait for until it is completely absorbed into your skin. Despite the fact that the pregnancy body lotion absorbs quickly, it has a delicious, rich texture and a natural blissful, mild scent of apple blossom.


    What are the main features of ATTITUDE Maternity Body Lotion?

    In your search for safe pregnancy care, you ended up with Blooming Belly Body Lotion. We have listed the most important features below, especially for you, so that you can be sure that this body lotion is safe for you and your unborn miracle:

    • Body lotion suitable for pregnant ladies
    • 100% safe
    • Natural body lotion with natural ingredients that come from plants and minerals
    • Contains moisturizing argan oil extract and Shea butter
    • Dermatologically tested in independent labs
    • Hypo allergenic
    • Free from chemical perfume
    • Contains a mild and natural scent of apple blossom
    • Absorbs quickly into your skin and no greasy substance
    • ECOLOGO Certified
    • PETA Certified - Cruelty free & vegan
    • Free from silicone, petroleum and mineral oils
    • Free from PEGs (carcinogenic ingredients)
    • Free from Parabens, Formaldehyde & Formaldehyde Releases, Benzyl Alcohol & MIT
    • Free from BHA, BHT, Phthalates and Triclosan that can disrupt hormones



    What are the main ingredients of the Blooming Belly Body Lotion?

    This completely safe body lotion contains extract of argan oil and Shea butter. What exactly do these ingredients do for your skin? Read on and discover!

    Argan Oil Extract ensures that even the most dry skin is well hydrated. Do you have oily skin? Oily skin does not become greasier from argan oil, as it regulates your natural skin oils. It improves the elasticity of the skin, ideal for a pregnant body that can make all kinds of changes.

    Shea Butter ensures that your skin stays hydrated, but also protects and stimulates the cell renewal of your skin. A valuable ingredient for a changed body in which a miracle grows :)


    Does the natural Blooming Belly Body Lotion also contain sulfates, parabens or other suspicious ingredients?

    No, and we can be very resolute about that. The ATTITUDE team is committed to making all of their products safe for the whole family. They started as a household brand. Why? Cleaning products always contain chemical ingredients and if a baby scurries around and touches everything, you want to prevent that! They have now become a complete brand for the whole family with only safe ingredients! They also avoid natural ingredients that can be harmful, so you are absolutely safe with the body lotion from ATTITUDE.


    Does the Pregnancy Nourishing Cream also contain perfume?

    Although the Nourishing Cream specially developed for mom to be's have a delicious, mild and natural apple blossom scent, it is not a perfume! The scent in it is drawn from real apple blossom, no chemical ingredients or chemical treatments have been used. It is completely natural and will not harm you or your unborn baby.


    Is the Attitude Body Lotion also vegan and cruelty free?

    You may find this not so important, or you may find it. Anyway the good news is that the body lotion is cruelty free and vegan! So it is not tested on animals and it does not contain any animal ingredients. Besides being safe to use, it is also better for the animals. Ideal combination! Because often products are cruelty free and / or vegan, but they still contain harmful ingredients.


    Where can I ask my question about the Blooming Belly Body Lotion for pregnant ladies?

    Are you not quite sure after reading the above text whether the Blooming Belly Body Lotion for mom to be's is the right variant or do you have another question? Ask our team your question, we are happy to help you on your way in your search for safe and natural pregnancy care products. Send your question to [email protected] or call our team during office hours.

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