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    Attitude Blooming Belly Natural Stretch Oil - 150ml

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    Attitude Blooming Belly Natural Stretch Oil - 150ml

    Product description

    Attitude Blooming Belly Stretch Marks Oil is a safe Stretch Mark Oil that ensures that the elasticity of the skin is maintained during pregnancy. The completely safe Stretch Mark Oil is hypoallergenic and safe for both the mother and your baby. The Oil is firming, nourishing and also has a regenerative effect thanks to argan oil and almond oil that is added in the Stretch Marks Oil.


    What are the main features of the Maternity Stretch Marks Oil?

    In your search for your ideal stretch mark oil, you ended up with Blooming Belly. This stretch mark oil is 100% safe for you and your little miracle in your stomach, it is packed with active ingredients that actually do something. We have listed the most important characteristics for you, so that you can quickly discover whether the Stretch Marks Oil meets your wishes and requirements.

    • Completely safe
    • Natural ingredients
    • Absorbs quickly into the skin
    • Hypoallergenes
    • Contains argan and almond oil
    • Antioxidant effect thanks to argan oil
    • Regenerative properties due to added argan oil
    • Thanks to its almond oil, elasticity is maintained in the skin
    • Made from plant-based ingredients
    • Free from preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, parabens, formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasers, benzyl alcohol, and MIT
    • Packaging made from recycled HDPE # 2 plastic. Easy to recycle after use without releasing harmful substances
    • Cruelty free
    • VEGAN
    • EWG and Ecologo certified
    • Sustainable and recyclable


    How often can I best use the Anti-Stretch Mark Oil?

    It is recommended to smear the Oil on your stomach at least twice a day. You do this by using light and circulating movements. You work from your stomach towards your breasts, groin and other areas. You can use this oil immediately from the fantastic moment you discover that you are pregnant. Would you like to take care of the rest of your body and prevent or cure dehydration? Then we recommend that you also purchase the Attitude Body Lotion , which you can of course continue to use after your pregnancy. No reason to stop with this safe care, you will have your little one with you a lot, so if something gets on him / her it is absolutely no problem.


    Where does the scent in the Stretch Mark Oil come from?

    You may be aware that synthetic perfume is an ingredient that you should avoid, especially when you are pregnant. Where does the fragrance come from that is in the Stretch Mark Oil? This fragrance comes from the ingredients ethyl acetate natural , which is naturally found in fruit. The delicious, subtle scent that you smell is of natural origin and obtained in a safe way. So no chemical ingredients have been used to extract the odor. You can safely use this Oil, which has been specially developed against stretch marks, during your pregnancy!


    Does the natural Blooming Belly Stretch Marks Oil also contain sulfates, parabens or other suspicious ingredients?

    You may be aware of the possible harmful effects of sulphates and parabens, among others. This is not what you want in your daily care products, let alone when you are pregnant. The ATTITUDE team goes to great lengths to make its products completely safe for the whole family. What once started as completely harmful free cleaning products has grown into a true family fire where safety comes first. They even go so far as to also look at potentially harmful ingredients, including natural ingredients. The Stretch Marks Oil therefore contains no harmful ingredients and suspicious ingredients that can be harmful.


    How can I prevent stretch marks on my pregnant belly?

    You hear and read a lot about stretch marks, tiger stripes or stretch marks, especially that ladies want to prevent this. Although you can do a lot for this, it is also important to realize that a large part is hereditary. You can certainly lend a hand by using safe spreads and oils, but prevention is not always possible. You do what you can and that is keep your skin elastic by using the right pregnancy-proof care products, and for the rest enjoy your pregnancy!


    Is the Anti-Stretch Mark Oil also vegan and / or cruelty free?

    You may find it important that your Anti-Stretch Mark Oil is also completely vegan, or that you would like it to be cruelty free. The Attitude team has made its entire range, including the Stretch Marks Oil cruelty free and VEGAN. Better yet, they are Office PETA certified. This means that they do not test on animals, or use products that have been tested on animals. Also, animal ingredients such as wool grease are not used.


    Where can I ask my question about the Anti-Stretch Mark Oil?

    Have you read the above information and are you still not entirely sure whether you should use this oil? Or if you have another question about pregnancy care, know that you can always contact our customer service. You can reach us during office hours, and you can always send an email to [email protected] We will do everything we can to help you on your way in the search for the right natural and personal care for pregnant women.

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