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    Attitude Super Leaves Soothing White Tea Shower Gel - 473ml

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    Attitude Super Leaves Soothing White Tea Shower Gel - 473ml

    Product description

    Attitude Super Leaves White Tea Soothing Shower Gel is a natural shower gel that slows down the aging process, thanks to the high concentration of antioxidants in white tea leaves. In addition, this shower gel ensures that your dry skin is soothed and no longer tugs or feels burning, which you see a lot with dry skin. The wonderful natural scent reminds you of guava and berries. The shower gel gently cleanses your skin thanks to surfactants made from vegetable glucose and fatty alcohol. So no more aggressive and / or harmful ingredients!



    What are the main features of the Natural White Tea Soothing Body Wash?

    Looking for a new and above all natural shower gel that is completely safe? In addition, you are looking for a Shower Gel that calms your dry skin and counteracts the aging process. This delicious shower gel actually sounds like music to your ears, to make sure we have listed the most important features for you. This way you can quickly see whether this is really the case or whether it is better to go for a different variant that better meets the needs of your skin.

    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Ideally suited for dry skin
    • Completely safe to use
    • A natural scent that reminds you of guava and berries
    • White Tea Leaves that soothe your skin and slow down the aging process
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Dermatologically tested
    • Contains anti-pollution properties
    • Surfactants are made from vegetable glucose and fatty alcohol
    • VEGAN & cruelty free
    • EWG Verified , ECOLOGO Certified and PETA Approved



    What are the main ingredients of Attitude's hypoallergenic Soothing Shower Gel?

    It is clear that the Soothing Shower Gel from Attitude really only consists of natural ingredients. What makes this shower gel different from the rest of the Super Leaves line? This shower gel is different because of the White Tea Leaf extract. The White Tea Leaf extract ensures that your dry skin is soothed and slows down the aging process of the skin thanks to its high antioxidant concentration. It also helps protect your skin against daily oxidation (effect on skin aging) of the skin.

    Furthermore, this shower gel, like all other variants of Attitude, also contains Moringa seed extract. This natural ingredient is suitable for every skin type thanks to its various special properties. It is suitable for dry skin, older skin as well as for acne-prone skin. Moringa seeds are naturally rich in phytonutrients and Vitamin C. Phytonutrients are bioactive plant compounds. Quite simply, this means that these naturally occur in plants. Bioactive sounds very exciting, but this means that these substances have a positive effect on your health, but not that they are a must for your health. They are not essential nutrients, but they can certainly be used because they have a positive effect. It ensures a healthy glow to your skin, thanks to the regulation of the amount of sebum that your skin exudes. The daily pollution in the air that settles on your skin is also eliminated and it also has a natural purifying effect. It also helps fight acne and has anti-aging properties.



    Does the White Tea Leaves Shower Gel also have natural ingredients?

    Certainly that the White Tea Leaves Shower Gel consists of natural ingredients, better still it contains only natural ingredients. In addition, the Attitude team is also looking at the possible irritating factor that natural ingredients can have on sensitive skin. They want their care products to be used by everyone, because they want everyone seen to have completely harmful free care products at home. The shower gel gently cleanses your skin while respecting your skin, and the surfactants used are all vegetable glycose and fatty alcohol. So no aggressive and harmful substances, all of which can have adverse effects on your health. So you can add this shower gel to your (daily) routine with confidence.



    Is the Super Leaves Shower Gel also without parabens?

    The Shower Gel with soothing properties for your skin is very nice without parabens. Not only that, the Attitude team has avoided all of the harmful ingredients common in shower gels and replaced them with completely safe and natural ingredients. They find it important that overall health is stimulated and not undermined. Safety comes first and quality is also a great good. So you can buy Super Leaves Shower Gel and other care products with absolute peace of mind.


    Is the natural White Tea Soothing shower gel also vegan?

    In your search for your ideal shower gel that is safe and consists only of natural ingredients, you actually also want one that is vegan. In other words, a shower gel that contains no animal ingredients. The Attitude brand is a brand that is officially PETA approved. This means that they do not use animal ingredients such as wool grease and they also do not test on animals with their ingredients or care products. This is also a conscious choice by the Attitude team to really get everyone to use the safe care products. Safety above all, this is clearly evident from all the steps they take in the process.


    Are there more care products that match the scent of the White Tea Shower Gel?

    You may want to use care products that have the same wonderful, natural scent. Or maybe you have done everything out the door, or do something and go completely for safe care products. So there are absolutely other fine care products from Attitude that fit seamlessly with this shower gel. In this way you create the all-encompassing conditions for your skin. Below several care products that have a calming effect:



    Where can I ask my question about the Attitude Shower Gel?

    Have you absorbed all the information and you still have a question about the Shower Gel from Attitude. Are you not quite sure of something? Is there something unclear that you cannot find an answer to, even with the above information? Our team is happy to help you in your search for your ideal shower gel for your skin. Ask our team members your question, this can of course be done in several ways. You can call our team during office hours or send a message to [email protected] We do everything we can to help you in your search as well as possible, so that you eventually end up with your ideal shower gel that you will enjoy for years to come. It is better to make a well-informed choice than to just choose something that you regret afterwards. Even if it is only because you do not like the scent so much.

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