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    Attitude Little Ones Baby Liquid Detergent Peach/Nectar - 1050ml

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    Attitude Little Ones Baby Liquid Detergent Peach/Nectar - 1050ml

    Product description

    Baby Liquid Detergent Peach/Nectar is there for a reason. The regular detergent unfortunately contains all harmful and irritating agents that do not actually belong in a detergent. However, they are effective substances that are also cheap. It's no wonder this is everywhere. This also happens with hair items, but a reversal is taking place there. This has also been set in motion with baby detergent. 

    Besides the fact that we look at better alternatives, there is always something that can be absorbed by the skin. It is never completely harmful free. The Attitude team was fed up with this and started working with baby laundry to market a completely safe variant that is not only safe, but also gets the clothes clean. 



    What are the main features of the baby detergent peach/nectar?

    You are looking for a safe detergent for your little miracle, why should you go for the detergent from Attitude? We have listed key points of this product for you below, so that you can easily and quickly determine for yourself whether this resonates with you and fits seamlessly with your strict requirements for a baby detergent :)

    • Completely free of harmful substances (no carcinogens and endocrine disruptors)
    • Packaging made from recycled HDPE#2 plastic. Easy to recycle after use without releasing harmful substances
    • Baby laundry detergent is hypoallergenic
    • It is also biodegradable
    • The content is 1050 ml and therefore good for 35 washes
    • The baby detergent is vegan & cruelty free
    • Available in the scents: Pear/Nectar and Fragrance Free
    • Free from carcinogens according to IARC
    • No potentially harmful preservatives like parabens, MIT. Phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasers
    • Works at all temperatures
    • EWG, ECOLOGO and PETA certified


    Why make the switch or start with safe baby laundry detergent?

    It may sound a bit exaggerated to switch for detergent to specially developed detergent for babies. However, this isn't easy, and we'll tell you exactly why :)
    Your skin is an absorbing organ, by using harmful substances (by using products) this affects your natural protective layer of your skin. Especially with babies. The baby's skin is not yet completely 'finished'. The baby's skin is a lot thinner and therefore absorbs much more through the skin, which ends up in your baby's body. If a care product, including detergents, certainly contains harmful substances that are carcinogenic or hormone disruptive.. well, you don't want that of course.

    In fact, the first year of a baby's skin is still developing. Your baby's three layers of skin are not yet fully developed. The skin cells are not yet fully bonded to each other, so the baby's skin lets more through than a fully developed skin and is extremely sensitive. There are sebaceous glands in the skin, these sebaceous glands are not yet fully functional and therefore the baby's skin is not yet protected by a lipid film. That's why your baby smells sooo delicious! Baby's skin has a neutral pH value, which is because the baby's skin is not yet protected by an acid mantle that limits the multiplication of germs. This acid meter is a protective film ( 1 ).

    All in all, it takes about a year for the baby's skin to fully develop, which means that it can protect itself against external irritants. In addition, sensitive baby skin loses moisture faster than adults and the protective layer does not renew as quickly as we do. It is absolutely advisable to use completely safe and especially gentle care products and therefore laundry. It is therefore recommended to use 100%.



    How do I use the natural laundry detergent for babies?

    How much baby detergent you use depends on the stains in the baby clothes, the more stains the more detergent you will need. For clarity, we have placed the table below on the back of the packaging of the Peach/Nectar Liquid Detergent.

    For stubborn stains in the small baby clothes, it is recommended to do the following: pour a small amount of natural baby detergent directly on the stain and rub it in. You can also let it soak in before washing. We always recommend reading the label, including baby clothes, to avoid doing anything that will harm the baby's clothes. The detergent keeps you logically out of the reach of children and babies.



    What is the difference with attitude detergent and other detergents?

    The difference with Attitude detergent and detergent from other brands is the ingredients. Attitude only uses safe ingredients that are tested and completely safe. They also use only natural ingredients for their products. 

    Attitude has official certifications for EWG, ECOLOG and PETA. While both Attitude and other brands work with anionic and non-ionic surfactants, the difference lies in the origin of the ingredient being used. Below is a clear explanation of the difference. Attitude does not contain enzymes, phosphates and other carcinogens. This is the case with other brands. Even if it contains 0% perfume and/or 0% dyes. 

    In addition, detergents are made of anionic and non-ionic surfactants. Quite simply, this ensures that water does not become a ball, but is mixed with other products so that it can penetrate into the fiber of the baby clothes. It should become a watery substance. Anioic and non-ionic refers to the electrical charge.

    Anionic active substances ensures that it becomes a watery substance and can be spread well everywhere in the clothes and has cleaning properties and gives a lot of foam. 

    Non-ionic actives are low foaming and are used in, among other things, detergents and rinse aids. It has no electrical charge, making them resistant to water hardness and cleaning on most surfaces. 



    Is the natural detergent also suitable for sensitive baby skin?

    Absolute. The attitude team thinks it is important that all their products can be used by everyone. They always have everything independently tested by scientists, in addition, they work together with dermatologists, so that the products are also suitable for the most sensitive baby skin. This also means that they dermatologically test natural ingredients, making Attitude's detergents also suitable for the most sensitive skins. 

    Is the Pear/Nectarine Detergent also dermatologically tested?

    Yes, in addition to having everything tested by independent scientists, the Attitude team also works with dermatologists. Doing this to ensure that all ingredients that have been tested and found to be safe are also suitable for the most sensitive of us. An ingredient can be safe and natural, yet it can sometimes cause irritation in the most extreme cases. That is exactly what the team wants, to remove all possibilities so that everyone can use Attitude Baby Laundry safely and pleasantly. 



    Do I wash my baby clothes with a hypoallergenic detergent if I use the Attitude Detergent?

    Hypoallergenic detergent means that no allergic reactions can occur when using the product in question. Most store-bought detergents contain enzymes, which digest the dirt in your laundry. In this way the clothes become clean, if enzymes remain in the clothes, allergic reactions can take place. The baby detergent from Attitude does not contain enzymes, the detergent is made on the basis of vegetable and mineral raw materials. They are also free from phosphates, dyes or optical brighteners. This detergent with a natural nectar/pear scent is suitable for the whole family, but especially for babies. 



    Can I also use this detergent if I want to wash with cold water?

    Some ladies like to wash at low temperatures. Although this is not recommended for baby clothes, because a minimum of 60 degrees ensures that all bacteria are killed, the Attitude detergent can even be used at cold temperatures. So it does clean the clothes. Cold water is better for the environment, higher temperatures are better for the baby. You can also put the clothes in the sun, which also ensures that all bacteria are killed. 



    Does this natural laundry detergent for babies also contain perfume?

    This detergent does not contain any chemical perfume, which is harmful to the health of your little miracle. However, this detergent does contain the natural fragrance Pear/Nectar. This scent has been obtained completely naturally, and is therefore not harmful to your little one. However, if you want a detergent without fragrance, that is of course possible! Especially if you'd like your little one to smell just your mommy scent. In that case, we would like to refer you to the Attitude Baby Laundry Perfume Free. 




    Is this Attitude detergent completely safe?

    The detergent with the natural scent pear/nectar is completely safe. It only contains 7 ingredients in total, so there are only necessary ingredients in it. They keep it wonderfully simple. You don't have to worry about enzymes that can get left behind and irritate, or even sensitive or non-natural ingredients that can be harmful or irritating to the most sensitive skin!
    This baby detergent is definitely a must have for every mother, and can certainly be used for the whole family :) Another step closer to a home with only safe products for the whole family.

    Is this detergent also vegan and cruelty free?

    You may find it important that the detergent is vegan and cruelty free. In other words, the product or ingredients are not tested on animals, and it does not contain any animal ingredients. And that is the case with the Attitude baby detergent. They keep it safe and fun for people, animals and nature. We therefore look in every possible way for a product that does not degrade in any way to humans, animals or nature. 



    Where can I ask my question about the liquid baby detergent?

    After reading the above information, are you still not quite sure whether this is the right detergent for your baby, or do you have another question? Of course you can! In that case, we recommend that you get in touch with our fantastic team. Our team can be reached by phone during office hours, you can also email us at [email protected] or you can visit our collection point in Zwolle.

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