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      Vitakruid Sleep Complex - 90pcs


      Vitakruid Sleep Complex - 90pcs

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      TheVitakruid Sleep Complexhelps you to optimally enjoy your night's sleep and feel well rested in the morning. Your night's sleep is very important, but it may happen that improvements are possible, in this case the Vitakruid Sleep Complex is recommended. Your night's sleep depends on various factors, such as nutrition or changes in your lifestyle. Melatonin is the well-known sleep hormone, but this cannot be found in the Vitakruid Sleep Complex. Melatonin is produced from Tryptophan, which is then converted into Melatonin in a number of steps. The nutrients that are essential for this, such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin B and amino acids, can be found in the complex. In addition, the formula also contains an effective herbal mix consisting of valerian, lemon balm and passion flower. These natural sedatives help you relax and promote your willingness to sleep so that you can wake up rested.

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